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Trans Student Faces Expulsion from Univeristy of Bristol

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ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 25-May-18 21:26:13

Does anyone have the info from the University's side?

I am facing disciplinary board at the University of Bristol for writing an open letter asking the University to take a stand against the infamously transphobic group, "A Woman's Place".

The University claim that the open letter contained, "false information", that I have attempted to "suppress fellow students' freedom of speech", and by trying to address hatred towards trans people, and particularly trans women, I have, "brought the University into disrepute"

Expulsion seems a bit excessive?

BeyondPink Fri 25-May-18 21:32:57

Is this that person who is on video being aggressive towards women at WNTT and who attacked JRM? Cause if it is, i think it might be more to do with that...

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 25-May-18 21:37:32

It appears they are one of the Misters Uncut lot...

R0wantrees Fri 25-May-18 21:37:52

Disciplinary measures at Bristol University were mentioned on this thread:

NotARegularPenguin Fri 25-May-18 21:38:12

How ironic that they’re moaning about being silenced when that’s exactly what they were trying to do to WPUK.

NotARegularPenguin Fri 25-May-18 21:41:04

I think the key word is variety of allegations including writing a letter.

What are the other allegations?

Was this person one of the people blocking the stairs?

R0wantrees Fri 25-May-18 21:41:12

The language sounds very similar to the 'It’s spelt Sisterhood, not Cis-terhood statement'

SameTerfDifferentUserName Fri 25-May-18 21:43:06

Good. Bristol need to redeem themselves, wasn’t it them with the batshit toilet signs?

R0wantrees Fri 25-May-18 21:44:32

There's a lot about links between some NUS Trans officers / Action For Trans Health / Far left ideology etc discussed on Rose of Dawn's latest video:

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 25-May-18 21:54:26

That video was pretty eye opening. Bit disappointed they didn't talk about ATHs manifesto though sad For those of you who haven't read it, here it is in its truly bonkers glory...

Terfulike Fri 25-May-18 21:59:46

The plot truly thickens!

Freespeecher Fri 25-May-18 22:01:58

I dunno, reminds me of people being expelled by one of the universities for saying stupid and nasty things on WhatsApp. (Was it Bristol? Could have been Exeter).

Young people do dumb things so put them on double secret probation by all means but the bar has to be set pretty high for expulsion IMO.

R0wantrees Fri 25-May-18 22:02:51

extract from the crowdfunder page at top,

"Beyond this, there are countless trans people incarcerated by the British state, who are in need of legal support."

AngryAttackKittens Fri 25-May-18 22:04:01

So reading his fundraiser the goal of his research is to discourage the prosecution of certain people for rape? Lovely person.

R0wantrees Fri 25-May-18 22:06:26

There is a possibility that either or both parties may be pushing this case to test the new stance that Government and universities are taking with regards affirming the importance of free speech.

Or, as you say, it might be standard student stuff.

MrsWooster Fri 25-May-18 22:06:34

Countless in the sense that it is impossible to count them on account of here aren't any to count...

AngryAttackKittens Fri 25-May-18 22:09:16

I don't think he should be expelled, btw. If we started expelling students for having ridiculous ideas universities would be ghost towns. He's allowed to believe stupid things, he just shouldn't be allowed to control who can speak at his univerity.

Cantanker Fri 25-May-18 22:12:15

What an incredible document. Worth publicising.

thebewilderness Fri 25-May-18 22:17:07

They were targeting a protected group.
Transgender advocates seem to forget that.

NotARegularPenguin Fri 25-May-18 22:23:40

I’d wager a guess that any trans people incarcerated by the British state have actually broken a law of some description and quite probably a rather serious one.

Blimey with PhD students this dim it gives me hope that I may actually be able to do my PhD and pass it!

thebewilderness Fri 25-May-18 22:27:21

I’d wager a guess that any trans people incarcerated by the British state have actually broken a law of some description and quite probably a rather serious one.

40% of the transgender identified males currently incarcerated are there for sex offenses.

R0wantrees Fri 25-May-18 22:28:11

Professor Briggs' concluded his article:
"I have entered this debate not because I am a feminist but because freedom of speech is one of the highest values of a democratic society, and the basic foundation of university life.
Transgender activism poses a grave threat to freedom of speech. I think of the young MPhil student who had to disguise herself to attend this meeting because she feared the reaction of fellow students. This is the generation that we have educated."

thewitchofwentworth Fri 25-May-18 22:28:37

It might also be related to this statement by Professor Nishan Canagarajah, the chair of the University's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group

As the person mentioned in this thread is (I believe) the one responsible for the motion to ban "terfs" from the campus which got attention from parliament and the media.

AngryAttackKittens Fri 25-May-18 22:31:44

I think a lot of TRAs would like us to think that any trans person who's in prison somehow ended up there as a result of transphobia. This is quite manifestly not the case.

The anti-carceral stuff mostly seems to be code for "don't jail rapists", which gives you a clue where people advocating it are coming from.

nooka Fri 25-May-18 22:35:27

It sounds like this individual is being taken to a disciplinary committee for allegedly breaking the university's student code of conduct (or equivalent). I would imagine that expulsion is a possibility only at this point, and actually fairly unlikely. At the university I used to work expulsion was incredibly rare and had to be endorsed by the president/ chancellor and I expect the same is true for Bristol. Suspension happened a couple of times every year, usually with a 'go and sort yourself out and we will think about reinstating you later' subtext. The underlying issues were either academic impropriety (cheating, plagurism, falsifying research etc) or violence related issues (almost always between students, and usually involving the police).

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