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Man Friday hits the news!

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NotAWhacktivist Sun 18-Mar-18 00:55:05

This doesn't seem to have been posted yet. Hats off to this women (she has posted here about her efforts)

Topless swimmer wades into trans row

AreYouTerfEnough Sun 18-Mar-18 01:02:07

Oh, I read the swimming thread. Good on her 👍🏼😀

It won’t let me read the full article without registering, but I’m glad she’s getting the point across.

Waddlelikeapenguin Sun 18-Mar-18 01:02:27

I cant get past the paywall but please can someone go add a comment with the petition link?

Well done #manfriday flowers

AreYouTerfEnough Sun 18-Mar-18 01:05:13

Perhaps we should start using the men’s toilets. We could peer over their shoulders and tell them we’re just interested to know how our male vaginas measure up against theirs 😂

ArcheryAnnie Sun 18-Mar-18 01:09:42

She's a fucking hero!


(that's someone waving pom-poms since there isn't an appropriate emoji for this!)

OldCrone Sun 18-Mar-18 01:09:51

In the mail as well

ArcheryAnnie Sun 18-Mar-18 01:10:31

(Or it would have been pom poms if I hadn't forgotten what asterisks do to text...)

GardenGeek Sun 18-Mar-18 01:11:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HerFemaleness Sun 18-Mar-18 01:19:17

I hate to say it but the Mail article is better. It's not just about the fear of being attacked, it's the need for privacy away from the eyes of the opposite sex. The Mail conveys that better and shows that it is utterly ridiculous when people can just say ''I'm a man'' when they're clearly a young woman, and then expect to be granted free access to men's events and male changing rooms.

HerFemaleness Sun 18-Mar-18 01:19:56

Also, well bloody done.

MistressDeeCee Sun 18-Mar-18 01:23:17

Oh who is she? I think I'm in love.

Just a bit concerned now that Self-IDs will say 'well as you see, women identifying as men are perfectly able and allowed to self-identify and use male facilities, so, there is no issue with men self-IDing as women entering womens' spaces..'
Or something along those lines

LabourLostMe Sun 18-Mar-18 01:27:29

Amy and Hannah and others involved thanksWhat you have done is amazing and terribly brave! Thank you!

I do wish that the press would stop referring to feminists though as (although I definitely am a feminist) many women/people sharing these concerns are not.

ArcheryAnnie Sun 18-Mar-18 01:28:25

The Hat! The Hat is in the Mail photo!

Also - my goodness, what's this?

Bernard Reed, a trustee of the Gender Identity Research and Education Society, said: ‘This case demonstrates that women may enter men’s spaces, just as men may enter women’s spaces.

I trust that GIRES will presumably now be under an onslaught of TRA sparklemobs, faces covered, chanting "burn it down" outside their offices at GIRES' terrible transphobia in naming men as men and women as women. If GIRES would like some advice about how to deal with this onslaught, they are welcome to ask for help on these threads.

MissBax Sun 18-Mar-18 01:39:02

Give that woman a medal!!

northender Sun 18-Mar-18 01:40:02

Well done Amy, how brave & wonderful. I followed the original thread and will be sharing this article on Facebook, I've had enough.

boatyardblues Sun 18-Mar-18 02:15:48

If anyone can post a sharetoken for the Times article, that would be great.

Well done, Amy & Hannah!

BoreOfWhabylon Sun 18-Mar-18 02:22:47

Well done!

CunningOperative Sun 18-Mar-18 02:38:22


CunningOperative Sun 18-Mar-18 02:39:22

BitOfFun Sun 18-Mar-18 02:40:35

Fantastic work, well done!

PencilsInSpace Sun 18-Mar-18 02:43:33

Amy and Hannah you rock! More balls than Millwall grin


womanformallyknownaswoman Sun 18-Mar-18 03:12:31

Go Girls…. fantastic - taking action in the real world is very courageous - I salute you

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Sun 18-Mar-18 03:42:29

Great work. A shame that the articles don't explain why this is necessary.

worstwitch18 Sun 18-Mar-18 03:45:20

Amy you rock.

The articles didn't explain it enough, I don't think, but if anyone has access to the comments (paywall) a link to the petition would be good.

treaclesoda Sun 18-Mar-18 03:53:30

The comments on the Mail article are pretty depressing, sadly. Calling them stupid and petty etc. And even cruel and nasty hmm Although I don't suppose I should be surprised.

But personally I'm in awe of them both.

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