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I am this woman

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AssignedPuuurfectAtBirth Mon 22-Jan-18 14:57:20

I am this woman #spartacus #peaktrans #womenswords

Twitterers - please copy and RT

AssignedPuuurfectAtBirth Mon 22-Jan-18 14:58:02

I am this woman

UpstartCrow Mon 22-Jan-18 15:01:56

Yep. I am this woman.

I will go one step further - I will stand in between her, or any lesbian, and any violent person.
I am a disabled woman, and there is nothing they can do to me that hasn't already been done by any other violent male or hand maiden.

LanaKanesLeftNippleTassle Mon 22-Jan-18 15:04:36

I can't get on twitter right now...but when I can I'll reply and retweet.

Bloody brave woman.
I take my (pussy) hat off to her.


LanaKanesLeftNippleTassle Mon 22-Jan-18 15:05:58

And YY UpstartCrow

LefkosiaTigers Mon 22-Jan-18 15:06:20

I am this woman.

I stand with her against the misogyny of trans ideology.

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Mon 22-Jan-18 15:06:24

'Does anyone know who this person is? I'd like to speak to her'

Gosh, that doesnt sound threatening at all shock

LanaKanesLeftNippleTassle Mon 22-Jan-18 15:11:46

I noticed that Rufus.

The tone of it comes across as a nasty threat disguised in "nice" words.

For "speak to her" I read "deliver Stazi style re-education"


steppemum Mon 22-Jan-18 15:12:51

when I click on ht elink I can only see the woman in the pink hat and can't read her sign.

Am I missing something?
Can someone explain this to me please?

LanaKanesLeftNippleTassle Mon 22-Jan-18 15:14:17

Full picture.

steppemum Mon 22-Jan-18 15:16:44

thank you.

brave woman indeed.

I stand with her

Queenofthedrivensnow Mon 22-Jan-18 15:19:30

I am this woman

Theowlinthepussyhat Mon 22-Jan-18 15:22:34

I am this woman.

terryleather Mon 22-Jan-18 15:31:40

Yup, I'm this woman.

Nineteenagain Mon 22-Jan-18 15:36:04

As am I

ElfrideSwancourt Mon 22-Jan-18 15:40:40

Me too

Sillydoggy Mon 22-Jan-18 15:43:25

And me

LangCleg Mon 22-Jan-18 15:44:31


lizzieoak Mon 22-Jan-18 15:55:30

Wow - I’ve just had a look at Morgane Oger’s fb page. People’s comments, women’s comments, are abhorrent. “Someone should have slapped the bitch”, “I’m surprised she wasn’t chased out”, etc. Wow.

This was at the Vancouver march btw. I see that Morgane holds a high up position with the NDP (haven’t verified this yet). The NDP is the Canadian version of Labour, basically, and currently in power in BC (Vancouver’s province). Morgane appears to be trans (just going on the photos & that she’s in lots of lgbtq groups).

It’s bad enough the thought police coming out, but there’s a fair bit of threatening physical violence against this woman. A few of my friends are “friends” of Morgane (I’m in Vancouver).

I am this woman too.

Patodp Mon 22-Jan-18 15:59:37

Christ on a bike.
It's now illegal to misgender someone in Vancouver isn't it. Pleased to see a brave terf out there.
More spartacus everyone!

RagingWoman Mon 22-Jan-18 16:09:43

That is a link to the horrible woman's tweet. Retweeting the Spartacus thing to the above post will not get to Morgane Oger. We need to tweet her directly

lizzieoak Mon 22-Jan-18 16:32:41

Another gem from the comments on Morgane’s post “terfs act more like rapists than any trans woman”.

This is the most openly misogynistic movement I’ve seen in my lifetime. Why women buy into it I do not know.

lizzieoak Mon 22-Jan-18 16:59:13

Morgane is on the thread saying that women are not women because of “plumbing”, but because they say they are. And that she has 6 months to file a complaint of hate speech against the woman with the sign, and is asking people to message her if they can identify the woman.

Some trans people are saying she’s from Vancouver Rape Relief, which they say is a “hateful terf organization”.

irretating Mon 22-Jan-18 17:01:39

Looks like this Morgane bloke wants to take legal action against her. 2018 seems to be the year for donating to legal funds to protect the rights of adult human females.

irretating Mon 22-Jan-18 17:10:49

At least I'm assuming that's what he's saying . I thought I played fast and loose with the rules of English language but this guy takes the biscuit.

Check this out.

''Attributes usually associated with women are protected for all women, whether they possess them or not, like plumbing or biological function''.

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