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Royal Society Science Book Prize - anyone up for reading the shortlist?

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slightlyglittermaned Thu 21-Sep-17 23:44:04

The prize winner was announced last week, and having had a look at the shortlist, I think I like the look of pretty much all the books on it.

Anyone else up for a thread of reading through the shortlist (or part of it!) I have two, may ask for the rest for Christmas/birthday.

slightlyglittermaned Fri 22-Sep-17 00:15:28

Links never seem to work for me in the first post:

NotAPenguin Fri 22-Sep-17 21:42:00

Was just looking through the shortlist, without knowing the winner, and thought that Testosterone Rex is the one that I really want to read. Definitely going to read that and also interested in In Pursuit of Memory and I Contain multitudes. Not sure that I can manage the whole list though, I'm more of a fiction fan but do try to vary my book diet.

slightlyglittermaned Sat 23-Sep-17 09:21:36

Yeah, Testosterone Rex is top of my list too - must have been for the judges too as it won!

Sadik Mon 25-Sep-17 18:07:30

I'm hoping to get Testosterone Rex for my birthday nxt month, also definitely want to read Beyond Infinity, other than that I might see which ones I can find from the library.

hackmum Mon 25-Sep-17 20:54:09

Haven't read Testosterone Rex yet, but her other two books are excellent.

slightlyglittermaned Sun 08-Oct-17 19:55:31

Given that it's apparently World Octopus Day today, I feel I should put a good word in for Other Minds even though I haven't got very far through it yet. I rather like the idea of studying octopus intelligence as the closest we're likely to get to an alien intelligence...

scaevola Wed 18-Oct-17 17:05:49

Only just stumbled into this.

It's a brilliant list!

(and there's such a thing as World Octopus Day?!? We're there any special events?)

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