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vintage WW 2016

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Wardy1993 Mon 08-Feb-16 18:56:55

Hello all!

I've been using the vintage weight watchers system for A week now and lost half a stone, I have 3 to lose in total. I was just wondering if there was anyone else using the vintage system and if so thought we could share experiences/ support.

Thanks smile

yellowjo Wed 10-Feb-16 17:52:58

WW Old Points (or vintage points) when half points were allowed, suited me best. I lost a lot of weight on that plan and haven't been able to follow any of their other plans as well since. Nothing seems to have worked since then. However, it's difficult to find support online on this plan, which is a pain.

Wardy1993 Wed 10-Feb-16 20:52:40

Hello yellow! I love it and I'm really getting into it, if you would like any advice/ want to know how to work out points/ what food etc then just let me know I also have links to calculator to work out food points if you would like it then you can do it without the scales if you want to and also mean you can do it on the go X

Millierose20 Mon 22-Feb-16 22:25:30

I also lost a lot on vintage (got to gold) and have struggled ever since.

Wardy I would love any info that you have. I still have my old scales but that is it.

I also have about 3 stone to lose. Thanks

DesperatelySeeking2016 Tue 23-Feb-16 20:45:15

I got to goal on vintage, put it all back on during/after pregnancy and have been unable to lose on pro points. I tried slimming world but don't get on with it at all. I would love links to vintage points, pretty please wink

nam207 Mon 18-Apr-16 21:24:36

Hi I know this thread is a bit old but does anyone know if there is an android app for calculating the vintage points? Thanks

fedupoffeckingschool Thu 19-May-16 10:39:29
Hope link works, not app but calculator for old points

fedupoffeckingschool Thu 19-May-16 10:42:50

AllTheUsernamesAreTaken3 Sun 22-May-16 02:04:13

Thanks so much. I lost weight far faster on old and propoints than smartpoints.

ThymeLord Wed 07-Sep-16 16:02:05

I'm all over this board the last couple of days because I can't make my mind up which way to go so please try to bear with me blush

I too lost a lot of weight on vintage points, I think it was called Discovery? It would have been back in 2007/08, maybe even 2009, i've lost track to be honest. I lost 4 stone 7 lbs. I've kept quite a lot of my old books and stuff so it'd be quite easy for me to go back to that. For me personally though, I would do better if there was a 'community' aspect to going alone with vintage and I can't find any facebook groups or blogs or pinterest stuff for vintage pointers!

ThymeLord Sun 11-Sep-16 19:22:34

OP, just to say I've decided I'm going to restart using my old books, which I now know are from the Switch plan. So if you'd like to 'buddy up' we could use this thread to support each other?! I'm having my first official weigh in (at home!) tomorrow night so Tuesday will be day 1!

AndieNZ Tue 13-Sep-16 23:21:05

Hi there,

Can I join?

I have dabbled a little with pro points. I also joined WW again a week before it changed to smart points! (Didn't know at the time it was changing from pro points to smart points.)

I have to say to be fair, I haven't given either plan a fair chance to work. However, after doing a lot of research, it seems smart points seems to be getting a lot of negative reviews. I understand they are trying to encourage people to eat healthier, but I am not a child and I need a plan that is sustainable for me. I do eat healthy but I do not like fruit and lots of salads. I have a sweet tooth and enjoy snacking.

I have spent a whole day on the internet reading forums and have seen that people seem to still rave on about the original points plan. I do have a few friends who say the old plan is easier to stick to. Because I haven't really given propoints a fair crack at the whip, initially I was unsure why the old points plan is easier to stick to. Both plans involve counting points...both plans involve converting calories into points if you are not sure of the points value. Why is it easier? I may be wrong but I think it may have something to do with the fact on the old plan you only need to convert calories and saturated fats to get your points value, but on propoints you also have to factor in carbs and protein too.

Anyway, I have bought some discovery material from eBay and have downloaded a fab tracker.

My question is, it's calculated my daily points allowance but I didn't realise on the old points plan you also have a weekly allowance? Is this right? I thought the weekly allowance only came into play with propoints or am I wrong?

ThymeLord Thu 15-Sep-16 14:45:45

Hi Andie <waves>

I haven't tried PP or SP either, I did do a lot of research and found a lot of negativity about SP. To be honest though, the main reason I decided to go 'vintage' was the cost! It's so expensive to join WW now and i'm the kind of person who would feel like I need the books and eating out guide etc. etc. I kept quite a lot of my old stuff from the SWITCH plan (2007/08) so i'm using that.

I find vintage points (VP) easy to stick to. It is quite dated so it hasn't picked up the sugar is evil message yet but honestly, we are all adults (hopefully!) and know that eating too much sugar is bad! It is just as simple as calories and saturated fat to work out what points are in food. You can get a points calculator app for about 60p and lots of the old books are available online.

I found a facebook group and requested to join a week ago but still haven't been accepted so I can only assume that the group isn't active anymore sad

I think, and don't hold me to this (!) that the 49 weekly points were brought in when the SWITCH plan came into force. You could 'point' one week and then switch (I see what they did there!) to the 'Core plan' the next week which was basically a copy of Slimming World and you could eat freely from a list of foods. I think you got 49 weekly points to use, if you needed, as a buffer. I vaguely remember people in my meeting dividing up the 49 points and adding them to their daily points total and gaining weight! I think the idea was that they were just there if you needed them - with the intention of stopping people having a day where they'd eat 0 point soup all day because they were going out on the pop at night! (Not that I ever did that, of course not grin)

I have probably waffled on far too much here but I didn't want to miss anything. It's such a quiet board compared to the rest of MN!

Anyway, if you decide to go the VP route then let me know and we can help each other along!

ThymeLord Thu 15-Sep-16 20:07:27

OK, I've read my old book and the weekly points was brought in during the switch programme. If you followed the Core Plan you got 21 weekly points.

AndieNZ Fri 16-Sep-16 10:54:33

Hi timelord,

Thanks for replying. Gosh it's a bit quiet around here isn't it?

Hmm starting to worry a bit as I have bought all the materials, cookbooks and scales for the "Discovery Plan" from eBay which I believed to be the points plan that was running just before they brought in propoints. What is the switch plan????

I'm completely confused with all these names! I know in the US, the old points plan is called Momentum.

I have found a fab app tracker called itrackbites which you can select classic points, propoints or smart points. It's just over £2 for the app but then my heart sunk as I found out that the database is mainly US foods. However, after a bit of research, I found that by upgrading slightly for another £2 you get access to all other foods online. I've been using that since the beginning of the week and there hasn't really been anything that I haven't found in their upgraded database. I've installed it on my iPad and also on my Samsung phone so they have an android app too.

What are your goals! I've got overall about 20 pounds to lose. That will take me to my dream weight and the bottom end of my BMI range. I'm small built and only 5:4 so can take

ThymeLord Fri 16-Sep-16 11:19:09

Hiya! It is very quiet over here, everyone is too busy having bunfights on AIBU grin

SWITCH is the same as Discover it is just that they brought in another option whereby you could choose to have a week where you didn't point at all and just ate from a list of 'free foods', very like slimming world with fruit, veg, rice, lean meat etc. being 'free'. Then you would switch back to counting points the next week, and so on. Most of the people in my group, me included, just stuck to counting points so it's no different to Discover in that respect.

That app sounds brilliant. I've been trying to find something similar that worked with old points and didn't have any luck. I'll definitely download it, thanks for the tip!

I have a lot to lose sad I'd like to lose 5 stone but when I think about that it makes me want to cry so i'm just focusing on losing a stone and getting fitter and taking it from there smile

AndieNZ Sat 17-Sep-16 09:08:30


Well you have done it before without it being too much of a hassle you should be able to get it off again in no time. Just break it down into chunks otherwise it probably will feel a bit overwhelming.

One area where I do struggle is working out the points value for something that someone else has made from scratch. For example my DH made a chilli last night using a mixture of beef and lamb mince. (Lamb mince needed using up) He always thoroughly drains the fat off the mince before adding the veggies and sauce but I have no idea how I calculate the points for it as he loves to experiment and used a million different ingredients!

And it was already plated up for me so I have no idea of the portion size. I couldn't exactly scrape it off the plate, weigh the plate and then set scale to zero!

I told myself that the only way I am going to be successful doing this is to make sure that I only eat foods where I know the points value. It is hard though isn't it?

ThymeLord Mon 19-Sep-16 20:11:54

I know what you mean, it can be difficult to point things in that way. The only way I could do it would be to point everything up first so do the meat and the sauce and the rice/pasta and then divide it by however many are eating. I don't know that it's 100% accurate when you do it that way but it can't be more than a point or so wrong either way. This is why I cook my own meals when I'm doing WW. I have to be obsessive or I fail! Weighed in tonight for week 1 and 5lb off!

ThymeLord Wed 05-Oct-16 13:33:22

Just updating...for anyone who is still following this thread. Yesterday was day 1 of week 4 for me and so far I have lost 10lbs in 3 weeks. <yay me>

ThymeLord Thu 03-Nov-16 10:08:01

This is a bit like having a thread all to yourself.....grin

I'm updating just incase anyone is following or whatever! I'm halfway through week 8 at the moment and so far I have lost 1 stone 9lbs and i'm down a dress size. It's going pretty well!

Mozfan1 Thu 03-Nov-16 10:10:44

Hey I started this thread in my old username! Glad it went to some use

I loved vintage system after I had ds, really worked

Then I got pregnant again!

So as soon as this baby is out, I'm back on it!

ThymeLord Mon 07-Nov-16 11:15:36

Ooh hi moz! Congratulations on the baby, when are you due?

Mozfan1 Mon 07-Nov-16 11:48:09

23rd December, I can't wait to get back on the wagon so to speak and start ww again!

ThymeLord Tue 08-Nov-16 11:48:13

Oh not too long to go then! I'll still be here fighting the fat so come back and join me when you have had the baby smile

Mozfan1 Tue 08-Nov-16 11:54:00

Yes for sure! I genuinely really enjoyed doing the vintage system, every day I felt like I had achieved something. And it WORKED! I lost about 2 stone

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