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It’s come to my attention that I’m fat. Pre obese in fact.

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MoonBaby1 Sat 27-Jun-20 11:38:11

Help!!! I’m only 5,2 and weight 11st 2lb shock

I’ve just downloaded the nutra check app and plan to lose 2 stone by autumn.

Anyone need to lose a couple too?

Any advise please? I’ve never been so fat in my life sad

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CodenameVillanelle Sat 27-Jun-20 11:39:50

Do you exercise? If not, start smile but also don't expect exercise to lead to weight loss.
Find out your TDEE and deduct 500. Stick to that calorie allowance and up your exercise.

MoonBaby1 Sat 27-Jun-20 11:44:25

I’m active (as in I walk between 6-10000 steps a day) but I don’t do any other exercise.

It’s very much from snacking and alcohol.

I’ll look up TDEE it’s new to me.

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RandomMess Sat 27-Jun-20 11:56:37

If I drink I snack, so I don't drink much anymore.

Giving up sugary crap (or sugar free versions) really helped too.

I just used my fitness pal.

MoonBaby1 Sat 27-Jun-20 12:04:59

Yes wine and crisps go hand in hand!

Also having been a water person all my life I’m now drinking squash, coke, orange, juice.

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RandomMess Sat 27-Jun-20 12:08:03

DH was a Pepsi Max addict, he quit that and stopped craving sugary stuff. Sweetners are sweeter than sugar and give you really addict cravings.

He is feeling loads better as well as having lost a fair bit of weight with little effort.

I am forcing him to buy less crap because the DC are eating ridiculous amounts of shite. If they are really hungry they need to go to the effort of making something like a toastie instead.

Makegoodchoices Sat 27-Jun-20 12:09:48

Just weighed myself. 11stone 6

Shit, it’s worse than I thought blush

LemonPeonies Sat 27-Jun-20 12:17:34

I'm 5"2 too! I don't know what I weigh TBH but I'm 7 months postpartum and need to get my shit together, I've had to buy size 14 dresses, I'm usually a 10 at most. I need to stop eating chocolate, cakes, pizza etcgrin

RandomMess Sat 27-Jun-20 12:24:12

The worst thing about being short (you lot are all tall 😂) is realising how few calories you need to consume to maintain your weight.

For my lifestyle it's about 1,400 😭 so even going down to 1,200 only means a slow weight loss!

MoonBaby1 Sat 27-Jun-20 12:34:58

It’s good to know a few other women in the same position. I’d love to be 9 St by September but I know it’s a bit of a stretch. My son and husband are both super lean (and my toddlers a
Chubster but he’s 2!)grin

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MoonBaby1 Sat 27-Jun-20 12:35:24

I definitely a size 14 wheat I’m usually a 10/12

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Moltenpink Sat 27-Jun-20 12:38:29

Can I join you for a bit of support? Weighed myself this morning and was shocked to be over 12 stone for the first time ever. Would like to lose a stone. Need to cut the portion sizes and the wine!

DulciUke Sat 27-Jun-20 12:38:35

As a morbidly obese 5 foot tall woman myself, I think that you are wise to try to nip this in the bud before the pounds go up year after year. I would love to be pre-obese at this point! I agree--keep active, cut out sugar and soda, etc. and if you do diet, simply tweak your eating a bit, rather than go for something ridiculously restrictive.

BuffaloCauliflower Sat 27-Jun-20 12:39:37

I’m 5”2 and got to 11st 6lbs winter 2018, went nope and did the blood sugar diet which worked really well for me. Lost a stone in about a month which I kept off. I would have lost more but a difficult event scuppered me, I did stay the same rather than regaining though. Now 20 weeks pregnant so less concerned at the moment (though I’ve only put on 5lbs so far) but my relationship with food is good and I mainly eat intuitively. When I’m ready to start losing after baby I’ll probably do a form of BSD/low carb again because it works for me.

sg622 Sat 27-Jun-20 12:39:42

I'm 5"1 and following lockdown I am appalled to be 11st3lb. None of my clothes fit and I'm going to be forced to invest in a new size 14 wardrobe. My weight had been creeping up gradually as a result of doing pretty much no proper exercise but I've gained about 10lbs in the last 3 months. Horrific. Time to sort myself out I think!

Onceuponatimethen Sat 27-Jun-20 12:41:22

Come and join us on the monthly weight loss threads! A very friendly and supportive bunch, loads of good advice and with your determination it will work.

My dp has lost three stone since December!

BuffaloCauliflower Sat 27-Jun-20 12:44:55

Should have added - worth looking at BSD! And definitely look at TDEE, us small women don’t need anything like 2000 calories a day, and eating 800-1000 kcals on the BSD (I wasn’t super strict about 800 kcals) was actually fine to fuel my body whilst eating up some fat stores. To maintain I need about 1500 (I walk, and usually swim and yoga when not lockdown, so I’m not super active) the 2000 calorie average is too much for me. Getting a FitBit is useful to see what you’re using calorie wise, but I prefer Cronometer for food tracking (though ignore their calorie use tracker, I link mine to FitBit)

Flippinfurloughed Sat 27-Jun-20 12:51:46

I’m 5ft 2 and 11 stone 8 😬 I lost 2 stone in 6 weeks a few years ago and felt amazing, but it’s crept back on and I just can’t seem to get in the same mindset I was in when I lost it first time.

MoonBaby1 Sat 27-Jun-20 13:00:32

Hello everyone!!!

We should have a shorty’s weight loss thread grin

I’ve gone for a weeks free trial on the nutra app. I hadn’t weighed myself once since February but all my clothes are so tight I couldn’t deny it.

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sevendevils Sat 27-Jun-20 13:33:08

I had the shock of my life yesterday to find out I was 12 stone. I'm a little taller at 5'4 but I look so fat and round. I have started a diet!

MoonBaby1 Sat 27-Jun-20 14:26:39

Welcome sevendials it was a shock for me too sad.

At least I definitely have that feeling that I going to do something about it starting now. It’s so hard to get into that mind frame. I have to wait for it to occur naturally.

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sevendevils Sat 27-Jun-20 15:09:36

@MoonBaby1 well I knew I was getting fatter and fatter but was trying to ignore it. Then I realised that I only have one pair of jeans that actually fit me. Yesterday I weighed myself and I cried.

I don't really have any choice but to deal with my fatness. I don't look like myself anymore and I'm really upset about it. I've only got myself to blame, I stuff my face all day long. I've started dieting today and walking my dogs for exercise.

Feckmesideways Sat 27-Jun-20 15:18:58

Can I join too! I’m 5ft 2, I won’t dare weigh myself! Currently a a generous size 12-14. I have really let myself go the past 2 years. Has anyone tried Huel? I was thinking of replacing two meals a day with it, as it’s an easy way to calorie count and not have to think about what I am eating.

MoonBaby1 Sat 27-Jun-20 16:08:19

Hi feckmesideways welcome.

I haven’t heard of huel but I’ll look it up. I’m hoping to do it by trying to stick to 1200 kcal a day 🤞🏻

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Feckmesideways Sat 27-Jun-20 17:58:02

Same here, I’m trying to stick to 1200 calories. Huel is meant to be good as it gives you all the nutrients etc that you need, I think I might order some to give it a go. I had a tin of mushy peas for dinner. And I am currently googling exercise bikes.

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