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21/01 thread 2.. The Wednesday Weighers club.. sometimes!

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TinselAndKnickers Sat 11-May-19 12:38:05

Hi all, made a new thread as the last one filled up so quickly and I'm still bloody massive!grin

Rules are: be kind, no judging, have a sense of humour, weigh on Wednesday mornings... and no training with Amanda grin

@YouBoggleMyMind @recklessgran @MrsMummyBx @emilyjeff and others! Here's a brand new spanking thread.

New starting weight: 14st exactly.

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recklessgran Sat 11-May-19 13:24:59

Thanks @Tinsel - here we all go again! Start weight for me is 13st 4lbs.
Hoping for a stone off before the end of this thread.

MrsMummyBx Sat 11-May-19 16:55:56

Hi Ladies! 13st 9 at last weigh day! Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

emilyjeff Sat 11-May-19 17:19:42

Thanks for making the new thread tinsel.

My eating has been awful yesterday and today sad Just can't seem to get a grip on it. The most annoying thing is my meals are healthy, it's all the snacks!! Today I've had chocolate buttons, crisps, biscuits, cheese and crackers....and it's only 5pm! So annoyed with myself. Think I might try and stop ALL snacks next week.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend x

YouBoggleMyMind Sat 11-May-19 21:09:31

Oi oi ladies! 12st 5 today.
Went to Thomas Land with the fam, had so much fun! Lots of steps. Quick spag Bol for dinner tonight and a glass of wine. I'm tired but happy.

Thanks for the new thread Tinsel Pants 😘

TinselAndKnickers Sat 11-May-19 21:42:08

Welcome all! Dust anybody?grin

Powered through my uni work today so just been grazing on shite, not the best but not mountains of carbs either. Back to the gym on Monday for two classes and I'm dreading it blushgrin

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YouBoggleMyMind Sat 11-May-19 22:33:05

Tinsel what are you doing at Uni?

TinselAndKnickers Sat 11-May-19 23:57:03

Very outing as it's a specific poncy sounding degree.. Retailing, Marketing & Management grin it's a load of shite though, it's got accountancy and economics and all sorts in!

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littlemeitslyn Sun 12-May-19 12:08:20

How is it outing ? Who cares???

TinselAndKnickers Sun 12-May-19 12:14:59

If you put it together with other bits of information you'd know it was me as only one uni does that course. It was tongue in cheek but I don't need to explain myself to you confused

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YouBoggleMyMind Sun 12-May-19 13:33:47

Excellent contribution to our thread Little 👍🏻 good job.

YouBoggleMyMind Sun 12-May-19 13:36:57

Tinsel, sounds interesting and obvs as it is so outing hmm I'm going to hunt you down... 😂😂

TinselAndKnickers Sun 12-May-19 13:48:55

Please do - maybe the shock will get rid of my appetite grin

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YouBoggleMyMind Sun 12-May-19 14:25:44

I'll bring some ice cream with me grin

emilyjeff Mon 13-May-19 16:33:52

Hey ladies well its 4.30pm and no snacks have been consumed...yet!
Had a bigger breakfast then normal, 2 weetabix and a slice of toast. The toast was kind of an was meant to be for DS but I burned it so I ate it instead! Kept me full till lunch tho when I had some olives, feta, sun dried tomatos and salad (no dressing) and a peanut protein bar . Dinner will be turkey, new pots and salad. Might allow myself an after eight as a treat after dinner. Feeling pleased with myself smile just hope I can keep it up!

TinselAndKnickers Mon 13-May-19 17:50:12

Sounds so good!! My eating hasn't been all bad today grin gym classes cancelled though sad

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recklessgran Mon 13-May-19 19:46:31

Simply fuming. Doctor says I need to repeat the thyroid test AGAIN in a month. That will be the 4th time! Christ knows how many times I need to have the test before they do something. I have thrown all my toys out of the pram and said no way will I be doing that - I need to see or speak to a doctor please. So, telephone appointment with doc next Thursday [23rd] can you believe? Not an emergency - I get that but 10 days to talk to a doctor or a real life consultation in June is what's on offer. Sorry for rant. I am rarely pissed off but this has made me cry and have my own little pity party. Really sorry for vent - really not like me at all! Perhaps I'm being ridiculous - DH seems not to understand why I'm so upset. Feel fobbed off. Oh well as a result I've not eaten much today.

TinselAndKnickers Mon 13-May-19 22:07:33

That is awful - what a cop out!! They can't just keep stringing you along like that. You're not being ridiculous at all and I really hope they sort their shit out!!thanks

Really shows how busy the NHS is sad try not too stress yourself out too much reckless we are here to be a punching bag! thanks

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TinselAndKnickers Mon 13-May-19 22:08:30

That is awful - what a cop out!! They can't just keep stringing you along like that. You're not being ridiculous at all and I really hope they sort their shit out!!thanks

Really shows how busy the NHS is sad try not too stress yourself out too much reckless we are here to be a punching bag! thanks

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TinselAndKnickers Tue 14-May-19 12:19:03

Hope you are feeling better Reckless thanks

I am back to tracking my food for the most part - well and truly fell off the wagon so need to hold myself accountable again.

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recklessgran Tue 14-May-19 14:55:29

Thanks @Tins. I rang today and the upshot is I'm to phone at 8.00am in the morning and tell them I'm not feeling well, then apparently I can have a call back tomorrow. We shall see - in the meantime I feel really hurt as though I've been sidelined and not taken seriously about how crap I feel. I know another day won't make any difference. Haven't eaten anything yet but it is DD5's birthday today so we are going to see her this evening and have a table booked at a fancy pants Greek restaurant. Trying to make myself feel a bit more cheerful as I don't want to spoil DD's birthday and she is particularly sensitive to any atmosphere.
How is everyone else getting on?

TinselAndKnickers Tue 14-May-19 15:44:59

Well fingers crossed they keep their word. Eat something please! Even a small bit of your bread that you like winkgrin oooh I'm jealous I love Greek food! Happy bday to your DDthanksstargincake

Not snacked at all today - big change! Spending the day in my lovely grandparents garden doing some work. My Gdad has built me a patio in the shade specifically so I can relax at their new house! Love them so much. We had a scone with jam in the sunshine smile

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YouBoggleMyMind Tue 14-May-19 16:21:27

Reckless SO frustrating!! Is there any way you can get a private consultation to at least get things going? Happy birthday to your DD!

Good job Tinsel! Sounds like a lovely day!

recklessgran Tue 14-May-19 17:29:42

Thanks for all your sympathy. I've already decided that if I don't get anywhere in the morning I'm going to get a second opinion and pay if necessary. DH thinks I should speak to DD4 as she is a doctor, but, you know, your mum is invincible and I know it does her head in when people ask her about the boil on their bum etc at family events. [There's always a fair bit of eye rolling on her part.] Heartily sick of the whole thing anyway, not least because I was hoping to feel better by the time we go on holiday in four weeks time. I'm in danger of turning into my mother at this rate! She's a right miserable bitter old cow - and that's an understatement. Going to give myself a top of the range lecture in the car on the way to DD's. FFS keep smiling the rest of you!

TinselAndKnickers Tue 14-May-19 20:27:59

You are the complete opposite of how your mother sounds! Holiday is something to look forward too. Hope you're enjoying a Greek feast and feeling better!

I have done shitloads of work today and I mean LOADS more than I was expecting! So treated myself to a donut. grin

How is everyone else doing?

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