A 'What did you eat today?' thread for those dieting.

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CharleyDavidson Fri 24-Jul-15 23:23:02

I love a 'What did you eat today?' thread. But the one in chat was getting interesting as those not dieting were a bit unimpressed by the food day's of some.

I thought we could (if you like) say what 'plan' or method you are using, what you ate and how successful you felt the day was.

CharleyDavidson Fri 24-Jul-15 23:27:16

I'm cal counting with nutracheck. 1200-1500 cals a day.

I had

Breakfast - nothing (as usual, never eat it)

Lunch - packet of Mikado eaten at the cinema with the DDs in the morning.

Early Dinner - Meal out. Chicken with no skin. Half of my chips (gave the other half away before I started eating), salad, bread roll. Shared a small ice cream with DD2.

Snacks - have managed to shove a packet of fruit pastilles and a glass of Baileys in my gob this evening.

A good day, but only because you can choose high and low days so I've 'saved' some by eating lower on other days to account for it. Tomorrow will be more restrained and more balanced through the day.

GinBunny Fri 24-Jul-15 23:28:00

Oh this is right up my street, I read those threads literally drooling.

My day on Slimming World:
Breakfast - banana (usually have banana with All Bran but ran out of cereal)
Lunch - Sainsburys ravioli (syn free!) and salad
Snack - strawberries and cherries
Dinner - pasta with SW meatballs and home made tomato sauce (tin of tomatoes, veg stock, red peppers and herbs)

Not really a droolfest is it? But I have 2 months to get into a very slinky dress so lots more days like this on the horizon.

GinBunny Fri 24-Jul-15 23:29:59

You had bread... I miss bread...

CharleyDavidson Fri 24-Jul-15 23:33:10

I rarely eat bread. But would miss it if I was told I couldn't have it. One reason I'm not on SW. smile

I have a bag of the meatballs in my freezer and need to remind myself to give them a try.

Milllii Sat 25-Jul-15 10:41:29

I'm mindfully eating. Yesterday had:
A roughie of cherries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mango, pineapple, banana and apricot.

Two boiled eggs with small salad with leaves,cucumber,spring onions,tomatoes,peppers,olives and.coriander and parsley leaves.

Chicken with garlic and white wine, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli,carrots,peas,red cabbage and roasted lemon wedges

Drinks were tea with rice milk
Sparkling water with lemon/strawberries


Dark Orange chocolate
handful of almonds

Milllii Sat 25-Jul-15 10:44:14

Day was good. Have lost another 2lbs...Yay!! That's 10lbs off in over a month. smile

Milllii Sat 25-Jul-15 10:47:20

A roughie is my version of a smoothie. All the fruit in a bowl, mix for a second just to liquidate slightly. Eat it with a spoon. Feel amazing.

CharleyDavidson Sat 25-Jul-15 19:58:27

Sounds yum.

Today I've had....

No breakfast.

A chicken salad that I made, then realised it tasted uber boring (no dressings in the house, had run out of mayo etc) so I deconstructed it into it's different bits, added a few crackers with cream cheese and had it as a nibble plate instead.

Dinner was roast chicken dinner (lots of chicken today).

I have lots of calories left and a garden full of ripe raspberries so DD requested I make her favourite chocolate pav to serve with some of the fruit. It's in the oven now. smile

CharleyDavidson Sat 25-Jul-15 22:54:35

Mmmm....chocolate pavlova made with Silver spoon fruit sugar (use a third less) does not work. Fell flat as a pancake and had to be remade.

That's for tomorrow now, so we had malt-easer ice cream from the local ice cream farm, with a chocolate chip cookie. Just in on cals and was delicious.

Amserhaf Sun 26-Jul-15 10:35:39

Interesting Charley. I think that beet/cane sugar has different properties to it. I tried making low carb peanut butter cookies with honey and although it worked it just didn't have the firmness and crunch that sugar gives. I'm going to use raw brown sugar instead as it is relatively unprocessed.

hooper91 Sun 26-Jul-15 13:08:20

plan for today is
breakfast/lunch - bacon sandwich with cheese
(a coconut macaroon and a bite size chocolate brownie)
mid afternoon will be strawberry mousse
dinner will be cheese and ham filled chicken breast with sweet potatoes.
Im on mfp and aiming for under 1600cals a day. Need to lose 4st to ttc x

lastqueenofscotland Sun 26-Jul-15 23:06:48

I love threads like this I'll definately join in tomorrow!

CharleyDavidson Sun 26-Jul-15 23:24:50

Amsefhaf - username da iawn! smile

It whipped well but it fell very flat and browned a lot quicker. DD1 still liked it, but it was more macaron than meringue. I think a bit less of the good stuff is the way to do it.

I had a day that came in over cals...

Frankie and Benny's breakfast - muffin, eggs, bacon, latte

Crackers for a light lunch.

Savoury rice for dinner - brown rice, peppers, onions, small amount snipped bacon, stock.

And some of the lovely pavlova with cream and strawberries for pudding/summer

Now off to plan my meals for the upcoming week.

Amserhaf Sun 26-Jul-15 23:32:43

Wel Diolch yn fawr Charley.

Amserhaf Sun 26-Jul-15 23:39:16

My food was

sausage, scrambled egg, tom, mushroom and a slice bacon

side plate of roast chicken, small roast potato, carrot, peas cauliflower.

fruit salad

lots of tea

lastqueenofscotland Tue 28-Jul-15 12:01:14

2 Oreos....
Pasta salad
Home made falafel with Cous Cous and hummous

11 miles ran!

CharleyDavidson Tue 28-Jul-15 20:58:45

B - nothing.

L - a bread roll with some lemon curd as I couldn't be bothered with anything else and fancied something sweet.

D - dry-fried mushrooms and onion with sliced up sausages (that had been cooked in the air frier yesterday) added. Very nice indeed.
Scoop of malt-ease ice cream that we picked up at the ice cream farm at the weekend.

Exercise - 20 mins on my exercise bike. Still at nearly zero impact as I'm building up my strength/stamina/ROM in that leg following my operation 6 weeks ago.

Dionysuss Wed 29-Jul-15 16:22:21

B- porridge with blueberries
L - 2 scrambled eggs, 2 grilled bacon rashers and a grilled tomato
D- soup
Snacks - apple with peanut butter and a hot chocolate

hstar1995 Wed 29-Jul-15 19:55:30

B - scrambled eggs on toast with ketchup

D - mini pizza base, small bit of cheese, tomato puree, mushrooms and peppers and a side salad

T - Pasta with cheese, ham, broccoli, ketchup and more salad grin

Drinks - cups of black coffee and sugar free vimto

hstar1995 Wed 29-Jul-15 19:56:51

Oh, forgot, I'm doing slimming world. Ketchup and butter totalled 4 syns, pizza base 10 so 14 syns today. Been to the gym so it was an ok day

Dothefridgesquat Wed 29-Jul-15 20:26:46

After falling off the wagon almost two weeks ago, today hasn't been such a bad day.

Breakfast - slice of toast (white but ran out of wholemeal - hate white bread as well) with very small amount of butter.

Dinner - salad which consisted of slice of ham (visible fat removed), lettuce, grated carrot, red onion, peppers and Helmans light mayonnaise.

Tea - can you tell I'm northern yet?! Jacket potato with beans and a little bit of cheddar cheese.

I haven't snacked on crisps or chocolate today, infact I haven't snacked at all so althought that lot up there may not sound too healthy it's actually not bad for me!!

SmillasSenseOfSnow Wed 29-Jul-15 20:45:59

So... Slimming World people can have pasta but not bread? Is that right? I'm counting calories and managing bread but there's no way I can fit any pasta in whatsoever, how is that supposed to work?! confused Or is it because pasta requires more effort to prepare before shoving in your gob, so you're unlikely to go as crazy with it if allowed to eat it?

CharleyDavidson Wed 29-Jul-15 22:29:51

Today has not been good.

B - nothing

L - small portion naff chips that came with the meal that was supplied at Tenpin when we were bowling today. And half a lemonade.

D - homemade chicken pie (was supposed to have this the other day and plans changed so I made it today)
And some rather delicious chocolate orange cake from the farm shop.

I had lots of calories left yesterday, did 20 mins of zumba, did bowling instead of lazing around and went for a walk so hopefully the cake won't have made too much of a dent in this week's weight-loss.

I've lost 5lb since the end of term so far.

CharleyDavidson Wed 29-Jul-15 22:30:30

cos I keep going back for 'just another slice

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