Harry’s podcast

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smilesy Thu 13-May-21 21:27:04

Carrying on the discussion about Harry’s podcast.

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smilesy Thu 13-May-21 21:28:01

This bit made me snort my tea:

The Duke suggested that the fairytale dream of princes and princesses was out of step with reality.

“My wife had the most amazing explanation to that: ‘You don't need to be a princess, you can create the life that will be better than any princess.’

So why insist on a title for Archie?

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Crackoflightning Thu 13-May-21 21:29:26

Hang on, did she point him in the direction of a therapist? Was this before or after she needed one too? The things Harry will do for money. Shocking.

mermaidsariel Thu 13-May-21 21:30:17

Why also did this avowed feminist want to be a Duchess? Why does she insist on using the title?

SunshineSuxx Thu 13-May-21 21:32:47

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StormzyinaTCup Thu 13-May-21 21:43:37

So, following this latest very public offering, will we be seeing him over here in July I wonder?

ChiefInspectorParker Thu 13-May-21 21:44:07

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Lockupyourbiscuits Thu 13-May-21 21:44:49

It’s all very confusing

Pre counselling -he was welcoming Meghan to the family she never had ( ie she had a terrible upbringing and he had a welcoming family for her )

Post counselling- he’s realised he has had an unhappy upbringing which he wouldn’t inflict on his own children

This is 180 degree turnabout in a very short timescale - how can that be !!

sammysnake Thu 13-May-21 21:47:28


This is awful, and very sad. I feel sorry for Prince Charles and the Queen. She has just lost her husband and Prince Charles his father!

Nobody would deny that Prince Harry has suffered pain in his life but these public denunciations of his family are shameful. Go to a proper therapist with this stuff, do the work, don’t go on tv and podcasts making an embarrassment of yourself - how is this helping anyone?

Also how typical of MM saying she can have a life that’s ‘better than a princess’ - she has to be one-upping someone (preferably the Duchess if Cambridge) at every opportunity, doesn’t she? Not very nice.


amateurschoolhunter Thu 13-May-21 21:48:54

Is there already a full thread - where do I find it?

Lockupyourbiscuits Thu 13-May-21 21:50:43

What sort of counsellor would encourage family estrangement . How can such a public discussion of private thoughts as a productive outcome?
Is he being encouraged/exploited to do this by people ?

Marmaladeagain Thu 13-May-21 21:51:41

you'd have thought they'd have learned by now that it's upsetting selling stories on families, might upset their mental health etc

I think the story goes that Thomas is evil but Harry's a hero (for doing the same thing to his family) and M's a mermaid, wasn't it?

Archie will be selling stories left, right and centre in 20 years and they'll have no idea where he got the idea from.

AmandaHoldensLips Thu 13-May-21 21:55:52

I do wish they'd just bugger off.
All this tone-deaf holier-than-thou wokery womble bollocks should stay in california. We are SO not interested.

cheezy Thu 13-May-21 21:58:56

We ARE interested though @AmandaHoldensLips very very interested indeed. That’s why you are posting and I am posting and why there are a gazillion threads and stories in the news about them.

Love them or loathe them, it’s a fascinating drama.

SunshineSuxx Thu 13-May-21 21:59:07

I really did hope that after the fiasco with the DM losing the High Court case, the UK media would stick 2 fingers up and do a complete blackout on news from their camp.

Sadly not.

Roussette Thu 13-May-21 22:02:48

No one has to read the DM or read anything about them if you don't want.
You obviously do!

KatherineParr Thu 13-May-21 22:05:57

I actually think this might be the final break between Harry and the rest of the RF.

Up until now he has been careful not to criticise the Queen but when he starts talking about the way Prince Charles was parented.... he's getting very close to criticising the Queen, and that's a red line for the Monarchy.

I really don't understand what his aim is here.

AmandaHoldensLips Thu 13-May-21 22:06:56

I just can't believe they're still whining about their lives.

Cacacoisfarraige Thu 13-May-21 22:09:48

I know someone who did the exact same. Invited the whole family including sick parents to the US for Christmas, Christmas Day while egged on by wife and therapy had a go about his childhood in front of this siblings and in-laws and all the kids. Told parents he wanted to ‘dance on their graves’ etc. This made the next few days all under the same roof very difficult for all (10 adults, 7 children)

Roll on five years, he’s divorced on from his wife and close to his parents again.

TSSDNCOP Thu 13-May-21 22:13:41

* I actually think this might be the final break between Harry and the rest of the RF.*

Oh, I think we have quite a way down to go yet before this dead cat bounces.

I do wonder if H&M ever play back these interviews? They sound potty to us, but it must sound to them like a total wisdom-fest.

Marmaladeagain Thu 13-May-21 22:15:18

I've always said H's the problem - Meghan didn't quite know how little she was in fact letting herself in for. Thought H was rather more important in the RF than he actually is. He sold her a pack of lies on what would be achievable - he'd throw tantrums, always worked previously to get what he wants.

I really think it's a case of if I can't play with the nice toys, then no-one can. Out and out jealousy of William. His ego is clearly massaged by M fanning the flames of his self-pity, but Harry's ego is to blame.

SunshineSuxx Thu 13-May-21 22:16:05

There is clearly a MN user who reports every negative comment about these two. Posts are already disappearing.

What a sad existence patrolling MN for negative posts about these two grifters.

smilesy Thu 13-May-21 22:17:03

@amateurschoolhunter there isn’t a whole thread on this subject. We had just started discussing it in another thread and ran out of space 🤣

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StormzyinaTCup Thu 13-May-21 22:18:43

Wokery Womble Bollocks grin

notangelinajolie Thu 13-May-21 22:24:45

Oh dear. He's done it now.

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