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My cat has cancer, when to PTS?

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IHaveBrilloHair Mon 17-Jun-19 13:23:17

Just found out today that one of my cats has a cancerous tumour on his jaw, it's an aggressive type.
The only options were invasive, and quite possibly would make it worse, or cause him to suffer, it's highly unlikely he'd get better.
The Vet thinks it'll grow v quickly in the next month, and may get infected.
Right now he's a perfectly fine, well cat, has no idea anything is wrong with him.
I want to have him PTS in a couple of weeks so he goes off as a well cat, is this ok?
I mean I think it is, the vet is fine with it but I'm questioning myself.
I've never had to make this decision before.

Wolfiefan Mon 17-Jun-19 13:27:23

I’m so sorry. We lost a cat to a similar thing many years ago. I completely agree with you. You can’t remove the cancer or treat it effectively. Spoil your cat rotten and let them go before they suffer. I’m really sorry you’re facing this. flowers

Dontgiveamonkeys1350 Mon 17-Jun-19 14:16:42

I agree. Give them a few weeks. Feed them their fav food. Let them lay in the shin shine and chase butterflies. Then I would pts before they start to feel anything. I’m sorry your in this position. Xxxx

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 17-Jun-19 14:48:28

Thank you.
We're so devastated and letting him go when he could live longer is going to hurt, we'll miss him so much, he's only 6.
I don't want him to suffer at all though, it seems cruel.
His name is Zazzles, this is him.

Wolfiefan Mon 17-Jun-19 14:55:18

Oh he’s so handsome.

Lydiaz Mon 17-Jun-19 15:14:04

So sorry, OP. He's bloody gorgeous. I agree though, give him a few weeks, spoil him rotten with his favourites and then PTS before he suffers xx

Porridgeprincess Mon 17-Jun-19 15:35:43

He is a beautiful cat, absolutely beautful.

I agree with previous posters, spoil him and love him and once things start to turn for him be really strong for him and have him PTS. Devastating but a day too soon than a day to late .

Kanga83 Mon 17-Jun-19 15:49:58

Agree, give him a few weeks- at the first sign of matted coat, pain etc then bring it forwards if you need too. I'm very sorry, I've lost a couple of cats to cancer. Let him lie in the sun, chase bees etc, treat him like a prince and enjoy the memories.

WhiteLightTrainWreck Mon 17-Jun-19 15:54:07

Oh such a gorgeous man!!! I am so sorry you are going through this.
I second all pps, give him a couple of weeks, love and spoil him rotten, give him a bloody amazing 2 weeks and cuddle him!

HippyTrails Mon 17-Jun-19 16:05:05

i'm so sorry, it's awful to have to make such a decision, had a similar situation with my girl but it was her heart that was a problem.

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 17-Jun-19 16:21:58

They were just the first photos I found.
He's huge, but a big giant baby, he's scared of his own shadow.
He demands Dd picks him up and carries him around, and she does it!
He's like if a big cat teddy came to life grin
I can't believe he won't be here for much longer.
Thank you all for being so kind.

Mia184 Mon 17-Jun-19 16:27:53

He‘s gorgeous!

There is a Quality of Life Scale developed by a veterinarian oncologist that might be useful:

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 17-Jun-19 16:28:20

I think I'm struggling with PTS a healthy cat, even though he's not healthy, if that makes sense?

Potentialmadcatlady Mon 17-Jun-19 16:32:24

I have had to do this three times before ( I long term foster sick/disabled cats)... I go along with the policy of three good things eg able to eat/lie in the sun/have a long cuddle... once they can’t have three good things anymore then I let them go before they feel pain or suffer. They live in the here and now... spoil your little one rotten, create memories then let her go before she suffers... in a lot of ways it is sad we can’t let humans go the same way... a week to early is always better than a day too late

LoafofSellotape Mon 17-Jun-19 16:38:38

I think I'm struggling with PTS a healthy cat, even though he's not healthy, if that makes sense?

Better a day earlier than a day too late imo. I'd MUCH rather do it before it gets too bad.

I'm really sorry flowers

9Greenbottles Mon 17-Jun-19 16:42:03

So sad for such a young cat. You will know when it is right flowers

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 18-Jun-19 15:08:16

Dd went straight to her bf's after the vets yesterday, so just waiting for her to get home, she's not going to deal with it well at all, he's her cat and she has ASD.
Oh, and just another photo of my gorgeous boy.
Hope it's ok to keep posting to get through the next few weeks.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 18-Jun-19 15:21:09

As a PP said. You will just know when it's time. You really will. Handhold, it's awful. My girl was only 8 and I feel cheated that she could have lived another 20 years. (She had heart disease)

LoafofSellotape Tue 18-Jun-19 15:47:54

Oh he's so lovely😊

Just be aware cats hide their pain very well, but I imagine he'll stop eating and that would be an indication OP.

It's so lovely how they worm they way into our hearts,isn't it? X

Contraceptionismyfriend Tue 18-Jun-19 15:52:33

I am so sorry OP.
He really is beautiful.

Your plan sounds so kind and full of mercy. I can't imagine how hard it must be to look at him and see him healthy but have to plan putting him to sleep. But it really is the kindest thing. He's so lucky to have had so much love in his short life.

TwinklyMummaLuvsHerBubba89 Tue 18-Jun-19 15:57:19

Just wanted to give you a big hug. (We know each other, Im the one that made Eponine her blanket)

There was that meme going around FB about how if your friends share pictures of their pets, they become your pets by default. I can't remember it exactly, but Zazzles and Co are definitely part of my Internet Pet Family and I'm devastated for you.

Feed him all the lovely things and get him big n fat.

I hope DD is OK xx

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 18-Jun-19 16:39:05

I love your name Twinkly, It suits you wink Epi loves her blanky, she's Zazzy's Mum.
Thank you all, I'm probably being ridiculous but I've never had to do this before, and my cats are my babies, (I'm 41 and single which explains that)
He's fine today, being his usual fat, fluffy, silly self, we will enjoy him being part of our family to as long as is possible for him.
We are very aware that cats hide pain and are on high alert to make sure he doesn't, we can call our Vet at anytime for advice.

HollySniffs Tue 18-Jun-19 16:52:50

Thinking of you and your beautiful Zazzles OP.

Contraceptionismyfriend Tue 18-Jun-19 16:53:02

You're not being ridiculous. Again I can't imagine how devastated you must be.

Wolfiefan Tue 18-Jun-19 17:01:25

I don’t think you’re being ridiculous at all. They are much loved family members and it’s horrid. The thing is that you know your pet better than anyone else at all. You would pick up subtle signs before anyone else. Hoping for more good days.

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