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OITNB series 6 *spoilers*

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CaptainHammer Fri 27-Jul-18 20:17:38

Just finished episode 6 and I’m really enjoying this series so far! Anyone else binging it?

WhispersOfWickedness Fri 27-Jul-18 22:40:33

Just placemarking really, I managed to cram in three episodes tonight grin
Will be back when I've finished!

JustGettingStarted Sat 28-Jul-18 08:04:21

I'm on episode 5

CaptainHammer Sat 28-Jul-18 08:14:28

Are you enjoying it just? A lot of people on Twitter don’t seem to be liking it but I think it’s good. I’m enjoying the mix up of characters and Frieda!
Piper is still annoying.

captainpantbeard Sat 28-Jul-18 09:21:55

I’ve only watched the first episode and I’m just finding it grim. I miss the comedy between the characters. The violence is awful and on its own I don’t think I can take much more. Does it get better?

CaptainHammer Sat 28-Jul-18 11:08:17

Yes it gets better in that regard, there’s more comedic moments and the violence from the guards goes down.

TrippingTheVelvet Sat 28-Jul-18 16:11:48

Popping in to placemark. We've just finished episode 5 and then it's definitely getting better after a slow start.

Mummummummummummmmmmy Sat 28-Jul-18 19:17:09

I've watched the lot! I don't want to say too much but the final episode I shed a tear.
It did start off a bit slow, but I've really enjoyed it and now I've finished I don't have anything else to watch.

TeachesOfPeaches Sat 28-Jul-18 20:28:29

Ive also watched the entire season already confused

pattern Sat 28-Jul-18 20:31:44

I've finished it. I think it was much better than last series, but in all honesty I think next series needs to be the last.

CaptainHammer Sat 28-Jul-18 21:16:58

I’ve just finished it too. Piper annoying as usual and I didn’t like Madison. It was a little slow in places but I enjoyed the series.

As much as I like it I agree pattern.

JustGettingStarted Sat 28-Jul-18 21:29:18

Finished it today.

I was terrified that Piper was going to sabotage herself at the last minute.

Seeing the ICE van was heartbreaking.

Maddison is really hard to watch. But I think I might like Daddy.

NynaeveSedai Sun 29-Jul-18 08:57:05

Place marking! Loving this series

viques Sun 29-Jul-18 12:09:30

Place marking this thread as I am limiting myself to two episodes at a time, up to episode 5/6 now and really enjoying it. Still so a many back stories to come out.

Have a feeling it will not end well for Pennsatucky but she is in love and having fun so Go Doggett Go!

NynaeveSedai Sun 29-Jul-18 17:49:11

That was bloody brilliant as always
Cried at the end for poor Blanca but cheered at the kickball game. Barb and Carol got what they deserved tbh.
Daddy was disturbingly hot for a pimp/dealer blush

Opheliasgoldenwine Sun 29-Jul-18 19:12:55


Brilliant acting but I'm so upset. Here's why:

-Taystee being convicted of murder- probably a life sentence.
- Lorna bleeding
- Flores going into the ICE truck

Opheliasgoldenwine Sun 29-Jul-18 19:31:48


Brilliant acting but I'm so upset. Here's why:

-Taystee being convicted of murder- probably a life sentence.
- Lorna bleeding
- Flores going into the ICE truck
- Alex indebted to C block

I think the most horrifying part of what happened in this series was what Carol and Barb did to their sister but in terms of our main characters, Flores upset me the most but Taystee was the most unjust part, how cruel life has been to her sad

CaptainHammer Sun 29-Jul-18 19:46:42

I wonder if Taystee will be given the death sentence. As soon as it was mentioned briefly that it hardly ever happens in their state I thought it’ll happen to Taystee if they find her guilty. I really hope not or that it all comes out about those twats covering it up.

I thought Barb had changed her mind when she realised Debbie didn’t want to move either and told her to run sad
The young actors that played Barb/Carol were great casting, they really looked like younger versions of them! It also made me laugh that the classified story was neither of theirs.

ClandestineAdulation Sun 29-Jul-18 19:54:53

I finished it all yesterday and I have to say I was a little bit disappointed.

The lack of comedy made it all very hard hitting and incredibly serious. Heartbroken for Flores and Lorna, as well as for Alex because of the position she’s in now.

I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of Piper but agree that she’s still annoying!

I have so many questions about where people are, though?! Boo, Yoga Jones, Lolly etc?!

And I really hated Madison’s character. Not a fan of her.

Oh! And Barb and Carol... incredibly evil humans, got what was coming to them.

TinyPawz Sun 29-Jul-18 20:04:17

Badison is a complete pain in the arse. She ruined it for me. Thon accent of hers was very grating.

Mummummummummummmmmmy Sun 29-Jul-18 20:18:27

ClandestineAdulation Lolly was in 2 maybe 3 of the episodes, albeit very briefly.
I also wondered where boo was.
The part with Flores made me sob, we've kind of seen her blossom and this was her happy ending.

I think taystee will get the chair and at the last minute the officer who was in court will confess but it will be too late.

ClandestineAdulation Sun 29-Jul-18 20:25:06

Mummummummummummmmmmy I did see Lolly and even Boo briefly, but wondered which block they were on as we saw so little of them?!

Tiny Madison’s accent made me so angry because it was supposedly a Boston accent but didn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard!!

CaptainHammer Sun 29-Jul-18 20:47:31

Lolly was on the psych ward, we saw her a few times when Suzanne was in there and when Maria was there.
Boo is in a different facility in Cleveland with a few of the others (can’t remember who at the moment) we only saw her when Linda was having her hair shaved off.

Rufustheyawningreindeer Sun 29-Jul-18 20:54:23

I really wanted to cry for poor Bianca

Heartbroken for her

CaptainHammer Sun 29-Jul-18 20:56:00

Googled to find out - it’s Big Boo and skinhead Helen that we saw in the Cleveland prison.

Maritza/SoSo were on the same bus at the end of season 5 so they are probably in another prison together.

Yoga Joan, Gina, Norma and Anita were seen boarding the same bus as Big Boo so probably in Cleveland too.

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