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Game of Thrones - S7 TOTAL SPOILERS - for those who know it all

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FanwankTheAbsurd Sun 06-Aug-17 11:54:20

I thought we could do with a thread for those of us who have read all the spoilers for the full season.

Nothing is not allowed.

FanwankTheAbsurd Sun 06-Aug-17 11:57:07

I've only read it all this morning so my mind is newly blown.

I can't wait to see it all 😊

WingMirrorSpider Sun 06-Aug-17 12:00:26

Yes I read all the spoilers a while ago. I kind of wish I hadn't but it means I can understand foreshadowing stuff beforehand rather than in retrospect iykwim.
E.g. I'm looking forward to seeing Gendry again next week and I can't wait for a certain death in the last episode.

AryaUnderfoot Sun 06-Aug-17 12:07:30

We don't need to be obscure here! I can't wait to see Littlefinger die!

Here is the site that I think best summarises all the spoilers:

I'm really glad I read the spoilers. There are things I would really like see happen in the future that aren't going to this season. I'm glad I haven't had to spend the entire season looking out for them.

I am still in two minds about the Wight hunt, Jon's name being Aegon and the dragonpit meeting.

I still think that in the books it will be Euron to capture a dragon. They've not really discussed that at all in the TV series.

What happened to Allister Thorne and the Wight hand in the TV series? Did it just disappear into a plot hole? In the books he was left waiting for ages for an audience and the hand just decomposed, but I don't remember anything like that in the show.

ElenaGreco123 Sun 06-Aug-17 12:08:50

Thank you Fanwank.

Can I ask you what you think about Cersei bringing in the Golden Company? Surely they will not not bring in Blackfyre, fAegon and the whole storyline now? It would just be a random sellsword company with an in-joke name...?

AryaUnderfoot Sun 06-Aug-17 12:15:04

Elena I was gonna ask if you thought the Easter Egg was about the Golden Company.

To me it makes perfect sense as a kind of 'fan service' to book readers. It sets Cersei up as the human military opposition to Dany for Season 8. Who else is there to oppose Dany now? I don't think there'll be a fAegon - the assumption will just be that the GC are there to overthrow Targs. I don' think Blackfyres will be mentioned other than in some random conversation about Bittersteel and the origins of the Golden Company.

FanwankTheAbsurd Sun 06-Aug-17 12:16:34

I'm looking forward to seeing gendry again, and cannot wait for Arya to slit littlefingers throat, woop woop 😂

I think the whole dragonpit meeting is a bit confused. In reality, no way would cersei go, and she would kill tyrion on sight, not have a cosy little chat with him. But I do love the little chat brienne and the hound have, I love those two characters.

I think maybe the golden company will just be there to replace all the soldiers killed so far. I can't see them bringing in any major new storylines at this late stage.

Not sure how Jon/Aegon and Dany is going to play out next season though.

ElenaGreco123 Sun 06-Aug-17 13:02:01

You must be right Arya.

Why is Gendry not mentioning Arya though? confused

So Cersei committed all sorts of Aerys-level atrocities, drove one of their children to suicide and his beloved brother into exile, to which Jaime just said let's have more sex. Now that Cersei is pregnant and she genuinely relies on his military nous, Jaime is off to fight the Others hmm The show writers are not great.

BeyondQueenOfLists Sun 06-Aug-17 13:55:04

Tut tut at the sentence not being carried out by the person who gave it though. Ned would not approve grin

BeyondQueenOfLists Sun 06-Aug-17 13:56:07

Question - that green chilli link only has seven episodes? Is the last one a double or is there one more after that hasn't been leaked?

AryaUnderfoot Sun 06-Aug-17 14:15:09

Beyond there are only 7 episodes this season.

Elena I agree that the writing for this season is noot great. The only reason I can think of for Gendry not mentioning Arya is that the show writers are saving up for some 'dramatic' reunion in S8.

Littlefinger is supposed to be the mastermind of Westeros. I would expect him to go out with a bang, but this just seems like a damp fizz. The 'dramatic' tension between Sansa/Arya over the letter seems contrived. In the books I think Sansa is going to be the one to off Littlefinger, but I think it's going to be with the remains of the hairnet. I think Sansa will work out that LIttlefinger is trying to poison Robert Arryn and that will be her motivation.

Sam's purpose at the Citadel seems more and more Unseen University like every time I think about it.

I do have a suspicion that Sam is going to be really pissed off with Dany when he finds out that Dickon was roasted by dragon fire. I don't know why, but I think that's going to be important in S8.

ElenaGreco123 Sun 06-Aug-17 14:33:46

Dickon was portrayed as an all-around good egg in the books and Sam loved him, so it is very possible that he will not be happy.

FanwankTheAbsurd Sun 06-Aug-17 14:52:22

Dickon seemed like a nice chap in the show too (helped by being played by lovely Sir Percival), I'll be sad to see him roasted. Won't miss his dad though.

I like the Arya & Sansa team, I liked it when Arya asked Sansa if she had to call her Lady Stark and Sansa said Yes grin

Do we think S8 will finally deliver CleganeBowl?

valeriarrgh Sun 06-Aug-17 14:57:52

Two words. Zombie. Dragon.


AryaUnderfoot Sun 06-Aug-17 15:00:36

Do we think S8 will finally deliver CleganeBowl?

Alas, I think it will. I think too many fans really want to see it. In the books I really hope it doesn't. So much has been made of how the desire for vengeance has destroyed Sandor's soul, and I think getting to kill his brother would be a bit like trying to cure an alcohol addiction by buying someone a brewery. I think his book redemption is about finding a purpose other than trying to get revenge. Vengeance is never shown in a positive light in the books.

Plus, I think it's unlikely the Hound would survive the fight. I just couldn't stand watching him die again. It just about killed me the first time.

ElenaGreco123 Sun 06-Aug-17 15:14:33

Totally. Vengeance is just looking back. That is why I am happy Jaime is heading North in both show and books. He is meant to end up on the Wall or fighting there, and start a new (probably final) chapter in his life.

Mind you if Jaime and / or Arya were killed by Dany, then Sam, Tyrion and Jon could team up and she would have the mother of all revenges on her back. I'd also not fancy my chances against a Gilly / Brienne / Arya team either. Sorry too excited for tomorrow.

FanwankTheAbsurd Sun 06-Aug-17 15:18:55

i imagine the final scene of s7 will be epic. NK on Viserion. Boom. Mic drop.

AryaUnderfoot Sun 06-Aug-17 15:27:20

I am so convinced now that either Tyrion, Sam or Arya is going to be the betrayer for love.

In my perfect world, Dany is going to help kill the Others, all her dragons are going to die and she's going to decide that she is shit at ruling and go off and find her house with the red door and the lemon tree. Jon will end up on the Iron Throne and will decide it's too much work and split the 7 kingdoms up and implement a rudimentary democracy.

Tyrion will be Lord of Casterly Rock but the Lannisters will be broke as he'll have to pay off Brown Ben Plumm etc.

Maybe I should start writing fan fiction...

AryaUnderfoot Sun 06-Aug-17 15:29:43

I can't wait to hear the reaction from all those people who thought the Night King crossing the wall was going to be Bran's fault because of his 'dark mark'.

Whatever became of his dark mark? Is it slowly growing like greyscale?

MyOtherProfile Sun 06-Aug-17 15:49:22

What's that about Cersei? Blood... last scene?

BossyBitch Sun 06-Aug-17 15:51:49

I am so convinced now that either Tyrion, Sam or Arya is going to be the betrayer for love.

Tyrion, I can see (he loves Jamie as well as, arguably Dany herself), But how would Sam and Arya work? They both love Jon, but how would that lead to the betrayal?

Can Jon become Azor Ahai by plunging his sword into Dany so that he can finish off the NK with Longclaw-turned-Lightbringer, please? I'm not as much of a fan of him as some people, but her I really can't stand at this point, so this would conveniently get rid of both major annoyances for me.

ElenaGreco123 Sun 06-Aug-17 15:57:52

Sam could betray her in revenge for killing Dickon.

FanwankTheAbsurd Sun 06-Aug-17 15:59:39

Cersei apparently has a miscarriage in her end scene.

I can't see Sam betraying anyone because of Dickon.

I'd love to see Arya and Gendry get together.

BossyBitch Sun 06-Aug-17 16:05:31

Sam could betray her in revenge for killing Dickon.

Fair point insofar as book-Sam actually loves book-Dickon, I guess. Haven't really seen a lot of any relationship at all between the show versions of the Tarly brothers, though.7

Surely if this was going to be a plot point D&D would have known a long time ago and would have worked the Sam/Dickon brotherly love angle in order to provide some appropriate set-up for the big reveal?

AryaUnderfoot Sun 06-Aug-17 17:48:08

Reasons why I think Sam/Dickon is important:

In the books I think the Reach and Dorne will declare for fAegon. The Lannisters and Freys will be in disarray (helped by Tyrion, LSH and Tully loyalists). There must be a reason why the Tarlys have been given so much significance in the past 2 seasons of the show and why they have been shown to be on team-Cersei rather than team-Dany. The rest of the Reach and Dorne has effectively been written out of the series as they have no further plot purpose.

I just can't help thinking that Dickon Tarly is going to be important. Why have him in the show but cut out all the other Tyrells/Lannisters. Why have Dickon alongside Randyll but have the 'he's really not that awful and doesn't like fighting very much' bit just before Dany roasts him with dragon fire. The only thing I can think of is that Sam finds out and then gets really upset with her and goes out of his way to sabotage her. He's Sam the Slayer after all!

Anyway, it's just a theory - probably wrong.

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