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PLL - Who do you think A is?

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SuperBeagle Wed 08-Feb-17 07:52:30

I've been re-watching PLL, and I want to know your A theories. grin

Alternatively, who do you want to be A?

I know the person I suspect of being A is not the person I hope it will be.

Go, go, go!

RustyPaperclip Wed 08-Feb-17 08:02:34

Which A? There are many to choose from

SuperBeagle Wed 08-Feb-17 08:13:27

Uber A!

Do you think it'll be one of the already revealed As?

PopGoesTheFuckingWeasel Wed 08-Feb-17 08:26:28

Fuck me running...I came on here to post exactly the same thing!

Uber A is Veronica Hastings.

And...I think that Mary Drake was in that hole- not Jessica.

PopGoesTheFuckingWeasel Wed 08-Feb-17 08:27:15

Second choice- Tippi the bird. 😀😀

SuperBeagle Wed 08-Feb-17 09:10:24

Oooh, Veronica! How'd you reach that conclusion? grin

Interesting, v interesting!

Hahaha, if it's Tippi the bird, I'm nominating him for an Oscar. What a performance.

Ahoym8 Wed 08-Feb-17 09:23:39

I have been wanting to talk about this for ages! No one I know watches it sad

I really want it to be Aria, I love the evil twin/split personality theory!
But Tippi would be the most logical grin

SuperBeagle Wed 08-Feb-17 09:32:24

Ahoym8 - Same! My husband will divorce me if I mention it again grin

I love the Aria theory too. I wonder if we can take Marlene's word that it's not one of the girls (I don't think so bc she's a chronic bullshitter).

PopGoesTheFuckingWeasel Wed 08-Feb-17 09:32:30

Well we can work out from the last episode who it WASN'T....if spoilers aren't allowed, I'll report my comment...

The Liars: all there when A drove away.

Jenna (my choice up to the last episode) kidnapped by A.

Noel: already headless when A did a legger (or a driver- whatever) with Jenna.

Mary Drake: see above. (If it IS mary Drake. Which I'm not convinced)

Veronica has always favored Melissa. It could be as simple as her hating Alison for all the shit she caused between Melissa and Ian, and hating the other girls for sticking by her! The fact that Spencer is no biological relation means there would be no guilt present regarding terrorisimg her own kid.

Plus, the fact that they all mysteriously got out of the basement makes me lean towards one of the parents

(I have a really embarrasing crush on Ashley Marin)

PopGoesTheFuckingWeasel Wed 08-Feb-17 09:34:25

And...we have just over two months to go. Please, please PLEASE keep this thread going.. waiting is driving me batshit, I've rewatched every episode about 5 times, and AAAAARGH!! I need a time jump! 😀😀

Ahoym8 Wed 08-Feb-17 09:45:38

Pop I need this thread too!!

No I've always liked the mums on it, I would hate it to be one of them even Veronica.

I hope it might be Mona, theres never enough Mona lately and shes like one of the gang.. Or or or Alison cos we all know shes evil deep down grin

PopGoesTheFuckingWeasel Wed 08-Feb-17 09:51:34

There may be something in the "Spencer has a twin" theory. However, I can't see how they would suspect that she has a twin, investigate, etc, in just 10 episodes.

Things in pll are rarely left "unexplained", so I'm presuming they will answer:

What the significance in Noel's dad overseeing the adoption.

Why Maya's body was never shown.

The "Maya Knew" code.

Why they showed a close up of Wren coloring that picture in.

Where Ted dissappeared to.

Ditto Andrew, Sidney and Leslie Stone.

Could it be Leslie Stone, do you think?

BonesyBones Wed 08-Feb-17 09:51:44

I think it is - and actually really want it to be Toby. At this point I'd be disappointed with any of the liars as A and none of the parents would make any sense to me.
I'm not 100% sure what Toby's motive would be but I'd bet it'll have something to do with Marion. There are a lot of clues putting him well in the frame.

PopGoesTheFuckingWeasel Wed 08-Feb-17 09:52:35

And do you know how fantastic it is to be able to discuss this with someone over 12? 😃

PopGoesTheFuckingWeasel Wed 08-Feb-17 09:53:23

Bonesy Toby and Yvonne were all mashed up when A was driving away with Jenna.

SuperBeagle Wed 08-Feb-17 09:54:17

Spoilers are allowed! If you aren't caught up by now, you're not a true fan wink

I will try to keep the thread going!!

I hope it's Mona. She's my fav. But I think they're gearing up for a Wren and Melissa duo.

(I also have a crush on Ashley)

BonesyBones Wed 08-Feb-17 09:56:04

Pop yeah but everyone has been dead on this show, even Toby was "dead" in an earlier season.

SuperBeagle Wed 08-Feb-17 09:56:17

MAYA has always been my real hope. But Im thinking it's unlikely now. What I wouldn't give for her not to be dead. She'd be perf: was there from the first episode, weirdly moved into Alison's house and involve some herself in the group immediately while seemingly knowing more than she let on. Plus, no body shown, as you said.

BonesyBones Wed 08-Feb-17 09:57:44

Oh sorry didn't read your comment properly, we don't actually know A was with Jenna. She didn't seem too sure herself.

NovaArt3mis Wed 08-Feb-17 09:58:35

I'm rewatching for the third time at the moment. On season 4, Tippi's phone number tune stuck in my head.

Bizarrely I never really think about what the A outcome will be, just where the characters will end up/who with.

There's definitely something up with Aria that they've been hinting at forever but I don't think she's Uber A.

PopGoesTheFuckingWeasel Wed 08-Feb-17 09:59:05

Mona would be a really good reveal.



I hope it's not just dome random! I mean, how many times had we actually seen Cece before she was found out? How much of an actual shite did we give?

Going back to the "Mary is in the hole" theory, has any one else had this thought?

If Spencer does have a twin, there will be a reveal in the hospital where she is being treated.

Ahoym8 Wed 08-Feb-17 09:59:53

As long as its not Wren, I don't know why but I really hate him...

The Spencer twin thing! Not Toby please, think of Spoby wink

Ezra hes been there since the start and the 'just writing a book' thing seemed like too good of an excuse at the time.

SuperBeagle Wed 08-Feb-17 09:59:59

I wonder if Aria was initially supposed to be A, but for some reason they changed their minds as time went on.

As for Jenna, I wonder if it'd be too obvious? It'd make sense in terms of motive, but I wonder if she's just generally vengeful and it's a red herring.

PopGoesTheFuckingWeasel Wed 08-Feb-17 10:02:09

Bonesy good point! He/she didn't actually CONFIRM they were AD!

For a REAL double bluff...what about the cop, Tanner?

SuperBeagle Wed 08-Feb-17 10:02:16

Mary makes me wonder. I'm not sure what to make of her/that situation. The theory that she's in the hole is pretty good though.

I hated the Cece reveal and storyline. If this ends up being like that, I'm going to sue Marlene.

I haaaaate Ezra. What a creep.

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