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Somebody tell me about EMU Boots

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drinkmoretea Wed 20-Aug-08 20:06:24

have you got them? what are they like?

the difference between 'Bronte' and 'Stinger'

best place to buy them from...

low medium or high????

what colour????

or should I just get Uggs???

Thank you xx

traceybath Wed 20-Aug-08 21:34:55

Oooh i've just had the high stinger in chestnut for my birthday.

I tried them on in russell & bromley where they were £145 but ordered them via amazon for £30 less with free delivery too.

Apparently they have more support than uggs and i find them very cosy and comfy. Look nice with my skinny jeans tucked in and the tops rolled down.

However they are very much for home use - they are my big treat to keep me warm this winter in freezing house.

traceybath Wed 20-Aug-08 21:35:33

I know its not a terribly fashionable look but they are so cosy

drinkmoretea Thu 21-Aug-08 08:33:57

tb - do you not wear them out?

anyone else have them?

Nbg Thu 21-Aug-08 08:59:46

Hey, drinkmoretea, look at this BARGAIN!

SueW Thu 21-Aug-08 09:14:44

Buy British

brimfull Thu 21-Aug-08 09:17:38

dd bought some emus last winter
they did that awful thing of collapsing on to the side that cheap ones seem to do

drinkmoretea Thu 21-Aug-08 09:17:42

hmmm, not sure about the Celtic ones...

those Bronte ones are a bargain!!! but I need to know what the difference is between the Bronte and Stinger...

drinkmoretea Thu 21-Aug-08 09:20:29

aarghh, the blackleaf site do ot have my size!!

Nbg Thu 21-Aug-08 09:24:05

This is what they say about the Bronte

"This is a cracking boot from emu for the price the boot is a well-made addition to Austrailan footwear ! Your feet will be comfortably snug in these boots. Your toes should not touch the end of the boot. Emu Ridge footwear can even be worn without socks because the socks are built in!

Features & Benefits
100% natural super Merino Fleece lining
Classic suede upper
EVA outsole, Lightweight midsole
Emu Ridge logo located on back heel
14.5" height "

And the Stinger

"EMU This Emu boot is a well-made with the finest Australian sheepskin Your feet will be comfortably snug in these boots. Your toes should not touch the end of the boot. Emu Ridge footwear can even be worn without socks, because the socks are built in!


* Made from the finest Australian sheepskin
* Sheepskin naturally 'wicks away water' meaning orderless footwear
* Comfortable, durable dual density EVA outsole
* Superior double stitched seams for added strength
* Cupped suede leather heel for extra fit and support

Emu Ridge logo located on back heel
14.5" height"

I bought the Bronte.

izzybiz Thu 21-Aug-08 09:27:48

I had some Emu's bought from TK max, not sure if they were genuine or not, but they were rubbish.Slippery and the backs started to collapse.

Treated myself to some Uggs, best money I have ever spent, I love themgrin

Nbg Thu 21-Aug-08 09:30:10

Oh arse grin

They'll be better than my £10 3 year old argos additions ones though!

drinkmoretea Thu 21-Aug-08 10:58:23

so the Stinger ones are better quality but am I better off buying Uggs??

Nbg Thu 21-Aug-08 11:12:48

I guess that depends on how much you want to pay?
If you've never had this style boot before then maybe go for the Emus and try them out and if you like them, get a pair of Uggs on your xmas list grin

brimfull Thu 21-Aug-08 12:54:45

save for uggs or celtic ones

they are classic and don't squash sideways

Nbg Thu 21-Aug-08 14:37:44

I think I'm asking for the celtic ones for xmas.
I've been eyeing them up for 3 years now and never buy them.

SueW Thu 21-Aug-08 16:16:21

I'm thinking of buying DH the lined celtic wellies for when he takes DD riding. I guess I'd have to have some for me too, although I try to avoid the stables, tbh.

Nbg Sun 31-Aug-08 21:44:52

DMT, just wanted to let you know that I got the Emu boots.
I ordered them the day you started this thread and I had them sent to my BIL's as we were staying there last week and they arrived on Saturday, so quick delivery.

The boots are lovely. Really soft inside.
I wore them for few hours the other night and they are so comfy and they've held their shape well.

I'm really pleased I got them.

drinkmoretea Sun 31-Aug-08 21:53:39

Hi DMT!!

Thanks for keeping me updated

I finally ordered some Emu Stinger Boots today from Amazon, I chose the black hi ones, now just deciding what to wear them with (apart from skinny jeans) and unsure whether I have made the right colour choice!!!

What have you been wearing them with??

Nbg Sun 31-Aug-08 22:11:45

I wore mine with leggings and a tunic dress thingy.
I'll also wear them with skinnys and I ahve a couple of skirts which will work too.

I got the chesnut high stinger.

KHesk Mon 01-Sep-08 22:45:16

Hi all,

I found your topic whilst trying to find info on the whole Bronte Vs Stinger thingymibob!

I've decided on the choclate stingers I think, although they'll sting my bank account!

I was thinking of going for the Chestnut Bronte, as they are only 49.99 on Amazon at the moment, but I've had genuine sheepskin 'Uggs' before and I deffo want sheepskin one's again, as the suede ones just don't feel the same.

The Uggs I have now aren't the 'proper' ones, mine are Australian Uggs NOT UGG Australia, which are made by the Decker Company in China (not Australia) and Decker is an American company, not Australian.

UGG Australia / Decker tried to copyright the UGG name (which is a generic name for this style of boot - EMU's are actually uggs too) which they managed to do in america but it wasn't allowed in other countries. The Decker Company effectively tried to steal and copyright an Australian traditional industry going back hundreds of years.

So...the Moral of that story is...'genuine' UGG Australia boots maybe aren't so genuine as they seem.

Unless your a label freak, go for a cheaper brand.

I'm getting the Emu's! Half the price!

drinkmoretea Tue 02-Sep-08 22:32:30

HI KHesk,
did you know the stinger boots are on offer on Amazon at the moment? £89.99...

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