M&S beauty advent calendar

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Keepthechangefilthyanimal Tue 26-Oct-21 20:16:43

Is available on Thursday in store and online apparently.

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Hobnobsandbroomstick Tue 26-Oct-21 20:19:11

Omg I thought it had been discontinued, yaaaaaay!

Keepthechangefilthyanimal Tue 26-Oct-21 20:25:07


Omg I thought it had been discontinued, yaaaaaay!

There is a video on YouTube. 25 pieces and most of it pretty good I think.

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Hobnobsandbroomstick Tue 26-Oct-21 20:25:37

Though it has got me hooked on some expensive things, like murad face wash.

AnnieSnap Tue 26-Oct-21 20:59:52

I’d really like it. It has several things I’d use in, probably everything except the lipstick thing! Two of the products, I already use regulary (the REN Evercalm day cream and the REN hand moisturer). I go away for 10 days on Thursday (I know feel sorry for me, it’s Barbados). I suppose I could have it delivered to a friend.

Keepthechangefilthyanimal Thu 28-Oct-21 07:45:56

It’s online now.

Advent calendar

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JingsMahBucket Thu 28-Oct-21 07:53:22

@Keepthechangefilthyanimal the link is broken. Can you try pasting the pure URL please?


ShaunaTheSheep Thu 28-Oct-21 07:55:12


*@Keepthechangefilthyanimal* the link is broken. Can you try pasting the pure URL please?

It works for me.

WrinklesShminkles Thu 28-Oct-21 08:13:38


JingsMahBucket Thu 28-Oct-21 08:16:46

Weird. I think the skim links MN is using keeps breaking the URL for me. I’ll try searching Google for it. Thanks for trying folks.

mynameiscalypso Thu 28-Oct-21 08:22:52

If you go to the homepage, it's the first thing there.

JingsMahBucket Thu 28-Oct-21 08:26:28

I finally got it to work, thanks! That’s a great looking calendar. I’ve never bought one before. How long does each little sample last usually? All the creams look perfect for travel size but they may last a while too?

NomDePrune Thu 28-Oct-21 08:39:27

Had it in my basket, got to payment but "oops something went wrong!" Can't have sold out already!?

Savoretti Thu 28-Oct-21 08:41:51

Thanks for reminding me - so excited - was gutted when they didn’t have one last year

AnnieSnap Thu 28-Oct-21 10:37:32

Is it just me, or is it £300, with no discount with other purchases this year? 🤷‍♀️

WrinklesShminkles Thu 28-Oct-21 10:45:17

It's £40 on a £30 purchase

AprilLady Thu 28-Oct-21 10:45:43

@AnnieSnap, if you spend at least £30 on other (non food) things, it costs £40. Check the total to pay item when checking out, as this should be correct.

AnnieSnap Thu 28-Oct-21 11:06:03

Ahh yes, @AprilLady and @WrinklesShminkles I see it now. I was a bit harassed, as I’m at the airport, and just run the gauntlet of security and had bags searched and extra scans due to my camera equipment 🙄 Anyway, my order is completed now, to be delivered to a friend whilst we’re away! 💃🏻💃🏻

Shopgirl1 Thu 28-Oct-21 11:31:02

Does anyone else struggle with the M&S website? I get constant error messages with it - of course same happening now when I want to order this.
So annoying. As it happens I have time to go into town today and will pick one up, but it’s the most frustrating website ever.

BlueBloodedBlue Thu 28-Oct-21 12:19:58

Got mine grin

Anjelika Thu 28-Oct-21 12:48:08

Got mine. Ordered some jeans which won't fit but will just return them.

Savoretti Thu 28-Oct-21 13:07:38

@Anjelika does that work? I’ve ordered things that I don’t really want too but was not sure if I can return but keep the calendar

Anjelika Thu 28-Oct-21 13:22:11

@Savoretti yes it's fine. I've done it before. If by some miracle the jeans fit, I will keep them but I am an apple and their jeans never do.

DobbyTheHouseElk Thu 28-Oct-21 13:23:47

Ordered it and got a “whoops error” message. But checked emails and it’s gone through.

Savoretti Thu 28-Oct-21 13:24:54

Thanks @Anjelika
I ordered some boots that i will probably never wear. Sure I can find things to order for Christmas presents but wanted to get in quick with the calendar

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