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Coniferhedge Thu 12-Aug-21 15:30:49

Can’t see a thread so I thought I’d start one. Yes, it’s unbelievably early, but I noticed Glossybox have already revealed their Advent Calendar contents for this year. Saw this reveal on YouTube this morning:

Have to say it doesn’t wow me, but there’s plenty of time and many more Advent Calendars to come, I’m sure! grin

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ashmts Thu 19-Aug-21 16:29:37

Ooh the Rituals ones look really good actually... Different enough to last year that I'd be tempted. I really like Rituals of Holi so I'd like to get the 3D one again, but I don't know if I can face setting it up! Once was bad enough. Might get the 2D one.

TinyTroubleMaker Thu 19-Aug-21 17:36:28

Had CB last year, was reasonably happy. Favourites include the day 1 Votary oil, the Prism and Sturm products worked well on my skin. The jungle oil was huge and smelt delish. The Malin body cream also. Hated the nasty smelling temple rollerball, chucked that out in the end, and didn't have much use for the lip plumping thingy. Will buy CB if of similar value / standard.

Betsy88 Thu 19-Aug-21 18:00:56

I had Cult Beauty last year too and loved it. I’m still using the Votary Oil because the bottle was so big. It had a really decent amount of full sizes which makes such a difference.
I’ve never had Liberty and always loved the design but the contents didn’t wow me enough last year to trump CB. Hoping they come up trumps this year and I can try it.

PomRuns Thu 19-Aug-21 18:29:13

Lush £185 - wow!

Rituals looks lovely, keep an eye on John Lewis website- they had 20% off last year.

WellTidy Thu 19-Aug-21 19:08:04

I like Lush things, but I’m not sure if I want to spend £185 in one go on Lush products. I love their rose jam shower gel and bubble bar, and the butterball bath bomb, and I think I’d like their other things, but it’s a lot of Lush.

PomRuns Thu 19-Aug-21 19:13:32

Their sleep cream is lovely too. It is a lot of money on just one brand.


PomRuns Thu 19-Aug-21 19:14:04

I’m spending too much time on this !

Blossomtoes Thu 19-Aug-21 19:14:58

It’s way too much Lush and it’s way too much money. I imagine they’ll be left with a lot of surplus stock.

AprilLady Thu 19-Aug-21 19:27:11

Agree re Lush. It’s interesting that Lush don’t publish a “value” for the calendar - I expect it’s because it’s close to or even less than the price. If you loved Lush, you’d surely be better off just spending the money on the stuff you know you want.

AprilLady Thu 19-Aug-21 19:29:42

Elle have also published their advent calendar contents:

Another one with a big price hike relative to last year and rather uninspiring contents, I think.

@PomRuns, I’m definitely spending too much time on this, but it’s a welcome distraction from some stressful stuff going on irl

ajandjjmum Thu 19-Aug-21 19:45:53

I've bought the Elle calendar for DD for the past few years - looks a bit disappointing.

Betsy88 Thu 19-Aug-21 20:01:06

Brazilian Bum Bum cream is fast becoming the new Nars Orgasm/This Works sleep spray.

PomRuns Thu 19-Aug-21 20:12:12

@AprilLady really sorry to hear that, hope things improve soon.

I’m focusing on my commute (very busy now on train) plus our holiday was cancelled (again!), the distraction is helpful.

doadeer Thu 19-Aug-21 20:15:26

Oooh I'm here for this thread!

I'm into skincare rather than make up so tend to go for the space nk one and gift the makeup

BunnytheFriendlyDragon Thu 19-Aug-21 20:32:44

The Elle one might be my favourite so far this year

It was the one I nearly got last year instead of LF

I think it often is reduced in price though di I might wait and see 🤔

Coniferhedge Thu 19-Aug-21 21:27:10

Lush would be wasted on me as I very rarely take baths (I shower, I don’t smell) grin

Just been browsing and I have to say, I quite like the look of the L’Occitane reusable calendar. It’s quite pretty and generic so could be kept out year round. I could see me hanging it on the back of my bedroom door and using it to keep bits and bobs in like hair ties and make up brushes. It’s very expensive though, so I doubt I will get it.

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JustWhatIAlwaysWanted Thu 19-Aug-21 21:36:56

We can't be far off the point where every single beauty advent calendar on the market will include an Eyeko Black Magic liquid eyeliner. At least then it'll be a level playing field and we'll all suffer equally.

@Coniferhedge I feel the same about the L’Occitane reusable calendar. Looks gorgeous but it's above my budget for a single calendar, and I do prefer multi brand ones.

Coniferhedge Thu 19-Aug-21 21:43:39


We can't be far off the point where every single beauty advent calendar on the market will include an Eyeko Black Magic liquid eyeliner. At least then it'll be a level playing field and we'll all suffer equally.

@Coniferhedge I feel the same about the L’Occitane reusable calendar. Looks gorgeous but it's above my budget for a single calendar, and I do prefer multi brand ones.

As @Betsy88 said - Brazilian Bum Bum cream seems quite prolific this year, though I have to say I really rate that. I’ve had a few Sol de Janeiro products and I really like them.

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PomRuns Thu 19-Aug-21 21:53:48

Plus the aromatherapy associates roller ball... the forest one is particularly useless. I don't want to smell like a loo disinfectant.

I also like the bum bum cream.

OchonAgusOchonOh Thu 19-Aug-21 21:58:43

I just had a closer look at the Space NK one. While it is still the most appealing of what I've seen so far (I want multi-brand), loads of the bits are very small. Major plus though is no black eyeliner and no fake tan drops.

Ponks Thu 19-Aug-21 22:16:39

I like most Lush products and would love their AC but the price is just too steep. I'd rather have minis and a lower price. It always sells out very quickly, maybe they don't make many.

MidnightMeltdown Thu 19-Aug-21 22:52:06

Hmmm... think that I'm going to order the F&M one as it's my favourite so far and I'll use pretty much everything in it. I already have quite a lot of skin care, so I'm liking the fact that this ones a bit more varied and has some luxury shower / body products. Would also really like to try the perfume.

Will probably get one other calendar, but nothing else is appealing to me so far. Disappointed in Look Fantastic as I had planned to get that. Space nk has too many items 10ml and under for my liking. I managed to pick it up half price in 2019 so probably won't buy unless there's another decent discount.

Looking forward to seeing what Liberty and net a porter come out with. The single brand calendars don't really appeal to me for some reason.

LastSummerHere Fri 20-Aug-21 06:07:25

Yeah, have to agree...gone off Space NK now I've had a proper look at it. I've tried a few of the products already and they are small. Might go back to my original idea of Diptyque if it's good, and Rituals 3D one,

Tanaqui Fri 20-Aug-21 07:41:13

I had the cheaper Rituals last year, and it was lovely to look at with good sizes, but it turned out there are only a few rituals scents I like! Lumene the year before and that was good if you don't mind single brand calendars, I used all all skin care but have make up left- I'd definitely get a skin care only lumene I they did one.

Slightly annoyed now that I have never had a nars orgasm, I remember when it was the blusher to have! Am also fed up with eyeko though.

MorrisZapp Fri 20-Aug-21 08:47:01

Elle one looks good, I love Bum Bum cream and the Aveda leave in, but the price just seems too high when there's so much in it that I know I wouldn't use.

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