Mumsnet Vogue Vol 89 - Must try harder **Edited at the OP's request**

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shopafrolic Thu 11-Feb-21 15:14:04

SO the last 'edition' took over a year to complete. Must try harder Voguettes. Despite the fact that we are still in lockdown, and rarely out of loungewear, there is still inspiration to be found. Spring is springing, brighter days are on the horizon and homeschooling CANNOT last forever (not if miniShop wants to live anyway).
So join us for style & beauty chat, and other inspiration as we navigate our way as stylishly as possible through lockdown 3.

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shopafrolic Thu 11-Feb-21 15:14:23

Starting off with this Trends video

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MissKittyKitty Thu 11-Feb-21 15:37:25

Thanks so much for the new thread @Shop I ❤️ Justine, she hasn't done a video for ages.

shopafrolic Thu 11-Feb-21 16:12:50

I know - probably because there is so little inspiration around at the moment. I am so fed up of wearing joggers and UGGs. Some days I try and up my game and get my lipstick on but most of the time I am barefaced. I’ve been spending a lot more time trying to take care of my skin. I’ve just signed up to Skin&Me - only been using it for a couple of days but I can see an improvement already. Not sure what I’ll do with my lovely skincare stash as it really simplifies your routine.
Details here
Will keep reporting back and have referral codes if anyone wants one.

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shopafrolic Thu 11-Feb-21 16:13:53

Just back from a FREEZING walk with miniShop. Must clean the Grensons blush

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VivaVegas Thu 11-Feb-21 23:09:28

Skin and Me looks good Shop I'm missing my monthly microdermabrasion facial already, along with my waxing and overdue hair appointment 😬
I keep getting asked why I don't put my camera on for all work calls, because I'm looking a bit unkempt, that is why!

shopafrolic Fri 12-Feb-21 08:12:27

Oh @VivaVegas my hair at the moment is hideous. Embracing the grey has been brilliant - no root touch ups needed and I actually like the colour, but short hair needs maintenance - I look as though I have a mushroom on my head (like that Mario Kart character).
If anyone needs perfume, beauty or candles then Escentual have 25% off everything until Monday smile

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maradesbois Fri 12-Feb-21 09:44:18

Morning Voguettes, so nice to wake up to the sun shining and a brand new thread, thanks for organising @shopafrolic. Hope that the roaring 20s really do get started during the course of this one.

I agree re SB leggings, the power ones are amazing and although spenny there are always deals available, they hold you in just enough and don’t move also no see through concerns. My skiwear is from there too although it is gathering dust this year.

@MissKittyKitty on my walk yesterday I passed a couple in matching CG, couple goals? grin They looked super toasty.

I’m feeling optimistic about spring/summer, the sunshine is a great mood booster. We have a virtual wine tasting tonight, might even put some makeup on.

In fashion news, I got these Frame jeans, le high cropped straight, with the NAP 15% new season code. Cannot wait to be wearing them styled similar to the pic and with my oversize tweed blazer, sitting on a café terrace enjoying a coffee with friends, please may this wish come true!

Dreamqueen Fri 12-Feb-21 10:25:35

Thank you for the new thread Shop.

No style or beauty news here. I desperately need a pedicure and waxing done. Thank God the facemask hides my hairy upper lip.

I've started low carbing in an attemt to lose the covid lbs. I'm om day 15 and have lost 6lbs so far. My sister signed us up to an online coach but I'm finding the low carb bootcamp thread on here much more helpful and informative.

nice jeans Mara, I like the styling in the picture.

Shop how is the sizing in the Grensons? they look super comfy.

QueenCremant Fri 12-Feb-21 11:02:27

QueenC here, long time no see.
Although I often go on mumsnet for a browse in active I rarely venture into S&B anymore. Until today. And I came across a lovely shiny new thread!!

How are you all?? I can’t remember when I last caught up with you all but it’s been a while. Probably since I last caught up with some of you, I’ve got divorced but have been in a new relationship for a while now. And I’m much happier.

Style wise, I’m either living in my work uniform or pjs/sweat pants. I love the weekends when I see DBF (darling boyfriend) as it gives me an excuse to dress up. And by dress up I mean put on a pair of jeans grin.

I long for the days when we can all meet up and drink prosecco all day in London. I was watching something the other day that had London in it and I got a pang as I realised I miss going up there, shopping, seeing friends. One day, one day...

I was on the John Lewis website the other day and got ridiculously excited by all the new arrivals filtering in. I might just have to do some links later....

shopafrolic Fri 12-Feb-21 11:13:23

@maradesbois love the jeans. I’m lusting after some and desperate to use the NaP discount but need MrShop to get sorted work wise first.
@Dreamqueen I do my own lip waxing at home at the moment - really easy. You can buy lip wax strips from anywhere......
Grensons are TTS - nine were the faux fur lined ones they did for NaP - super cosy and they get a lot of wear (as you can see!)
Nice to see you @QueenCremant smile

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Stokey Fri 12-Feb-21 11:15:39

Thanks for the shiny new thread Shop, feel like we can do better this year!

QueenC how lovely to "see" you. Congratulations on your new relationship! Big YES to going out again when possible, I've been watching It's a Sin, which is heartbreaking and brilliant, but definitely makes me miss party days.

Great jeans Mara, can't imagine baring ankles again but it will happen! I'm wearing my new cropped flares from R&B but have Uniqlo heat tech leggings on underneath! I think I may go back to skinnies, or at least straight, though as feel like they suit me better.

Also overweight, unwaxed and undyed, I think I'm going to home dye my roots as just can't bear them, & reckon we're still a couple of months away from hairdressers.

Still I've been very happy with this winter's buys. I've worn the Arket duvet coat every day, and my Esska gold boots have been fab in the cold and snow. I've also bought a couple of American Vintage long sleeved tees, feel like Marsha was a big fan, which have been perfect for layering. And Hush leopard joggers have had far too much wear....

schmalex Fri 12-Feb-21 12:44:15

Long time lurker here. We live in Paris so no lockdown at the moment but we're still under curfew from 6pm-6am and there are no restaurants or museums open. We're moving back to the Uk this summer and I still have a bulging bucket list of things I want to do in Paris! I have at least been able to go for a facial though. Commiserations to those stuck at home in the UK, although looks like vaccinations are going much better there than here.

I've been getting really into Vinted and Vestiaire recently as I've lost quite a bit of weight since the first lockdown so I've been getting rid of all my old clothes and buying lots of new ones. Snapped up some gorgeous wedge boots from Aeyde, which I found randomly on Vestiaire although I'd never heard of the label before. Also picked up a vintage Dior cocktail dress for €100, which I'm pretty chuffed with. I keep buying dresses on the hope that one day we will be allowed out to wear them...

Love those jeans @maradesbois. I am scared of buying jeans online as they don't tend to fit me well.

justasecond Fri 12-Feb-21 13:52:16

Hi all, its been a while but shop has lured me back with her shiny new thread.
Have been busy with house related stuff. Building work finished but still lots of furnishing and dressing to do. Have had to put things on hold with shops closed as I like to look at stuff before I order. Have made a few expensive mistakes with furniture and had to pay ££ return shipping!
Lovely to see you back too queen new Dbf sounds exciting, so pleased for you.
Love those frame jeans and the styling mara funnily enough I was eyeing up the same Frame High crop jeans a few days ago but wondered how cropped they would be on me.
I have just bought some high Rise straight jeans from zara that I look forward to wearing in spring. Not sure how to link from the app.
Like many people I have a few extra pounds atm but I'm trying to eat less junk and get out for a walk everyday.
The skincare sounds good shop will be interesting to hear how you get on. I'm currently using mainly beauty pie. Not blown away by anything at the moment but the Japan cleanser and moisturiser are really good. I also recently upgraded to a Foreo bear from the nu face mini. Not sure I've noticed much difference even though the Foreo is meant to be a lot more powerful .
Hope everyone is OK. Can't wait for it all to be over and see you all again!

justasecond Fri 12-Feb-21 13:53:21

Oh and welcome to schmalex those boots look great, good find.

MissKittyKitty Fri 12-Feb-21 14:42:25

Love how the new thread has brought everyone back

Lovely to "see you" @QueenCremant I've missed your Sunday morning links

@Dreamqueen well done on the weight loss. I'm trying to be good this lockdown; I put on 7lbs on the first one and am determined not to do it this time round. I've had to lay off the mid week booze

@justasecond great to see you too, it must be hard trying to furnish a place wholly online

@Stokey are the cropped jeans really cropped? I bought cropped jeans from JCrew last summer and they come down to my ankles grin

Great jeans @maradesbois I like how you're going to style them. Did you decide on the shoes in the end?

@shopafrolic great Grenson's. So you.

Welcome @schmalex your vintage Dior dress sounds wonderful, you must link it.

I'm really bored of my tops I've been wearing sweatshirts since forever. I need to branch out into prints to liven myself up. I saw a top in Baukjen and will link if I order it. It's still cold here but the sun is shining and it's making me think of spring, brighter clothing and the possibility of a MU some time this year.

Has anyone heard from marvellous?

shopafrolic Fri 12-Feb-21 14:48:06

@schmalex - welcome smile Oh to have anywhere to go in a vintage Dior cocktail dress - sounds fabulous. 6pm-6am curfew sounds tough though. I think it is a 9pm start in The Netherlands where I have family.
Hi @justasecond lovely to 'see' you. Interested to hear about the Foreo - I've never been sure about being that tough on my face (flannel user here) but I know that Trinny has rated them in the past.
Skin+Me is having a definite impact already which is promising.
Outfit today is hideous - White Company joggers, UGG boots, Love Wins Charlie Morely t-shirt and longline cardigan from AllSaints - no make up and lousy hair. Must do better tomorrow.
A former Voguette told me her Friday night ritual during lockdown has been to crack open a bottle of Cremant so I decided I will do the same this evening - can't wait!

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libertyonhertravels Fri 12-Feb-21 21:18:41

Thanks for the new thread shop.

Welcome schmalex your weight loss shopping sounds great fun.

Thanks all for the good wishes on the new job. I started this week and feeling good about it. People are lovely, working with a group of clever and funny people which is energizing. Also the dress code is a notch or two above where I was. Smart casual, good shoes, lots of people who obviously know their style and make an effort so I'm going to enjoy getting dressed up for work again . I always dressed up in previous place but it's much more fun when others do too IYKWIM.

DD has started at her new school and is really loving it which is great to see and such a relief to know she's happy in the new environment.

House hunting is taking up the rest if my time. It's not fun. The housing market over here is nuts, very low supply and prices rocketing. So we are spending this weekend driving between open homes and DDs activities!

Big wave to queenc. Welcome back smile

justa furniture shopping online is hard. Hope it's all coming together for you.

DryWhiteagainW Fri 12-Feb-21 22:10:33

Hello all.....and thanks Shop for the new thread.
Not much to add.
Few extra pounds here too...DH has put on a bit more and decided to give up cake, biscuits, booze, chocolate, crisps.....basically eating ......for Lent, so will join him in more sensible (realistic) eating from Monday. Low carb always works for me.

Snow drops are out, shoots are coming up and the days are getting longer....I’m trying to be hopeful. Have also booked a week in Cornwall this summer (keeping everything crossed) so I have many reasons to be positive (although I’m bloody knackered tonight and feeling it!!!)

QueenCremant Sat 13-Feb-21 13:47:02

Sorry I never came back yesterday. I’m just a little obsessed with Unforgotten on Netflix!!
mara love those jeans and cannot wait for warmer weather to wear crops again.
justa sounds hard trying to buy furniture online. Some things you just have to see and feel in irl.
lib it sounds great that people at work dress up. I bet you look fab.
shop I’m always in awe of your skincare knowledge. I’ve learned over the years that my skin prefers a very pared back regime (luckily as I’m lazy!) and the cerave stuff has worked wonders for me and my maskne (mask acne).

I’ve brought a fair amount over the past year but it’s all stuff I love and will wear lots. I’ve rarely paid full price for things, either shopping in sales or taking benefit of nhs discounts. Best buys have been upgrading my pj trousers so I don’t feel quite as much a scruff around the house and my Ugg’s (managed to get 50% off with nhs discount!). I’ve got quite good at buying online knowing what is likely to fit/suit and I’m just grateful for the years I’ve spent with you guys that I know my style.

I will be back with links once I’ve finished the series I’m watching...

shopafrolic Sat 13-Feb-21 22:24:27

Just dropping by to say The Dig on Netflix is one of the most beautiful, calm, stunningly acted films I have watched in a long time. Highly recommend.

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Applefairy Sun 14-Feb-21 06:42:15

@schmalex - great buy, I have some similar from Lanvin, the wedge makes them very comfortable.

@maradesbois, I had those jeans in my basket but I have so many jeans that don't fit that I decided to hold back for now. I keep thinking I will purchase new jeans as a treat when I have lost a few pounds. I am also trying to change my habits of mindless buying. I want to be more mindful with what I own and wear.

More than anything, what is motivating me to stop buying bits and pieces is that my wardrobe is bursting and I am not able to see everything I own or put it away tidily. I want to strip back my bedroom so it is more peaceful and less cluttered. I want to enjoy getting dressed again without burrowing through piles, wrenching out hangers and then having to refold and shove away.

Beautiful day here today. We have a new lockdown (short one I hope), but it is much easier mentally when the days are long and the sun is shining. I am off to the park and in my favourite Upside legging and sweatshirt and some black common projects trainers (mesh, athletic ones).

@DryWhiteagainW, I had to laugh about what you are giving up for lent. I might join you on a diet of dust and air grin. I lost weight at the end of our last lockdown - it was the best S&B change I made last year - nothing better than shedding winter layers, trying on summer clothes and deciding what to wear when the drape is so flattering and your limbs are toned and (fake) golden tanned.

Loving my Ganni sale dresses at the moment. They make me feel smart working from home (especially the collared ones), but also comfortable and not too clingy.

DryWhiteagainW Sun 14-Feb-21 09:29:47

Apple I lost a few pounds at the beginning of 2020, just before the first lockdown.....all back on so I’m breaking even. Not loosing sleep about it (currently slobbing on sofa With a coffee and book, trying to sum up the energy to go out for a walk with DH) but things are feeling a bit “snug” right now. Also seeing yourself on Zoom all the time is a nightmare.....double chin inducing, unflattering lighting emphasising things I never noticed ......the soft filter app is good though grin

QueenCremant Sun 14-Feb-21 11:51:35

I must be getting old or boring (or both!) as I went on the new in at net a Porter and couldn’t find one thing that took my fancy!
I then looked at John Lewis but they’ve updated their new in and I now can’t find the bits I liked.
I give up grin

DryWhiteagainW Sun 14-Feb-21 14:44:39

Wrong time of year Queen also there’s only so much lounge wear a woman needs. I’m searching thermal leggings ....the glamour grin

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