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Is anyone cutting their own hair during lockdown?

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jewel1968 Mon 30-Mar-20 19:18:41

And if so what is the best approach. I normally have shoulder length slightly layered hair. I have seen the ponytail at the front of the head approach on YouTube. Very grateful for any tips from folk that have cut their own hair. I do have a proper scissors.

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Callybrid Mon 30-Mar-20 20:53:29

I’ve done the ponytail cut (aka the Mumsnet cut as it was known on here a few years back) several times. You have to be a bit careful - can give you really short layers - don’t do it too far forward. Otherwise it works well on my fine, very straight hair.

Also tried doing two plaits and just lopping the bottoms off - must have read this somewhere - didn’t work as well.

Callybrid Mon 30-Mar-20 20:58:14

Here you go - old thread on mn haircut:

Search ‘Mumsnet haircut’ and there are others too

jewel1968 Mon 30-Mar-20 21:10:24


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MsMeNz Mon 30-Mar-20 21:19:35

I'm just trimming my fringe at the minute (always cut half what you think you should bluntly then gentle vertical cuts to soften it up 😁) I'll grow out hair long ends for a month or three then go for a good cut when it's safer to do so.

StCharlotte Mon 30-Mar-20 21:49:41

I will certainly be cutting mine once the layers are long enough. The back was tapered so I'll level it up. I have proper scissors and I can do a mean DIY graduated bob. I'm kind of glad to be out of circulation for a few weeks as my last professional haircut was bloody awful!

Nogoodwithgoodbyes Mon 30-Mar-20 22:04:37

I’m going to just let it grow. It’ll be an experiment of sorts and then I’ll treat myself to a lush cut when this is (hopefully) all over.

DurhamDurham Mon 30-Mar-20 22:35:38

My daughter is a nurse and likes a frequent haircut, I bravely trimmed it for her on Sunday. She wanted enough off to make a difference but not so much that she couldn't wear it up for work. No pressure there then shock

Luckily we're still on speaking terms as it looks ok!

StSaulOfSnacks Mon 30-Mar-20 22:36:46

Its only been a week confused.

Carrie7469 Mon 30-Mar-20 22:38:32

I'm going to have a go at cutting mine. I figure that as I'm working from home for the foreseeable future, if I make a mess it'll have time to grow out before anyone sees it.

Yogawoogie Mon 30-Mar-20 22:43:30

I answered another post about this this morning and said no because my very straight fine hair is very unforgiving but by 4pm had the scissors out. I’m like a child. Someone put the idea in my head and next thing I know I’m stood over the sink trimming my fringe.

twinkletits99 Mon 30-Mar-20 22:44:07

Yes. I have the sides of my hair shaved and I'm going to attempt it myself soon. I'll just shave my head of it goes wrong.

Artinsurance Mon 30-Mar-20 22:44:20

I managed to get in for my 3 month haircut just before lockdown. My DP has his cut every 3 weeks - and we're 2 weeks in. I've been picking up strands of it and saying "not long now" which does not amuse him. I do have proper hairdressing scissors and thinning scissors and used to cut ExH hair years ago so think I could make him look vaguely presentable.

Yogawoogie Mon 30-Mar-20 22:44:22

Oh and I’m not working from home. My colleagues will see my attempt!

mummy203 Mon 30-Mar-20 22:45:34

No! Step away from the scissors 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ A good cut grown own is better than a bad cut, I wouldn’t

MaybeDoctor Mon 30-Mar-20 22:47:50

Mine was due for a cut before lockdown began so I did a quick ponytail cut last weekend. It works well enough - gives a curved baseline, although I would prefer a flat line.

However, contrary to published instructions I do it on wet hair - get better results that way as it has a curl.

PickAChew Mon 30-Mar-20 22:51:23

It's only been a week!

I go 3 months between cuts, anyhow, but will probably just keep my fringe in check, myself, and leave the rest to grow. It's a bob and too short for a ponytail, right now, so that will be no bad thing.

DeadBod Mon 30-Mar-20 22:57:56

It's only been a week but I was due a cut in the days before lockdown and cancelled as I wasn't happy about going and being so close to the hairdresser.
I usually have my hair cut every other month so will feel a bit desperate by the time hairdressers are allowed to reopen. I'm hoping to last out as I have a straight Bob.

MrsSnitchnose Mon 30-Mar-20 23:07:55

Good God no, my hairdresser would murder me next time I go! We've spent years getting it to grow and look right

Shortfeet Mon 30-Mar-20 23:08:33

Yea me . I was due a roots touch up and today I buzz cut it with the longest attachment on my son’s hair clippers.
It’s a bit of a shocker - grey and short - but I don’t care.

minniemoll Mon 30-Mar-20 23:13:38

I've been cutting and colouring my own hair for years. I must have known this was coming.

ChikiTIKI Mon 30-Mar-20 23:18:17

I did mine in partial lock down... When I was isolating because of being pregnant but before Boris increased the restrictions. So my sister helped me. Cut 10 inches off to go to Little Princess Trust and then have a fairly blunt cut just past collarbone length. We watched a couple of YouTube videos about how to tie it up in to sections etc. Used hairdressing scissors and the ones for thinning out too. Very happy with it 😀 hope yours goes well too!

MoltonSilver Mon 30-Mar-20 23:19:22

I'm not cutting my own hair. I have to draw the line somewhere!
The home colour was not a success.

SeperatedSwans Mon 30-Mar-20 23:42:02

I haven't the income these days to go spend £40 on a cut and blow dry so I've been doing the ponytail at the top front cut aka the Mumsnet cut for over a year now.

I have shoulder length brown/auburn hair, with copper highlights, my natural colour luckily and no grey yet! I've always been told by any salon to never colour my hair it's too nice, so I never have 😂 my hair has prepared for this moment lol

Judystilldreamsofhorses Tue 31-Mar-20 00:12:05

I have a Louise Brooks type bob with a short, curved blunt fringe. I usually have it cut every five weeks, and Saturday will be three. I reckon at eight the fringe will be a catastrophe. I think the back and sides will grow out fine, because my hairdresser is excellent, but I have ordered scissors from Sally’s for the fringe.

I colour it myself with professional colour from Sally’s, so am not fussed about that.

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