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Royal style & gossip: more gowns, less frowns

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QueenOfTheAndals Thu 06-Dec-18 07:30:59

Link to previous thread.

And once again, let's keep this good-spirited. Spiteful comments are about as welcome as Fergie at Prince Philip's birthday party!

Wetdogloveshubert Thu 06-Dec-18 07:45:06

Stopping in to say how much I've loved these threads; I've learned so much, and enjoyed the analytical approach to the recent gossip from the rags.

For what it's worth I loved Catherine's tartan look, and the suit trousers other than that dreadful bum shot! The princess gown this week was gorgeous, but she does seem to suit bolder colours.

More modernity please, just not too much!

IPromiseIWontBeNaughty Thu 06-Dec-18 08:01:25

Thank you for the new thread Queen

DontCallMeCharlotte Thu 06-Dec-18 08:03:43


mathanxiety Thu 06-Dec-18 08:10:10

Pulling up a pew...

Quantumblue Thu 06-Dec-18 08:11:18

Checking in

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Thu 06-Dec-18 08:23:42

<dusts off the tiara>

Looking forward to Christmassy Royals...

GrumbleBumble Thu 06-Dec-18 08:26:51

Morning all

Alwayscheerful Thu 06-Dec-18 08:46:31

Thank you for the new thread.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 06-Dec-18 08:55:22

Good morning! smile

TracyBeakerSoChristmas Thu 06-Dec-18 08:56:01

Checking in & thanks for the new thread.
I think this topic has got firmly rooted into my brain as last night I was dreaming of the DoC!
I was at Kensington Palace delivering a parcel that I had taken in for them & Kate (in a bright yellow dress) invited me in to look at her garden as she planted some new trees herself. I complemented her on her swishy hair & asked her if she had a resident hairdresser. Kate said no I mainly do it myself but sometimes my housemaid or Granny Queen helps.
Wtf does that mean?

MrFMercury Thu 06-Dec-18 09:24:54

I've really enjoyed the discussions about the 'feud ' too because It is so thoughtful and really interesting to read.
TracyBeakerSoChristmas maybe you want to be her hairdresser?! grin

CrookedMe Thu 06-Dec-18 09:34:15

Here we all are grin

Nothing to report, just checking in.

TracyBeakerSoChristmas Thu 06-Dec-18 09:36:13

grin MrFMercury

UrsulaPandress Thu 06-Dec-18 09:37:29

Reporting for duty.

QueenOfTheAndals Thu 06-Dec-18 09:46:28

@MrFMercury Yes we've managed to keep it quite civilised on this thread. The other threads on "the feud" all got deleted as they got out of hand once the conspiracy theorists descended!

PawneeParksDept Thu 06-Dec-18 09:49:22

Arriving late to the party

I read this morning there's a Neo Nazi plot to shoot Prince Harry which I find a bit odd - I mean why?

MrFMercury Thu 06-Dec-18 09:51:00

QueenOfTheAndals yes I saw and I do think the messages the RF want to send does include their style choices so it's really interesting bringing it altogether. Also I have hair and style envy at least 5 times a day now thanks to these threads smile

YearOfYouRemember Thu 06-Dec-18 10:05:10

shock Pawnee. Though I'm surprised you're confused by it.

QueenOfTheAndals Thu 06-Dec-18 10:20:05

Bloody hell! (BBC link so safe to click on.)

I know the why of course. I assumed it was just a bunch of students mouthing off but that particular group have killed a teen in the US.

itswinetime Thu 06-Dec-18 10:20:58

This is why they royals should all have Instagram the whole feud can be shot down with a like on a photo.
Eugenie shuts down and issues

PawneeParksDept Thu 06-Dec-18 10:26:43

Oh DUH I didn't read the article and just saw the headline, now I get it.
I thought it unlikely because :

1) Served in the forces

2) Generally considered A LAD

3) infamously dressed up as a Nazi that time

But yes of course it makes sense now, I didn't even think of it

Boris Becker suffered similarly IIRC

Puzzledandpissedoff Thu 06-Dec-18 10:30:15

Placemarking for later ... love the new title!! grin

FATEdestiny Thu 06-Dec-18 10:39:57

Thanks for the new thread

AhoyDelBoy Thu 06-Dec-18 10:49:32

Nice to have had a few days of seeing Kate out and about! Loved the tartan look. Loved the gown. Not so keen on the trouser look despite agreeing wholeheartedly with Curly when she suggested a tailored, high waisted trouser (maybe Kate is reading shock). I did like the trousers themselves just not the look as a whole.

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