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Fantastic Skincare - we're snail here 🐌

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botemp Sun 23-Apr-17 14:25:18

Thread 1 Thread 2 Thread 3 Thread 4 Thread 5 Thread 6

I am very slowly working on consolidating the gathered information from previous threads into easier to read formats but it’s slow going. In order to make use of the below form and join in I would suggest reading thread 1 and at the very least the following info sheets (provided they apply to you):

Basics of an Actives Routine

Where to Start

Anti-Ageing Info sheet

Adult Acne Info Sheet

For those who are taking a peek and wondering what this all about, we mostly discuss a bit of advanced skincare here with a perspective of seeking out the right ingredients (rather than the latest new shiny product and all its empty promises) for our particular skin needs. Distinguishing the acid toners from the actives whilst avoiding the truly unimpressive and harmful ingredients with a hope to achieve a bit of anti-ageing, alleviate irritation and sensitivities with some idle chat in between. Deviations on this thread are mostly my fault. grin

If you're in need of some advice coming to grips with your skincare routine please don't hesitate to ask, we don't bite, only occasionally sting with a bit of Biologique Recherche P50 now and then wink. Just make sure to state clearly what your concerns and needs are in as much detail as possible, skincare is highly individual and a random recommendation for a 'good' product will be completely different from one person to the next.

Make sure you've read the earlier threads (or at the very least the first one and the linked docs) so we're not being asked to answer previously raised questions. It takes a lot of time and effort to answer these queries and often the answers can be found in previous threads, but if you still have questions relating specifically to you, use the following form to make life easier on us . Please note, the form is not here to generate a routine for you, sometimes it involves product recommendations but mostly it's there so we can answer a specific question without having to go back and forth endlessly. Also, not everyone will have answers and sometimes we can't answer you at all. We're only a bunch of amateurs that can respond by suggesting what we would do in your place, for any severe conditions please seek out professional help.

*Skin type:*

*Approx age (range):*

*Primary skin concern:*

*Routine :*

*AM :*

*PM :*

*Makeup :* eg. no/light coverage/medium coverage/heavy coverage

*Occasional treatments:*

*Things I've tried in the past with disastrous results:*

*Things that are really working well for me now:*

*Any dietary/health concerns/pregnant:*

*What I'm willing to spend on a single skincare item:* eg. >£10, £10-20, £20-50, £50-100, no limits.

*I specifically [want help with/am looking for a product to/am curious about trying]:*


Ahem, and finally a little note on spending. I'm well aware these threads cause many to reach for their wallets and spend with wild abandon. There can sometimes be a bit of a frenzy surrounding the excitement around a newly discovered product or on the back of great improvements when someone reports back. This is all great, it doesn't however, mean everything that's a sudden miracle for one will be it for you. Usually, it's a light bulb moment for connecting the right skincare ingredient with an individual experiencing a specific problem. Take your time to mull over decisions and question whether it's right for you too. Skincare is highly individual, it's a slow game that should cost mostly in patience, input, education, and perseverance. Please don't make it cost you financially needlessly.

JDSTER Sun 23-Apr-17 14:43:25

Thanks for the new thread Bo. Nothing to add really other than its my birthday today! I went for a gentle run this morning (couch to 5k podcast as I haven't been running for a while). I used LRP dry touch gel-cream (which Mint rec'd as a substitute for the ultra light fluid which I found too oily). Anyway, it goes on quite thickly and is tinted so it was almost like putting on a light foundation. Overall I think it will work well for outdoor sports and holidays but probably not great for day to day as I can't imagine putting makeup over the top - mint I think you were complaining about pilling with this one.

olderthanyouthink Sun 23-Apr-17 14:58:42

JDSTER happy birthday. So you didn't do the marathon today?

JDSTER Sun 23-Apr-17 15:19:02

Marathon shock I think I might die in attempting one

EnidButton Sun 23-Apr-17 15:20:57

Happy birthday JD! 🎉 🎈 👑

Thanks for the new thread. Loving the title.

I'm currently cleaning out a very dusty and cobwebby garage so zero skincare going on here but I've a feeling I'll need some later.

EnidButton Sun 23-Apr-17 15:23:30

I'll repeat my request for a cuticle balm or cream here in case it gets missed at the end of the thread.

The flexitol hang nail stuff helped a bit last night on my two sore bits but once they're gone I need something really nourishing. Burts Bees is ok whilst it's on but doesn't seem to last.

I used to get a rose balm from Figs & Rouge that worked like a dream but they changed the formula and it was nothing like the old one. Hate it when companies do that.

userallusedup Sun 23-Apr-17 15:25:44

Thank you for the new thread Bo I'm glad we kept the snail as I've got quite fond of him smile

I'm going to check out the crepey skin on body link you posted later, I don't have a body skincare routine at all but I'm late 40s so should really start one. I have to avoid anything heavily perfumed as I get itchy (soap and glory and sanctuary are two culprits that spring to mind) other than that I've no major concerns or issues but I'm sure sagging and crepey-ness are not too far in my future.

Happy Birthday JDSTER flowers cake

LegoCaltrops Sun 23-Apr-17 15:37:32

JDSTER Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a lovely day.

Bo - I was re-reading previous threads & you mentioned the Kibiki facial wash. Can you tell me a bit more about it & if it might be suitable for my skin type / if there's a facial wash (as opposed to a cleanser) that would suit my skin type please? I'm currently still using the Lancome Gel Eclat, which I remember you didn't seem that impressed with (mainly on the basis of it being not very good value, considering the price, rather than because it's terrible IYSWIM). It's lasted me ages & I think they are similarly priced. DH wants to buy me something for my birthday & I'm stuck... it was last week & I could only think of earrings.

LegoCaltrops Sun 23-Apr-17 15:55:27

JDSTER Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a lovely day.

Bo -Thank you for the new thread. I was re-reading previous threads & you mentioned the Kibiki facial wash. Can you tell me a bit more about it & if it might be suitable for my skin type / if there's a facial wash (as opposed to a cleanser) that would suit my skin type please? We have ridiculously soft water where I live, I suspect that's partly why I'm unusual in preferring a wash instead of a cleanser. I'm currently still using the Lancome Gel Eclat, which I remember you didn't seem that impressed with (mainly on the basis of it being not very good value, considering the price, rather than because it's terrible IYSWIM). It's lasted me ages & I think they are similarly priced. DH wants to buy me something for my birthday & I'm stuck... it was last week & I could only think of earrings.

Re: cuticle problems, I find that absolutely slathering my hands with hand cream right bedore bed, then putting on those cotton moisturising gloves makes a lot of difference. I paint my nails a lot so I'm always redoing them & that's not great for the cuticles (I use acetone based remover as it requires less rubbing but it's very drying). I also do this for my feet, & just wear a pair of socks. Very sexy, I know! grin But it works. Need a simple vegetable /seed oil based cream, preferably no mineral oil & no silicones if you can find one.

LegoCaltrops Sun 23-Apr-17 15:56:46

Oh... no idea how that happened! blush

userallusedup Sun 23-Apr-17 16:30:32

I've never tried it but I've seen LRP cicoplast with B5 being highly praised here, I wonder if that would be any good on cuticles/hang nails? I need to sort mine out too.

StainlessSteelButtercup Sun 23-Apr-17 16:43:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pupsiecola Sun 23-Apr-17 18:46:03

Happy birthday jster.

Stainless I didn't really train it for it much over and above what I currently do each week which is:-

1 x 5 or 10k run
2 x weights sessions (quite heavy)
2 x body weight HIIT sessions (20 to 30 minutes)

I'm not a natural runner in terms of body shape (hourglass) or technique. I'm also carrying a few extra pounds at the moment. I am fickle and need variety with my exercise. I couldn't just run, hence my lack of training plan lol. Still, I did it in just under 2 hours 15 minutes and I'm pleased with that. BTW, I read that it's not necessary to go full race distance before a race. In fact, you shouldn't. The first time you want to run that distance (say half marathon) is with a crowd cheering you on. It really does help. 15k is fab! Most I've run these last few months is 10k.

JDSTER Sun 23-Apr-17 19:17:56

user your rec to Enid made me 😂. She is I believe the original introducer of us all to LRP cicaplast (have you actually tried it on your cuticles Enidgrin).

Thank you all for your birthday wishes

userallusedup Sun 23-Apr-17 19:36:48


Oops I knew there was someone who loved cicoplast but didn't read back on the other thread to see who it was!

Still wondering if it's any good on cuticles grin

yongnian Sun 23-Apr-17 19:42:05

Eek totally not keeping up, missed the end of last thread. My excuse this time is I have tonsillitis! Will report back when less shit-feeling ill....

Ollivander84 Sun 23-Apr-17 20:47:35

Stainless - still sore. I have a pre op on Friday so fingers crossed that all goes well. It's mainly pain in my leg and I can't feel the sole of my foot or my little toe or outside of my calf which is rather bizarre!

olderthanyouthink Sun 23-Apr-17 22:09:55

BBB is talking about the same cosmo article.

The IG pods thing is kind of interesting, I can't wait to read about the rejigged algorithms that will ignore those. I gots loads of bot comments on my blog which only contained dummy text (I prefer making them to using them #nerd), it was interesting to see what they "thought" they should post.

The life of an influencer... shes right a lot of them can't need the money but also some of them are paid a fuck tonne. My company hired a pair of -sporty- youtubers for one days filming, post the video on their YT and I think maybe some IG/twitter posts... £30k, each.

EnidButton Sun 23-Apr-17 22:11:56

Usergrin, I have used cicaplast on cuticles before and seem to remember it them peel slightly. Maybe that's what they need though. Thank you. I'll try it again.

Lego I have cotton gloves I can use tonight. Perhaps with domr cicaplast too.

Thank you for the tips.

I am feeling utterly gross atm after spending all day surrounded by cement dust. My hair is thick with it but I'm aching too much to wash it. I did too much.

botemp Sun 23-Apr-17 23:04:22

Happy Birthday JDSTR! Hope you had a lovely day. Happy belated Birthday to you too, Lego. Mine’s in about a month’s time and am also stuck on the whole asking thing. Well done Pupsie on the half marathon! yongnian and Tsnmummy08 hope you’re feeling better soon!

£30k you say otyt <ponders and reconsiders that whole working on blog priority thing>

It is bonkers though and I have a hard time understanding the many many people who do it and earn fuck all (and if you would properly add it up, costing in labour they’re running at significant losses) vs. the huge payouts some obtain. I always struggle as we never get to see how much that £30k investment yields in actual sales/increased engagement. In comparison to old school advertising, the age of the internet is so momentary in terms of effect especially considering the bots, paid followers, etc. I have a really hard time getting to grasps seeing those investments returning themselves (especially since the tide seems to slowly be turning against individual beauty bloggers and brands that exclusively use them) but I suppose they do because companies wouldn’t be shifting that kind of money if it didn’t. I’m also half convinced that only bloggers read each other these days along with a lot of programmed bots...

Ok answer time… have been too lazy to cut out the question bits and have had to split it in two as it was too long for MN:

Wellhellothere1 Thu 20-Apr-17 19:08:05

Hi could anyone recommend a moisturiser for oily skin that I can use after vit c application? I currently use Cerave PM moisturising lotion and I really like it but it contains niacinamide which I gather you shouldn't use in conjunction with Vit C. I feel vit c is making my skin brighter so would like to continue with it. I was using TO vit c 23% at night but wanted to switch to morning for maximum benefit (and also to cut down the no of products I apply at night) so I am now trying TO ascorbyl glucoside 12% in the morning. The 23% one is too oily to wear under make up in the daytime. Very confusing!

The Nia + Vit C contraindication usually refers to L-AA form Vit C (like the 23%) as it can cause flushing (which is unpleasant but not detrimental) but it’s not a guarantee as it’s dependent on the formulations (so TO Nia 10% + Vit C 23% don’t work together but I’ve used plenty of nia containing products not from TO in lower concentrations 3-5% with TO Vit C 23% with no issues), you can test it out by trialling it on the inner wrist (skin is delicate there) to test for any reaction or sensation of flushing. A workaround for it if you do suffer from flushing is to leave a bit of time between the two.

ilovetocook Fri 21-Apr-17 12:19:17

Like Dulci I was going to say it could possibly be melasma too as it has the classic hallmarks of starting during pregnancy. It’s hard to treat, even by dermatologists and a very long process and is more a case of managing it and stopping it from spreading further. IIRC Azelaic is used but that may have to do with it being safe to use during pregnancy. Other recs are a mineral sunscreen but preferably wearing hats and other protective gear as the first line of defense. Not a thing to tackle on your own and definitely worth seeing a professional about.

Sort of off topic, Dulci, ever tried the Bioderma Mineral SS? It’s Alcohol and Silicone-free IIRC.

StainlessSteelButtercup Fri 21-Apr-17 12:55:50

Ladies, are any of you early gym fiends? I am adding strength training to my distance running (I've discovered I've hit a wall in how far I can go on my weak glutes) which means I'll be packing a gym bag for early morning visits before work. When it comes to AM routines, do you keep a "travel version" of your skincare or just pack & unpack?

If I’m exercising in the AM (outdoors) I skip cleansing and slap on a bit of facial oil and SS then do my normal skincare routine post workout. It’s sensible to do a proper cleanse after strenuous exercise (and before if you wear makeup) anyhow so it makes more sense delaying it than washing your face multiple times a day.

ohgoonthenjustonemore Fri 21-Apr-17 16:53:38

I am currently working through the previous threads in order to get up to date and I'm finding all the advice extremely helpful and interesting. I do have a quick question...I've just added the PC 2% BHA liquid to my collection of TO products and I'm unsure as to whether it's ok for me to follow the PC with my Niacinamide 10%+Zinc1% ?

Yes, as usedup mentioned, shouldn’t be an issue to use together (I have and found no ill effects).

LegoCaltrops Fri 21-Apr-17 22:42:13

I'd really like a hand cream with SPF in, something not greasy (so almost everything at Boots & the supermarket is out!) Also not terribly expensive, & convenient for a handbag. Any recommendations?

Easiest just to get an SPF that can withstand some handwashing by being waterproof and use that on your hands. LRP Anthelios has a richer version but it will be greasy I fear.

Pupsiecola Sat 22-Apr-17 11:07:50

I could do with a lighter moisturiser I think, now the weather is a little warmer, less windy, central heating off etc. Any recommendations please?

My recs are Japanese as they do that intermittent product of lotion really well but not sure if that’s what you’re looking for? They’re more hydrating than moisturising. There are a few Korean options as well.

ilovetocook Sat 22-Apr-17 15:08:43

Rather excited my TO niacinamide and advanced retinoid arrived with another Vit c. So I'm ready to add one to routine today as its been 2 weeks am I best trying the niacinamide or advanced retinoid first? I'm so loving TO products

Retinoid is a longer haul game and has a longer gradual introduction period (start 1-2x a week and build up to 3x/every other day) so it depends on your patience, Nia tends to show results a bit quicker.

banivani Sat 22-Apr-17 15:42:448

However, biggest news is that my daughter was ordering from a webshop and got a choice of three free samples, none of which appealed to her. So she took the anti-aging one for me. Turns out it's Bioeffect EGF day serum, 5ml of it, worth more than I'd spend on any serum full-size... Worst thing is - it might actually be good? Hell and blast, if so…

Happy to hear you’re safe, and your friend too! <whispers> Bioeffect EGF serum is probably the single most impressive skincare product I ever used in terms of immediate and lasting results. Granted, I was still in my twenties and only ever used Vit C (in a low-ish concentration of 10%) as any form of active. Also was a sample and I was really tempted to get it but the amazing thing about it, is that you just use it for a short period of time to really lift your skin and then you don’t really need it anymore. The deluxe sample (it was about half the size of a full bottle) did that for me easily and thankfully the improvements lasted.

Wellhellothere1 Sat 22-Apr-17 17:24:05

An SPF question for the experts based on another thread in style and beauty. Someone asked at what stage in their morning routine to use sunscreen and the consensus seemed to be to use a chemical sunscreen on bare skin under serum, moisturiser, primer and foundation and to use physical sun screen over serum and moisturiser I think. I'm worried now as I have always applied my chemical sunscreen after serum and moisturiser. However I've not had any problems with this. Just back from 2 weeks holiday in a hot country and my face is still chalk white luckily. Any advice?

So here’s the thing, as far as I’m aware this question has never been studied. There’s papers on the combination of SS in combination with other skincare ingredients (like antioxidants) but never in a layering routine. I always say ‘last’ as you have to view SS as this protective seal that works best if sat undisturbed on your skin, once you start going over it with other products that seek to penetrate into the skin you start moving that seal around and disturbing the integrity of that seal and some suggest anything you layer on top has no use anymore as it can’t get through (I’m not wholly convinced by that because a large part of the reapplication throughout the day advice is due to our own interference with the integrity of the seal through touching, cell phone use, etc., same way you’d restore makeup application throughout).

In theory if you want the ultimate in suncare protection you use sunscreen and nothing else but for day to day that simply isn’t achievable so best and most practical is to use it as your last step of skincare and let it sink in and dry properly (ideally 30 mins and here’s where the quick drying Japanese SPFs come in with the advantage) and then proceed with your makeup. I don’t really see the distinction between the physical and chemical sunscreens and their differing application advice. Though they’re often explained as working differently they don’t really, for more info read on here. Another reason for me to ignore the sunscreen first argument, they’re usually spouted by the same companies that claim a single application is enough, which is a questionable claim and breeds a false sense of security (and strangely only seems to exist in the UK).

botemp Sun 23-Apr-17 23:04:53

userallusedup Sat 22-Apr-17 21:12:22

I've just ordered this sunscreen in the hope it may be suitable to use over makeup if I'm spending more than usual time outside in the summer, not sure if anyone has tried it? It's on sale so pretty cheap and I can always use it on upper chest/arms if no good for the face.

I only tried that LRP spray in store and didn’t like it, too greasy and heavy for me. I prefer the Bioderma water spray but a lot of people seem to complain about the nozzle on that one. I still have to check out the Garnier version of this and will report back when I do.

LegoCaltrops Sat 22-Apr-17 23:20:32

On the plus side, I won't be buying any more face stuff for a while. Maybe foundation (next month!) if my skin likes the Lancome which I'm already trying out. What should I try out first? Assuming it all arrives about the same time, which it probably will... and where do they fit into my routine? Is there one of Bo's information sheets which covers use of actives within a skincare routine? As I currently don't use any so haven't saved anything before now, sorry.

Try the Anti-ageing one. I’d probably start with MAP in the AM and then move on to Nia and then Retinol. (Buffet was to replace the Vichy once that’s done, right?).

EnidButton Sat 22-Apr-17 23:32:24

Any recommendations for cuticle stuff please?

Mine are so dry all the time and I get hang nails. I use really good handcreams but none of them really fully sort the cuticle area out. I use Burts Bees cuticle butter and that helps a bit.

My grandmother swore by paraffin bath treatments and Rubis cuticle scissors. I used to go to a manicurist who disclosed that in training they’re encouraged to be quite aggressive about it to ensure customers return bastards so being conservative with it is best, only ever snipping away what is already loose. I’ve seen those paraffin baths for sale in K-Beauty for not much money, simply pop it in the microwave and an easy cleanup, not sure if it’s available here too outside the salons. As mentioned before I have a nail lovers dream hands and nails so I don’t deal with the issue much but if it is feeling dry I do pure shea butter and the cotton gloves. Anyone tried those thicker ones by any chance? Spa Gloves I think they’re called, think Bliss make them?

olderthanyouthink Sun 23-Apr-17 12:36:03

If you use aha on your body do you have to use sun cream all over?

Technically, yes. But only really if you’re exposing the skin to the sun, and the increased sun photosensitivity lasts for quite a bit (1 or 2 weeks post application IIRC).

LegoCaltrops Sun 23-Apr-17 15:55:27

Bo -Thank you for the new thread. I was re-reading previous threads & you mentioned the Kibiki facial wash. Can you tell me a bit more about it & if it might be suitable for my skin type / if there's a facial wash (as opposed to a cleanser) that would suit my skin type please? We have ridiculously soft water where I live, I suspect that's partly why I'm unusual in preferring a wash instead of a cleanser. I'm currently still using the Lancome Gel Eclat, which I remember you didn't seem that impressed with (mainly on the basis of it being not very good value, considering the price, rather than because it's terrible IYSWIM). It's lasted me ages & I think they are similarly priced. DH wants to buy me something for my birthday & I'm stuck... it was last week & I could only think of earrings.

I can’t recall your skin type from memory now but it would suit combo-oily (I’m normal-combo and don’t like using it in winter). I like it but it’s not a traditional face wash, it’s a thick dense foam that you have to create with the foaming net (so requires a bit of effort and time, think there’s a youtube video of it out there somewhere). The reason why I think this works so well is down to one of the surfactants, decyl glucoside, that works really well for clearing out blackheads. This cleanser + PC BHA was a really good combo for eradicating those for me. I have recently found another promising cleanser with that surfactant that should be easier to get and Skincity sell a travel/sample size, Medik8 Gentlecleanse, it’s also foaming (but utilises a manual pump rather than foaming net) and should be hydrating and gentle. Not exactly affordable but not insanely priced either and I believe Medik8 sells for significantly lower prices on Amazon.

What’s your thinking with the soft water? Usually it’s hard water that causes issues with not lathering up enough, etc.

EnidButton Mon 24-Apr-17 00:03:52

<googles bioeffect serum eagerly>

shock <faints>

I'll find a parrafin bath to try thank you. I avoid cutting my cuticles. They're actually well behaved growth wise and a nice shape, just need the very occasional pushing back with a nail hoof. It's just the dry sides. Maybe some shea butter would do the trick.

olderthanyouthink Mon 24-Apr-17 00:16:55

Apparently 30% of Icelandic women use that stuff! How the f do they afford it?

EnidButton Mon 24-Apr-17 00:17:19

Is Sodium hyaluronate the same as hyaluronic acid?

Sorry if I've asked that before. Brain veerrrryyy slow tonight.

EnidButton Mon 24-Apr-17 00:17:52

I know Older! It's tempting though.

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