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Home brow tint kits?

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Grok Mon 14-Dec-15 21:19:08

Anyone used any? Thoughts and feelings on your experiences?

Went to a new beauty therapist today because mine moved gas away. I'm very fair so my eyebrows disappear on my face. I thought tinting them would be straightforward but the therapist put the dye ABOVE the eyebrow onto the skin and dyed that!! And the actual brow hair she put tint in she wiped off as soon as it was on (like on for 5 seconds, tops) so there was no difference and I asked for more. SIX times she had to do it and there's still no shape to the brow nor enough colour. And she kept taking off the tint with what felt like a Brillo pad, my skin is red raw even though I told her my skin was hurting. God I'm furious and trying to get colour off the skin! angry

Surely whatever I do to myself at home can't be worse?

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 14-Dec-15 21:23:49

I use the exact same stuff they use at the threader I go to - it's called Strictly Professional and I get it from Amazon. (I get brown for brows and blue/black for lashes, you also need to buy the developer to go with it, I think the lot costs about £25 but lasts forever.) Just be careful not to leave it on too long - you mix it in a wee bowl, and then brush it on. It comes with a little paintbrush but an old mascara wand works better for brows.

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 14-Dec-15 21:25:08

That's a wee bowl meaning small (Scottish here) as opposed to a bowl you wee in.

Grok Mon 14-Dec-15 21:32:27

Hahaha gotcha - my parents are both from Scotland so well acquainted with "wee"!

tyaca Mon 14-Dec-15 21:39:20

I've been doing mine for 20 years. Use the Dylure (?) kit from Boots. Never get why anyone would pay to have this done. Go for it!

Grok Mon 14-Dec-15 22:34:29

Eyelure? They have mid and dark brown but mid brown looks very warm so I'm more inclined to try dark brown (for Scottish pale complexion). Good idea?
It also says one application, would you get more from it or do you need to mix the whole application and throw out unused portion?

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