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Cotton Traders?

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MagratsHair Wed 26-Nov-14 13:40:16

I'm flicking through the catalogue whilst eating my soup & usually I just turn the pages then bin it. But there's a rather nice cardie I like the look of.

Yes or no?

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Wed 26-Nov-14 13:46:18

Show us the cardie!

MagratsHair Wed 26-Nov-14 13:52:22

Against my better judgement I will. But you'd all better not be sniggering behind my back grin grin grin

DP has just snorted & muttered something about it being Blue Harbour next blush

I was thinking with skinny jeans & knee high boots it could have a 'log fire, pink cheeks & snow outside' feel to it?

MagratsHair Wed 26-Nov-14 14:28:00


Are you all maintaining a tactful silence?

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Wed 26-Nov-14 14:30:12

Not my kinda thing but I reckon it could work and have a bit of a retro vibe to it

daimbardiva Wed 26-Nov-14 14:33:55

Not sure about the cardi but the concession in my local garden centre had a fleece linedvparka which was a bit white stuff/ seasalt and was only £30

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Wed 26-Nov-14 15:31:07

Actually, to add to my post, to stop it potentially looking a bit weird old lady a loose belt slung around the waist would be cool, maybe one of the skinny wrap ones? Would make it a bit more funky if it would work with your shape and the shape of the cardi

iwantgin Wed 26-Nov-14 15:43:54

I kind of like it.

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