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MNVogue thread - Vol 27

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Mignonette Thu 28-Nov-13 23:07:32

Are you a glass half full fashion fanatic? Come and join our friendly thread and chat about anything fashion related and more. It's nice here. All welcome.

Mignonette Thu 28-Nov-13 23:08:41


Here we are! Hope you all don't mind my setting up the next but it caught me on the hop.

shopafrolic Thu 28-Nov-13 23:08:45

Nice one mig. Marking place for tomorrow - night all x

Mignonette Thu 28-Nov-13 23:09:18

Goodnight Shop. Sleep well x

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Thu 28-Nov-13 23:13:14

Good work mig.

Just wanted to join you in the adoration for the L'Wren Scott BR collection. Saw a mini preview and fell in love.

Have to go to bed now before I pass out on the sofa. Goodnight Lovelies x

Drywhiteplease Thu 28-Nov-13 23:13:38

Hello......see you all tomorrow smile

justasecond Thu 28-Nov-13 23:15:43

ooh here you all are, got a bit confused for a minute
Thanks Sleep yes wish I could give up the diet cola, I think I could give up the sugar though but not the pepsi Max, its the one thing I look forward to at lunchtime (I know complete saddo) However only have no more than 6 cans a week (because I buy the 6 can multipack blush )Will try to go cold turkey as a new years resolution.
Mig Good to hear your experience was not too bad, DM had a long and prolonged menopause, hope I will not be the same.
I have just bought the Bioderma Micellar water to cleanse with in the evenings, read good things about it. Think I will use it on its own, I have even been waking up with a greasy nose recently!

justasecond Thu 28-Nov-13 23:16:10

Night everyone!

Mignonette Thu 28-Nov-13 23:16:37

T'is gone all a bit Soft Cell 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye' on here.


Mignonette Thu 28-Nov-13 23:18:13

Just I'd fade the diet Coke out very very slowly. I have vicious headaches and sluggishness when I go without. It is awful. My one big vice. I am too old for any others.

Sleepwhenidie Fri 29-Nov-13 07:52:31

I'd agree with you on the pepsi if it was lots Mig, but one can a day is tricky to do gradually grin. Also, although I hate the stuff, everyone needs their vice (doesn't sound like you have many others justa!) I'm not sure one can a day would be causing significant problems, although of course ideally it would be none. I was on a thread a few weeks ago with someone who drank 12 shock diet cokes a day and claimed to feel fine confused!

QueenCadbury Fri 29-Nov-13 08:01:32

I was drinking at least a litre of diet coke a day and felt fine! I went cold turkey and it wasn't too bad. I was on painkillers anyway as I'd just had the root canal done so tht would have sorted out the withdrawal headaches. I don't feel any different without it although my stomach is definitely flatter. It's also nice not to worry about where my next fix is coming from. I couldn't bear Pepsi or coke zero or any fake diet coke so thee would always be a panic if there wasn't any wherever I was out blush. I reckon I'm saving lots of money too!

My one vice is the cadburys. I eat very little carbs as since having dd I seem to be sensitive to them and develop bowel spasms after eating them. I don't drink juice and only have green tea. I only have milk with my porridge in the morning. I don't think I can bear to give up sugar this side of Christmas though as it'll be too tough but I think I will give it a try in January.

I shall be poised by my iPad later in the week for that l'wren Scott cardi as I've told dh that he's buying it me for Christmas grin.

Feeling human again today and now soooo excited about going to centre parcs!! I will probably have a weekend off from the iPad so have lovely weekends

Mignonette Fri 29-Nov-13 08:47:10

Yes if it was lots Sleep it'd have an effect. One would be okay? I do drink more (scared to say but zero cal) so I am probably the agent of my own misfortune although stress has a huge part to play in my ulcer. I don't drink, smoke or eat spicy foods.

I have eliminated toast for breakfast as it was making my blood sugar haywire late morning and after fainting in Waitrose because of Hypoglycaemia a couple of weeks ago I had to act. I find not having breakfast and having an early lunch is best. I have loads of liquids and a couple of Satsumas and that helps. I have pretty much eliminated chocolate-lost the desire for it and haven't had ice cream for two weeks or more. I have such pain in the mornings and evenings like a rat gnawing my stomach and am a bit scared of the investigations. It remitted for a while but is back again. The last 15 months have taken their toll it would seem and just heard that my hated stepmother is moving to my town which has knocked me for six and made me so filled with rage and pain that I don't know what to do with it. Anyway, I have much to be thankful for still.

Queen Lovely husband. That cardigan is gorgeous. You should wear it Christmas morning with a tiara. And have a lovely break with him. Glad you are looking forward to it. I have a housewarming to go to tomorrow with a houseful of squidgy babies for me to play with. I always end up with the kids whilst the adults party grin. I spent an afternoon last week with a deliciously gorgeous baby dressed in a furry wolf onesy and a cloche hat that made him look like a pudgy faced Nancy Mitford (if that makes sense). I miss babies.

MarshaBrady Fri 29-Nov-13 09:53:51

Morning! Had a wonderful evening. Really fabulous. Great company, laughing a lot about university days. Champagne and great food. I don't feel bad at all, maybe it was because it was the good stuff!

Ok, posting this so am on this edition. Need to catch up. Back soon. Now to pin...

Sleepwhenidie Fri 29-Nov-13 09:58:32

Well if someone says they feel great and have no issue drinking loads of fizzy drinks every day then they probably wouldn't be asking for or needing my opinion Mig. But if you or justa came to me as a client with issues with weight, skin or health and said you drank several diet cokes a day, I would certainly be trying to at least cut it right down to see what difference it made. With justa I would start by losing the sugar though as this looks more likely to be causing problems than a single can of pepsi max a day. If, after dropping sugar, problems persisted, then I would suggest dropping the pepsi. I can't believe the cola is doing your ulcer any favours though Mig...sad

Having said all that, fizzy drinks have absolutely no nutritional value, only the potential to cause problems, so from that pov, I don't like them - I realise this sounds hypocritical from someone who drinks alcohol I say, everyone has a vice and if its not causing a problem then who is to say stop?

OneLittleLady Fri 29-Nov-13 10:06:11

Have a great weekend QueenC

MarshaBrady Fri 29-Nov-13 10:57:18

Have put up a pic you know where. I couldn't get an in situ one it was so dark it set the flash off.

Mignonette Fri 29-Nov-13 10:59:49

You are right Sleep. I have no defence sad.

OneLittleLady Fri 29-Nov-13 11:02:12

<sings> Another pound bites the dust!! grin

Dug out some clothes from under the bed that I'd put away because I'd got too big for them (think sizes 14/16) and I now fit in them!! They've been hidden away for over a year, I was just getting prepared to give them away but I can get in them now!!

justasecond Fri 29-Nov-13 11:51:46

Sleep I have probably made myself sound more virtuous than I am! I usually skip breakfast blush which probably does not help with the sugar cravings later in the day. I think I will start by giving up the sugar, but like QueenC after Chistmas, but keep my can of pepsi for now grin
I did the anti candida diet about 18months ago for about 3 weeks , it was really hardcore, was not much I could eat. However aside from the weight loss which I didn't really need the effect was really dramatic, my face just looked younger and my stomach was properly flat for the first time post dc. I was miserable though from not being able to eat any food I liked.
Mig How awful and stressful re stepmother, please go to the doctor re your stomach pains, maybe it is something that can be remedied easily.
One impressive weight loss!

shopafrolic Fri 29-Nov-13 12:34:43

QueenC glad you're feeling brighter today. Have a lovely weekend.
So with those coated skinnies, should silk shirt be tucked in or out?

Annianni Fri 29-Nov-13 13:31:48

I'm semi lurking...

Dh has been off work this week, so we've been for lots of days out with Ds2 etc. But not had yet another talk yet.

He wants to have a talk, but I don't at the moment.
I can't be bothered (time of the month) and I'll just get upset again.

I daren't weigh myself as I suspect I've put even more weight on sad
must sort myself out one of these days

In fashion news, I've ordered some boyfriend jeans to try from HoF. Will link when they arrive.

Lovely purchases Foxy and Decam.
You look fab in the photos Shop, Liberty and Marsha.

And congrats to Liberty on her first ever selfie! grin

Annianni Fri 29-Nov-13 13:32:30

I'd do a semi tuck Shop.

LinusDKD Fri 29-Nov-13 13:40:44

Quickly popping in to say that the Equipment shirt has arrived and it is lovely.

I was out but my lovely postman put it behind one of the shutters and left a note in the letterbox to tell me he had hidden it there.

I have put a picture in MNV so you can have a peek.

Will try and catch-up this evening!

santamarianovella Fri 29-Nov-13 13:47:33

Very interesting health talk,sleep when I first came here,my mum took me to see a nutritionist at Harley street,he was very old school,but in a good way,when my mum asked him about sweeteners,he said that they are two ingredients away from poison,and that taking natural sugar cane is far much safer,I think he was exaggerating about the poision part,but it has really stuck with me,I try to avoid artificially sweeteners in all form,and have regular sugar if i have a sweet craving,

some of my friends eat nothing but fat free crap,and they hardly lose weight,infact they are always tired and bloated,it must be all the artificial sweetener they consume.

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