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Anyone know about "Time to Talk" speech therapy or have a view on different nursery settings? (sorry so long)

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lingle Fri 26-Sep-08 19:13:12

General background - DS2 is 3.1, vocabulary about 100 really useful words plus more that I don't count because they are names of Thomas engines and the like.
he can combine to ask for things by saying "More+object+please" and we're just moving on to "red car!" "blue car!" and also "pasta gone", "milk gone". v. exciting!
DS1 followed a similar path and speaks well at 5.9 with no therapy.
DS2 memorises and repeats recorded media - songs/tv, etc. I've dramatically limited these recently and it seems to be helping to divert his interests into more useful speech.
DS2's general behaviour is now normal to good; tantrums dying down to one or two weekly; plays well with others (eg shares when asked to). fixations and rigidity vastly improved(though still counts out 4 Weetabix each morning and gets in a strop if his brother sits down at the table before him - but this is focussed on asserting his place in the family). School nursery teacher says his speech is completely out of step with his general development - no signs of more general delay.

He's settled into new school nursery and the SALT visited him there today at our request. Head of nursery reported that DS2 was "at his worst" when the SALT visited. Did his most worrying things which are (a) ignoring his name and (b) appearing not to understand 3-element commands ("put the ball in the box"). Teacher was sorry about this and stressed that he'd done something similar perfectly half an hour before SALT arrived - but I was glad - at least SALT won't think we're making it up.

Teacher says that whatever SALT does, she (teacher) now wants to get going on the school's (so probably government) speech therapy programme which is called "time to talk". She apologetically recommended that I send him 5 mornings -he presently does 2 there and 3 at a private nursery where they are frankly not switched on to the issues. She felt the programme would be more effective if done daily. SALT appeared to rate school nursery above private nursery when I went to their clinic so I think they would liaise well - there are a few other children who require speech therapy so there are lines of communication open.

Switching to a term-time nursery only will be inconvenient but if experienced mums here feel that I should bite their hand off, then I think I'll go for it. Teacher seemed to really want to get stuck in whereas private nursery staff are young with little training....thoughts please...

Also, can anyone help me find a Hanen course near Leeds? I'm struggling to find this on their website.

Many thanks and apologies for length, especially as some of you know the background!

cyberseraphim Fri 26-Sep-08 19:44:11

I've never heard of Time to Talk. What are the options ? To go 5 days to the term time nursery or to go only for therapy for only 2 days ?

cktwo Fri 26-Sep-08 19:44:31

Hi, here in Calderdale the SALT's hold Hanen courses in Halifax (a bit far out of Leeds really for you). They might know of ones held in different parts of West Yorkshire too if you give them a ring. Their number is 01422 363541.
Were you looking for a private course?

TotalChaos Fri 26-Sep-08 19:48:17

I've never heard of Time to Talk either I am afraid. Since he is happy in the school nursery, and they are very switched on and keen to work with him, I think you should bite their hand off - far better for a child to have some unnecessary input, than for them not to get help that would have benefited them.

Re:Hanen course. Ask your SALT if the department runs them. Alternatively the Surestart/Children's version do a potted version called You Make the Difference. The SALT department version is superior - the Surestart one I did wasn't even taught by SALT!

cktwo Fri 26-Sep-08 20:02:50

I think A Time to Talk is the name of the Hanen textbook.

TotalChaos Fri 26-Sep-08 20:05:59

you sure you're not thinking of "It takes two to talk" CK?

TotalChaos Fri 26-Sep-08 20:07:21

some relevantish info here

WedgiesMum Fri 26-Sep-08 21:06:21

I thought time to talk was a social skills programme? I'm sure the behavioural TA at DS's school uses it with groups of children with behaviour issues. Maybe a different thing though?

Aefondkiss Fri 26-Sep-08 21:16:09

I can't remember the names of the things my ds's early years support teacher is doing with him at nursery ... but I will have a look at the iep and see (just not today because I am staying at my mother's house)... but "time to" rings a bell.

I would really recommend mainstream over private, esp with what you have said about your ds's pre-school teacher sounding so keen. Imho private nursery does not have the motivation/staffing levels/training to deal with sn compared to ms nursery.

Is the nursery atattched to the school your ds will be going to? It is good for your ds to get to know the school and the school to get to know him and prepare for him starting school.

Widemouthfrog Fri 26-Sep-08 21:39:19

My DS did 'Time to talk' during his reception year at school. It is a government programme I think, and it is based around a family of bears. It teaches children in small groups how to listen and respond appropriately, and has simple games and exercises which encourage communication and observation. It seems to be aimed at children with social issues - either shyness, or poor listening skills, or social difficulties like my AS boy. I have to say he enjoyed the sessions though he never actually engaged in the activities. I used to get a weekly worksheet of tips for communicating with my DS at home, which to be honest was a bit patronising. I'm not sure how useful it was, but it certainly did no harm.

cktwo Fri 26-Sep-08 22:36:33

blush Thank you TotalChaos wink

lingle Sun 28-Sep-08 21:44:47

Thanks everyone. ok I will get DH to give notice at private nursery tomorrow morning (don't dare do it myself). A minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of our lives....

So he'll get 5 mornings a week at school nursery which, yes, is attached to the school he'll go to.

I think all they will do is take him to a different room and do conversation practice - but that's good - he needs that. And I think they will have had more training that private nursery staff. He has already said "oh no - pasta's gone!" - with a smile - at school nursery whereas at private nursery they let him get away with just saying "more". He's become quite skilled at coping without talking IYSWIM which is good but also not good....

The SALT wants to see him and me together at her clinic but no appointment yet. Ooh, I'm beginning to see what you all talk about re waiting lists! So thanks for the pointers on the Hanen course.

He's broken every stereo in the house through over-use and scratched all his CDs which makes the recorded music an ex-problem!

Aefondkiss Sun 28-Sep-08 23:35:20

good luck lingle, with the waiting lists, I hope it isn't too long a wait.

It does sound like your ds is being challenged a wee bit more at the ms pre-school. The salt my ds sees went into nursery to work with him to start with, you might get early years support coming in too (if they have that where you are), they do two sessions in nursery with my ds just now, but they try to include group work with other children, to improve his social interaction.

My ds listens to music on our computer, also bbc7 radio (?) where you can get some kind of cbeebies type programmes.

lingle Mon 29-Sep-08 10:02:23

thank you.

DH gave notice at the private nursery and I am actually crying about it!

So silly.

But 5 and a half years is a long time to have a relationship with a care provider and they knew DS1 there's like when you get rid of the moses basket.....

Aefondkiss Mon 29-Sep-08 10:20:53

aww lingle, that is hard if your ds has always been there, I still think you are doing the right thing.

lingle Mon 29-Sep-08 11:00:19

thank you smile

padua Fri 03-Oct-08 16:58:01

Just wanted to say I've taught the "Time to Talk" programme. It is really good and recommended a lot by SALT. Its focus is listening and attention skills and social skills. It revolves around ginger bear and his family. It does need to be done at least 3 times a week. It is just a book of photocopiable materials and can be bought from LDA.

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