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Thread 14? Corona Cohort Yr 12 2021 - 'Vaccinations and Eliminations'

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orangecinnamon Thu 28-Jan-21 19:01:29

Just place marking for the New Thread!

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orangecinnamon Thu 28-Jan-21 19:11:08

previous thread

This is a thread for supporting all young people post GCSEs 2020, regardless of their educational setting. It is respectfully requested that all are supportive and helpful to each other. If you want to start a debate, e.g state vs private, please don't within this thread.

Similarly it should be recognised that the grades our children need/deserve/want will vary across the board. Please be sensitive when responding to threads about grades.

Some of us have been here since I started first thread back in yr10, some will be new. Everyone has been friendly and helpful in the past. Everyone is welcome. It is hoped this will continue. Going forward any new threads should have 'GCSE Summer 2020 Thread # : Corona Cohort' or similar in title just to make it easier to find. Not fussy about who starts those !
Our DS/DD may go down various paths such as employment, apprenticeships, higher ed, so we decided not to be exclusionary and stay right here in Secondary - at least until Mumsnet HQ chuck us out.

At the moment we are heading toward the end of Jan 21, in our third lockdown and hopefully out in March!

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ProggyMat Thu 28-Jan-21 19:26:21

S’pose this is yet another rendition of the Hokey Cokey for the 2020 Corona Cohort grin
I’m in although a tad ‘shaken about’ @orangecinnamon

orangecinnamon Thu 28-Jan-21 20:10:43

grin what IS it all about?
Did anyone see the One Show tonight? I caught a bit...some really good tips for those struggling at the moment. The first question from a Mum of a 16yold boy just moved to college.

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Fiddlersgreen Thu 28-Jan-21 20:14:39

Thank you for the new thread.
Just checking in, I don’t post much but find you all a very useful fountain of knowledge

whatsnext2 Thu 28-Jan-21 20:17:40


KingscoteStaff Thu 28-Jan-21 20:22:44

Thanks orange, this is such a helpful and supportive place!

Oblomov20 Thu 28-Jan-21 20:22:49

Great. Thanks OrangeCinnamon.

Zandathepanda Thu 28-Jan-21 20:24:34

Placemarking but dare I ask what ‘eliminations’ mean in the title? confused

FoolsAssassin Thu 28-Jan-21 20:29:02

Thank you OrangeCinnamon
Zanda I wondered that but didn’t dare ask!!

EwwSprouts Thu 28-Jan-21 20:34:54

Found you!

EssentiallyDelighted Thu 28-Jan-21 20:51:34

Thanks Orange

Heifer Thu 28-Jan-21 20:54:55

Marking my place - thanks for setting a new thread. I LOVE the mini projector someone suggested... (yes I did add it to my shopping basket and then did my usual of closing the page down so I didn't but it (yet)...

We received a really nice email back from one of DDs Biology teacher today as DD had questioned (via me of course) her working at grade (C) in her school report at Christmas. DD still doesn't understand why she has that grade even after reading the reply as she thought every test and homework has been B or A, but it was very positive and mentioned they are incredibly early on in the course and that once back at school they can collect some more robust data and that for now they would just say that DD is doing well and she has nothing to worry about. Also mentioned an upcoming online parents evening (which I knew nothing about).

I really didn't want to be "that" parent and email about a grade - but it was so important to DD as she was worried, and although she still doesn't understand why it's not higher it's put her mind at rest (for now)

She seems to be ontop of her workload again at the moment, went for a social distant walk with an old school friend (from juniors) the other day which was nice for her to chat to someone face to face other than me and her Dad :-)

She is now having regular zoom Saturday nights with her group of 9 friends, which seems to involve all drinking Vodka or Gin... We aren't strict on drinking and do allow her some. She hasn't been ill yet so does seem to have decent self control.

Both DH and I were drinking at the hockey club by 17 and did not have much self control - although it was only lager and not the heavy stuff they seem to drink now.

Sorry I can't help with the present suggestions for a 17 yr old DS as DDs present would not be welcome (Hair straighters, make up etc etc). DD gets all her sports kit outside of birthdays and Christmas as we were always so pleased she wanted to do sport. She learnt very early on if she asked for sports kit we would buy it - but not fashion items, they are saved for presents (esp trainers that are pure fashion).

DD would be not be happy if she had to repeat as year! I haven't mentioned it but I just know...

ealingwestmum Thu 28-Jan-21 22:32:47

Thank you Orange!

orangecinnamon Thu 28-Jan-21 22:51:56

I think it was @shimy who suggested title? I thought elimination referred to getting rid of the virus!

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Shimy Thu 28-Jan-21 23:09:20

Hi! thanks for new thread. Yes that's what the title meant blush.

EssentiallyDelighted Thu 28-Jan-21 23:14:36

We've always bought sports kit as needed too but in recent years have sometimes upgraded or bought extras as Christmas presents (eg DS got a better hockey bag with more pockets one year, DD got a swimming club hoody this year). She's not as hard to buy for as DS but doesn't use any hair or beauty stuff at all and isn't really into fashion either.

AndwhenyougetthereFoffsomemore Fri 29-Jan-21 09:08:25

Hey all: thanks for the present/party ideas.

I had been debating escape room as this is very much up DS's street (board game/D&D type) - although we did a truly dreadful one in a box which put us all off! Any good recommendations for companies doing a decent job online? DS is also planning a discord party, and we're going to drop surprise party bags with snacks/party poppers round to mates front doors, so he can tell them to go and get their surprise pack when they get started :-) A friend did this for us on NYE and it was such a lovely thought!

Great for your dd to get such good feedback and good to reassure here.

I didn't watch the One Show, but did anyone else hear the (mostly uni, although one sixth form) students discussing the impact of lockdown on R4 Today this morning? Very sad, and that real sense of them having lost time they will never have a chance to get back - it made me feel quite low hearing them all so flattened :-(

AndwhenyougetthereFoffsomemore Fri 29-Jan-21 09:09:15

So impressed with all the sporty dc on this thread. My two are determinately not in that space (but tbf, neither are me or DH especially!)

ChristopherTracy Fri 29-Jan-21 09:55:21

Hi all, just place marking. Nothing to report here apart from no teacher phone calls this week <small dance of joy>

Seeline Fri 29-Jan-21 10:01:21

Hi everyone - found you!

DD is not sporty, but she is still doing two dance classes each week via zoom. She started dancing at just 2, so am really pleased she is still doing it. She has been on a few socially distanced walks with friends, some from her old school, and a couple with new friends.

Not sure how she would feel about repeating the year. She is a late July birthday so age-wise wouldn't be an issue. I think as long she could just do the 3 subjects she wants to continue with, rather than having to re-do all 4 she might be OK.

I thin DS (1st year uni) would be devastated. Due to the exam cock up he ended up having to do a foundation year for the course he wanted which was already 4 years (with a year out), so it would take 6 years to graduate!!

Seeline Fri 29-Jan-21 10:04:42

YEs - I did see the One Show - it made me cry. Tanya Byron (the clinical psychologist on the show) is the first person I have heard say how hard the teens are finding lockdown, and how she thinks the 16-21 yos have been disproportionately affected. The lockdown measures are in direct conflict with all the things that this age group need - independence, social lives, support from friends etc

Monkey2001 Fri 29-Jan-21 10:13:17

Hello all. On PM yesterday someone was saying that if young people are told they are are entitled to feel down because they are having a hard time it might be a bit self-fulfilling. Maybe we need to channel Pollyanna and look for silver linings wherever we can.

So maybe we should be picking up on corona positives. We enjoyed a cooking rota for part of lock-down and both my DC progressed in a useful life skill. DS1 is a choral scholar and I can join his services over YouTube or Teams and feel part of it - that would not be possible in normal times. Any more offers?

EssentiallyDelighted Fri 29-Jan-21 10:16:08

I should get that up on Iplayer and watch it. DS is very concerned that teenagers are constantly being villified for causing the spread of the virus, it would be nice to see some proper acknowledgement of the impact on them. We had snow earlier in the week and on my Monday lunchtime walk I came across a police officer halfheartedly trying to break up a group of 4 teens who were sledging on a local hill and I thought what is the world coming to, these poor kids. We get very little snow here (Hampshire) and its the most natural thing in the world to get out and enjoy it with friends.

EssentiallyDelighted Fri 29-Jan-21 10:17:25

x-posted in a bad way there!

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