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Partner got a custodial sentence today

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Blushingm Fri 22-Sep-17 16:05:30

And I’m sad

I know he has to face up to his actions and take the consequences but I’m sad and I’m going to miss him

Moanyoldcow Fri 22-Sep-17 16:07:39

How long will he be gone for? I'm sorry you're in this position - it must be really hard.

Hiphopopotamus Fri 22-Sep-17 16:08:44

For what sort of crime? Was it violent?

TittyGolightly Fri 22-Sep-17 16:11:35

I have a friend - we sleep together. I'm sure he uses me but I can't seem to stay away.

He has a criminal record, is on benefits, is currently banned from driving but drives anyway, drives drunk, smokes too much, drinks too much, takes drugs. Sometimes he says he sees us together, other times he says he doesn't want to be with me, before Christmas he slept with his ex from 5 years ago, he chats to women on pof and for all I know meets up with them.

This guy?

Blushingm Fri 22-Sep-17 17:07:04

Driving while disqualified - 24 weeks

Yeah - that guy.........we got together in the end

Ginmakesitallok Fri 22-Sep-17 17:08:11

God he's a catch isn't he??

Chickenagain Fri 22-Sep-17 17:09:41

Are you winding us up? What will you miss? I would take the opportunity to clear your headspace and allow a grown up into your life. Im sorry to sound harsh, but he sounds like white noise.....

Glowsticksforthehoechicks Fri 22-Sep-17 17:10:30

I started a thread the other day about my partner in jail , I'm sorry to hear your going through this also xx

Myheartbelongsto Fri 22-Sep-17 17:11:00

His character doesn't mean the op's feeling are any less!

I'll he get temporary release, has he been to prison before?

Mintychoc1 Fri 22-Sep-17 17:14:33

I'm sorry you're sad OP, but I have to say I'm relieved there's one less drunk driver on the roads for a few months. Will he learn from this, do you think?

Adora10 Fri 22-Sep-17 17:15:21

How can you miss someone who treats you so badly, I never get these comments, he sounds unbelievably wrong!

Moanyoldcow Fri 22-Sep-17 17:18:35

He doesn't sound like a total catch, OP... I'm not minimising your upset or your feelings but I think you should explore why you're entangled with such an unpleasant sounding man.

Anecdoche Fri 22-Sep-17 17:22:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fekko Fri 22-Sep-17 17:23:00

24 weeks to get him out of your system.

I missed my toenail when it got bashed, went black and fell off. I got over it.

CockacidalManiac Fri 22-Sep-17 17:24:38

He sounds like a proper tosser

PurpleDaisies Fri 22-Sep-17 17:26:27

I agree with everyone, why do you want to be with him?!

Bluntness100 Fri 22-Sep-17 17:26:59

Well ok then. confused

supersop60 Fri 22-Sep-17 17:29:27

he sounds lovely - I'm not surprised that you're missing him.
Your feelings are real, but they are misplaced. Don't you deserve better than this?

ILoveMillhousesDad Fri 22-Sep-17 17:30:16

So what are his good points?

Crispsheets Fri 22-Sep-17 17:31:55

You must have very low self esteem if you want a future with that.

stitchglitched Fri 22-Sep-17 17:33:02

Sounds like prison is exactly where he belongs. I hope you haven't got any children being exposed to this prince.

diddl Fri 22-Sep-17 17:33:13

What are his good points??!!

CosmicPineapple Fri 22-Sep-17 17:34:24

Why in gods name are you with him?

Have some self respect.

Isadora2007 Fri 22-Sep-17 17:35:01

My lovely teenage dd is missing her boyfriend who will be away for a few months as he is serving the UN in the army. I feel for them.

You and your waste of taxpayers money? Not so much. Use your time to go on a freedom course as I c an only assum there is abuse in action for you to remain with such a piece of...

Notears Fri 22-Sep-17 17:35:05

You chose him as your partner?

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