Buyers Sellers Roll Call 15

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MotherofHeathens Tue 27-Apr-21 09:59:38

Because we're nearly at the end of the other thread and still inflicting this torture on ourselves...!

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ballsdeep Tue 27-Apr-21 10:01:15

😂 I REALLY wanted to be off the thread by now! Let's buckle ourselves in sad
Wishing everyone lots of sales and quick completions and super fast solicitors, which seem as rare as a diamond encrusted Unicron .

MotherofHeathens Tue 27-Apr-21 10:05:52

@ballsdeep me too! I really didn't think I'd still be around for this one, ho humm!

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Cantbebotheredtothinkofaname Tue 27-Apr-21 10:13:29

Checking in! I’d like to hope this will be my last thread but I bet it isn’t 😂

mummabubs Tue 27-Apr-21 10:18:54

Thanks @MotherofHeathens, I just replied on the old thread and then saw you'd made a new one. (I need coffee!) I'm trying to be realistic that our exchange is still unlikely to go through today but I'm staring at my email inbox willing a message to come through saying it's going ahead(!) 🤦🏻‍♀️

emma123456 Tue 27-Apr-21 10:20:50

i dont want to be here either. Offer on purchase in Nov, sold ours Dec, surveys done, mortgages sorted etc. Our buyer is ready and waiting. Our purchase is stuck in probate with no end in sight. Am ready to give up and look at a new build. So completely and utterly fed up with it all.

Wrongsideofhistorymyarse Tue 27-Apr-21 10:23:42

Checking in.

Panda368 Tue 27-Apr-21 10:42:31

Our buyers surveyor is coming today.

I was quietly quite pleased that the 2 windows we have with blown seals seem to have magically dried themselves out with all the dry weather we have had.

Hoping nothing awful or unexpected comes up but I suppose we will see next week if he finds anything if our buyers decide to try and re-negotiate their offer..

No sign of anything further from our sellers - our solicitor has had draft contracts but we have had no sign of the fixtures and fittings forms - when do these usually come through?

Wrongsideofhistorymyarse Tue 27-Apr-21 10:55:27

Could I post my listing on here for comment or should I start another thread?

Newhousehope Tue 27-Apr-21 12:16:17

Positive viewing last night. Hoping she offers as I can’t take much more frantic cleaning/tidying throwing everything we own into drawers for viewings.

mummabubs Tue 27-Apr-21 12:51:19

@Wrongsideofhistorymyarse If it were me I'd start a separate thread just to keep all replies in one place and make it easier to sort through but entirely up to you obviously! 😊

mummabubs Tue 27-Apr-21 12:53:11

Fingers crossed @Newhousehope! That's why the second time we listed I asked for one big "open day" of back to back viewings as the frantic last minute tidy and clean every couple of days was killing me!!

TinyGlassOwl Tue 27-Apr-21 13:05:00

I can now join this thread 'officially'!

Email today from EA confirming we are now in a complete chain, woohoo! Our vendors are going into an empty property and we are being bought by developers so hopefully (everything crossed) it should be relatively straightforward...ish??

Also mortgage approved today - we only applied on Thursday so I am quite chuffed with the speed and simplicity of that.

Don't want to jinx anything though, still got searches, surveys etc to go. But for the first time in a long time I am allowing myself to feel a tiny weeny bit excited.

Good luck to everyone awaiting movement / news this week!

arthurdaly Tue 27-Apr-21 13:06:15

Argh looks like our chain might fall apart 😭 turns out the house we're buying a original sale fell through in feb which is why it came back on the market BUT they didn't bother to tell their purchase.
My EA got a very irate call from the EA at the top asking why it was taking so long and if we don't exchange by the end of the week they're putting it back on the market and none of us would be able to progress. Do you think they really would? The estate agent we're buying from seems to think they will because the market has moved so much they could probably get a lot more.
Our purchase is ready to exchange but our sale is still dragging with enquiries and in particular one that's with the council who might reply this week but probably next week.
Any words of wisdom?

Didicat Tue 27-Apr-21 13:09:47

Oh dear I can’t even remember what number I first signed on on......

So we are still waiting on the dreaded local search, I’m beginning to feel completely over houses.....

Wrongsideofhistorymyarse Tue 27-Apr-21 13:10:27


*@Wrongsideofhistorymyarse* If it were me I'd start a separate thread just to keep all replies in one place and make it easier to sort through but entirely up to you obviously! 😊

Thanks mumma, I shall do that and not merail the thread.

Changingwiththetimes Tue 27-Apr-21 13:11:43

I'm in limbo land. Selling three to buy one in London. One flat went through painlessly in December. Another the buyers solicitor has finally agreed on an indemnity policy covering the fact the head lease is a bit wooly on access to communal garden and bin stores, even though everyone has been using them for the last 50 years, so hoping to exchange and complete on that in the next week or so. My buyers on my home are almost good to go - asked for four weeks between exchange completion as I'm downsizing to house half the size of current one and want to sell furniture and my daughter is still doing dreaded GCSE assessments. Hope to get dates in the diary this week.
My seller though! Accepted my offer second week of Feb, but has still not found a house to buy! I was told by EA that she would go in to rental, so did all the searches and survey, but she now says no but that she's 'trying' to find a place (I have offered her a cash incentive to go in to rental but didn't get anywhere). I'm wondering at what point do I start the search again? We are moving some distance for school, so can't just pop out for a couple hours to look, and my daughter and I are quite invested emotionally in this house now. I could get over missing the stamp duty deadline if I just knew for sure when we would be moving in, or that she is even still committed to selling! I have no idea. I've signed the contract and as soon as mine completes I'm ready (no mortgage). Part of me thinks if I start looking and find a place (not many options) and it's chain free I could still make the deadline and save is so much hassle, but I live thr other house.
I need to find a place for us to rent in the mean time, not easy with dogs and coming up to high season. Plus organise a storage unit. Nightmare.

Changingwiththetimes Tue 27-Apr-21 13:13:33

Save US so much hassle, and I LOVE the other house. Fat fingers sorry.

Balloondog Tue 27-Apr-21 13:24:31

Joining for the first time. Viewed and offered asking price 2 weeks ago on an empty probate sale property. Mortgage application is now in with NatWest via brokers and they were supposed to be valuing the property on Friday - waiting to hear back. Full survey scheduled for 11 May - we couldn't see anything obvious to investigate beyond the ancient electrics but it's a Victorian maisonette so presumably has all kinds of capacity for things not to be right. We've never bought property in England before (only overseas where things were a lot easier and almost instantaneous) so the length of the process and the fact that either side can pull out pretty much anytime is making me incredibly nervous. It isn't helped by long email silences from solicitors/mortgage broker or the complete lack of communication from the agent all of which has me catastrophising regularly - I don't know how I'm going to survive the stress levels of the next few months!!
Congrats to all whose sales and purchases are progressing and commiserations to those whose are going pear shaped - hopefully the end of the thread all will be resolved...

Onandoff Tue 27-Apr-21 13:55:13

Joining this thread. I can’t believe I am as have been on the last several threads under various guises. 3rd attempt at a purchase, now renting post sale. Hoping to exchange next week if local searches don’t reveal anything...this has been the straightforward one with empty house and upfront vendor.

mummabubs Tue 27-Apr-21 14:39:07

Our moving date has just moved back for the 3rd time due to things on our buyer's side... to the day before my c sec. Apparently their solicitor says it's impossible for them to facilitate it any sooner. I've said we will agree to this on the condition that we exchange tomorrow and I've made it clear to our buyers that this is the last pushback we can do unless they fancy waiting another 6-8 weeks, which I very much doubt they do! 😅

Newhousehope Tue 27-Apr-21 14:44:07

Are you at risk of going into labour before your planned section @mummabubs 🙈 I’m pretty sure the stress alone would send me over the edge!!

mummabubs Tue 27-Apr-21 15:00:40

You know weirdly I'm nowhere near as stressed as I feel I should be... maybe because it's my second child, maybe because my c sec is booked for when I'm 39+5 and my DS had to be literally dragged out at 42+2 so I have this inner belief that there is no way little lady is coming out before then... or maybe it's because the house we are moving to is currently an artex-fuelled musty 1980's homage that doesn't exactly fulfil my nesting instinct. I think I just want the certainty of having exchanged and got our removals firm booked (as none by us will confirm a booking until you've exchanged which is why we lost our initial moving date of this Friday). At least then I'll know in my head what's happening on what date whereas at the moment nothing feels certain so I've learnt not to get too hooked on to the idea that we're moving at all grin

Newhousehope Tue 27-Apr-21 17:51:00

I’m right at the start and have that same mentality mumma 🤣 until it happens, I’m not moving

HumourReplacementTherapy Tue 27-Apr-21 18:23:30

Christ thread 15..... can't remember which one I first joined!
Sold ours in September and have completed and moved into rented.
It has been soooo stressful sad
We kept getting outbid, finally got an offer accepted but then we pulled out when the survey came back. (Building regs/planning application problems)
Tried on several others to no avail and prices just kept going up and up!
Anyway!! Hallelujah but we have now had an offer accepted.
Vendors have also found somewhere and that's the end of the chain.
Hoping to get it through by the end of June.

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