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Adding tile trim after tiling complete

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Fridayschild5 Thu 21-Apr-16 17:37:41

We have just had our loft converted with an ensuite included. The builders tiled the floor, around the shower (quadrant shower) and behind sink. Instead of a skirting board, we used some of the floor tiles to make a tile skirting. However I did not realise the trim needs to be added at the time of tiling. The builder did not mention this (we hadn't bought any trim) and I am not happy with the finish. Is there any way we can fix this without ripping off all the tiles (not an option given cost of tiles)?

A second question. The grout used in the shower tiles is light grey but in the shower, it varies from light grey to dark grey. My DH says it will dry out but I am not convinced as it's been grouted for over a month. Why would it be like this?

Thanks in advance

Kingsizecrochetblanket Thu 21-Apr-16 17:49:24

The dark grey in the shower will be where the adhesive has squished through. Unfortunately it sounds like they have done a bit of a slapdash job.
You can get trim that you can stick on to the skirting tiles, it's not sold everywhere, ask in a couple of independent tile shops as the large chains often can't help due to only stocking one brand.
(Used to work for a large well known tile retailer!)

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