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Dulux light and space paint - any good?

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niftyfifty Sun 24-Oct-10 13:47:04

I had decided (or so I thought!) on Dulux light and space paint in Coastal Glow for my very dull hallway. I've just read a few reviews on it though and some people are saying that it doesn't cover very well, need to use loads of coats, and that it's not worth the extra money.

The hallway doesn't get very much natural light at all which is why I thought that this might be a better bet than 'normal' paint. It is a large area to cover though because the plan is to use it up the stairs & on the landing.

Any comments/experiences gratefully received!

GinandChocolate Sun 24-Oct-10 13:59:44

I would agree it does not cover well but on the plus side it does seem to make small rooms look bigger and brighter.

My only advice is if you are painting over something dark put a coat of white paint on first.

Sorry not sure if this really helps you make a decision.

niftyfifty Sun 24-Oct-10 15:41:46

Thanks - the walls have been replastered and painted with a watered down coat of white emulsion to give a base, so hopefully that will help!

Still don't really know what to do though! I was so pleased we'd finally decided what colour to use, I wish I hadn't bothered reading any reviews now grin

hearhear Sun 24-Oct-10 16:37:26

We have it in our hallway and are happy with it. I think the coverage was possibly not so good but it was going on top of a light colour so the end result seemed fine after 2 coats.I'd go for it if you like the colour.

niftyfifty Mon 25-Oct-10 09:47:23

Thanks hearhear - I've just been looking at the colour charts again trying to find a similar colour but not in the light & space range in view of the negative comments. There's just too much choice these days!

Will go with what I planned then, from the tester the colour is lovely and light, which we need, but also warm. Some of the other testers have been too cold or dull.

Have you got the same colour - Coastal Glow -or a different light & space shade? If you have, do you have another colour with it? Sorry for all the questions but I've been waiting for so long to get this done and I just want it to be right!

Mitch123 Sun 03-Feb-13 23:06:44

I know this is an old thread but thought I'd post my findings anyway. Just moved into a house in desperate need of brightening up. The living room is currently a very pale pink so used it as a canvas for testers Lilac Echo (L&S) v Violet White (standard emulsion) and Amber Spirit (L&S) v Apricot White (standard emulsion). As soon as the daylight begins to fade then so do the standard colours until you can hardly see any difference at all, however the L&S colours are clearly visible and look lovely and light. I will definitely be using it in my rather dull bedrooms :-)

ArbitraryUsername Mon 04-Feb-13 16:08:12

Don't! We got some dulux light and space (in morning light, not coastal glow) for the hall. The coverage was beyond abysmal. 4-5 coats (over 2 coats of white) and still dreadful coverage. It had a weird shiny, translucent thing going on. And it exacerbated any imperfection in the walls.

We complained to ICI who gave us vouchers to replace it. We got some ordinary diamond matt in one of the heritage colours. Coverage was much better and it makes the hall way look much bigger and lighter than the light and space stuff did. It's also a much nicer colour (I'm not letting DH choose paint colours ever again).

Horseradishes Sat 31-Jan-15 11:05:08

Hi, any other experience of light and space? I like one of the colours, but trust dulux endurance more. I may go for a less preferred colour in dulux endurance if it will last better...

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