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3+ 4+ 5+ 7+ support thread 2018

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mumteacher Mon 30-Oct-17 00:38:13

In previous years I have started these threads to help and support all those involved in the independent school admissions process.

I wasn't going to start one this year as I know I would not be able to check back on it as regularly as I would like, which then defeats the purpose of the thread.

However, after numerous positive PM's about the threads I think it would be a shame not to start one where at least the hand holding can continue. flowers

There are many many people who have been through the process and 'live to tell the tale' . There are also other tutors I know who read this thread and it would be great if you all could help and support and share your ideas👏🏼

(Roll on 2018!) 😉

shodo Mon 30-Oct-17 13:00:37

Thanks so much! Any tips for SHHS assessment? We got into our back up schools so bit relieved.

Happydad2 Sat 04-Nov-17 07:43:37

Mumteacher- my daughter will be sitting the 4+ assessments, however she is very shy and can clam up in group situations. What is the best approach here- worried she may not talk in assessments? Thanks.

Shrads Mon 06-Nov-17 14:50:34

Mumteacher.. my DS is taking 7+ exams..any tips on improving his writing speed and improving on comprehension?

MumDad999 Mon 06-Nov-17 17:06:33

We just received an offer for Holland House, which initially we weren’t overly keen on, however now looks to be a good back up. Debate is whether we pay the £2500 deposit or risk it for the later assessments.

Obviously our top choices are NLCS and Habs. We are also doing the Channing assessment which we hear is a top school.

We heard a lot about tutoring (not that anyone ever admits it) but opting not to go down that route, we felt our child’s sanity was more important although it’s a tough decision when 90% of other children will have been tutored!

Any thoughts appreciated.

MumDad999 Mon 06-Nov-17 17:07:13

Sorry should’ve stated we are doing the 4+

lovemybabies2much Thu 16-Nov-17 13:50:32

Hi all,

My DD is sitting for 4+ assessments for NLCS, Habs, St.Helens and Channing in Jan. She did get into her backup school, which is great but I would love for her to get the best chance at these assessments in Jan.

Any tips on what to do and what these schools looks for specifically during their 1st and 2nd rounds? Also, I'm very open to getting her tutored just to keep her stimulated during the hols (we do a lot with her anyways) but sometimes I feel like listening to instructions from a stranger works better with kids. Can any of you PM names of tutors please?

Just a side note: Mumteacher, I have read a lot of your posts and they are extremely helpful, so thank you for taking the time.
Thanks all in advance for your help.

hiyasminitsme Thu 16-Nov-17 13:59:56

You're a bit late for tutoring - it's usually done for a year beforehand. I'd suggest read all the 3+, 4+ etc threads - there is loads for you to be doing over the holidays on them

MumDad999 Thu 16-Nov-17 14:24:37

@lovemybabies2much - seems like you're going to have a very busy first week in January smile

As mentioned above the tutoring is usually done from when they are 2 or 3 years old for a longer period of time. I've heard of is very militant and it's very much about getting children to think one dimensional. So an example is make sure there name is on top of every piece of work they do, or draw a picture and you must do it in a very specific way supressing any creativity. My other concern was we would be paying for tutoring for the rest of there life to help them to keep up. But in fairness each to there own, not one to judge and I think all parents just try to do the best for their child.

We just spend a lot of time doing worksheets/ work books. We also go to the charity shop which have a great selection of jigsaws, this allows us to constantly give our DD new & different jigsaws to do so she isn't doing the same ones all the time.

I hear cutting and drawing are the other most popular.

At HH they quizzed us a lot about what we do with our child, they asked our DD who she makes pudding with. It was almost to check if we are hands on parents!

We now have our date for Channing. No news on NLCS or Habs yet!
Still undecided whether we pay our deposit at HH.

lovemybabies2much Thu 16-Nov-17 14:27:52

Thanks for the prompt message hiyasminitsme. So I have been teaching her myself for the last year and she also goes to nursery.

But during December I was thinking of having someone tutor her on specific things like phonics, blends, simple math and practise the 1:1 they say that she will have to go through in round 2 (if she gets through round 1) - I got all these from reading the thread that you recommended. Especially since her nursery will be closed for the holidays and assessments start 1st week of Jan, I just would like someone (other than her parents) to keep her stimulated.

lovemybabies2much Thu 16-Nov-17 14:36:11

Thanks so much for the info MumDad999. Yes, it's going to be a busy week but DD is looking forward to it smile She is go eager to start 'big school'

We have been doing worksheets with her, which she loves. I love the idea of going to charity shop to do puzzles..need to find one by me. She is quite good with cutting, am working on her drawing a little bit. She draws fine but I have heard that these schools are looking for details within the drawing.

DD got into St.Hildas which is our backup school (think it's a really good, nurturing +academic school+love that they have a swimming pool) so we are definitely putting down the deposit for it. But will give her the experiences of these Jan assessments and see how it goes.

Yes, still waiting for confirmed dates from Habs and NLCS. Any other tips, do share smile

hiyasminitsme Thu 16-Nov-17 14:38:41

phonics, blends, simple math

certainly when we did it they weren't looking for that sort of thing. you could try PMing mumteacher who may see her for a session or two, but she is doing less tutoring these days

hiyasminitsme Thu 16-Nov-17 14:38:54

oh and good luck flowers it's a stressful time!

MumDad999 Thu 16-Nov-17 15:03:20

@lovemybabies2much I think St Hilda's is a fantastic back up option, more so then HH to be honest. We've also got Radlett as our backup but felt like they have just offered everyone that wants a space a place, rather than being a truly selective prep school.

It's great you've spoken to her about big school, may consider doing the same. Just been worried about overwhelming her but think it would make the assessment process a lot easier if we got her on board.

@hiyasminitsme thanks for the tips... I bet your glad you're at the other end. I can't wait until we are., it's only November and nervous for January already!

hiyasminitsme Thu 16-Nov-17 15:05:47

@mumdad999 7+ soon for my oldest so not quite out of the woods yet!

MumDad999 Thu 16-Nov-17 15:09:59

@hiyasminitsme good luck!!! smile

MumDad999 Thu 16-Nov-17 15:47:15

Random question... do NLCS / Habs / Channing have a preference for Autumn born children?
I just see such a difference between my August born versus the September born.
I know they assess separately but can't help but feel you would take the more capable child - i.e. the older one

hiyasminitsme Thu 16-Nov-17 16:00:47

they say no preference, but it's generally thought that NLCS favours winter born children, Habs and Channing so much

a relative of mine is at SHHS and over half her class are born between September and December so no bias there hmm plays havoc with birthday party scheduling

MumDad999 Thu 16-Nov-17 16:14:43

@hiyasminitsme should have considered this at time of conception #fail smile

hiyasminitsme Thu 16-Nov-17 23:28:10

@mumdad999 hope you had other things on your mind at that precise moment! wink

Sunlight01 Fri 17-Nov-17 16:09:26

My DD will be appling for 7+ in 2018 we have considered Wimbledon, SHHS, LEH, clsg and NLCS it very stressful time. Not sure if I would be able to enjoy Christmas. I know the quantity of girls come to each of this school is vey high it would be challenging to get through. By the way we have no tutor I would like to know your views about tutoring 6 year old? Also, Today we get results for city anyone successful yet.

hiyasminitsme Fri 17-Nov-17 17:02:47

That's a huge geographical spread of schools. Are you going to move depending on where she gets in?

Sunlight01 Fri 17-Nov-17 17:53:15

Yeah that's the plan we want to move to make work comuite easy. Lets see where our DD lead us. She currently is in one of GDST School which is alright. She has not be qualified for clgs is making me worry more then ever.sad

Happydad2 Sat 18-Nov-17 15:35:56

Anyone's child shy and not a big talker. Any advice on how to get best out of them on the day?

CruCru Sat 18-Nov-17 20:41:18

Hi Happydad2

I would recommend telling the child that they are going for a play date (rather than an assessment). It may be worth mentioning to the school on the extra info form that they tend to be shy (if there is a box to do this).

The schools should be able to cope with a smart kid who can be shy. I understand that they look for a range of personalities - a whole class of boisterous extroverts would be really hard work.

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