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FuckThisWind Thu 12-Mar-20 18:55:51

OK folks, we have been prepping for a Pandemic for 13 threads now. And a Pandemic we now have.

I think we all know this has gone beyond prepping now. And most of us agree that the UK Government has not really stepped up to the mark. We have had shared advice here from our Italian residents and those in other countries who have taken much more stringent measures.

So this thread continues to be about us being prepared. But it is more than that. It is about support, sharing of information and advice. It is now a community. A community who acknowledged a long time ago that this was always 'Not Just The Flu'

I thank you one and all for being here. We have tough times ahead. But we are all still here. Please share, rant, whatever. The great thing about these threads is that they have always been supportive and non judgemental. I like to think it's a safe space for all of us who are concerned. And trying to do our best. For ourselves. For our loved ones. And for our community and beyond.

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MoreCoffeeNeeded Thu 12-Mar-20 19:22:36

Just to repeat in case it gets lost on the other thread, can someone explain the normalcy bias and adjustment affect please? I want to explain it to someone but dont have the right words. many thanks!

Oxyiz Thu 12-Mar-20 19:26:47

Thanks OP. Of all the scenarios I ever prepared for, I never thought of a pandemic, I'm so annoyed at myself. It wouldn't have been hard to have half a dozen bottles of hand sanitiser and a few face masks around.

KundaliniRising Thu 12-Mar-20 19:28:11

The concept of normalcy bias

Normalcy bias is a psychological state of denial people enter in the event of a disaster, as a result of which they underestimate the possibility of the disaster actually happening, and its effects on their life and property. Their denial is based on the assumption that if the disaster has not occurred until now, it will never occur.*

Normalcy bias is a part of human nature, but beyond a limit, it can pose a serious threat to life and property. If people are not prepared for an impending disaster, it is most probably because of this psychological phenomenon.

MrsWhites Thu 12-Mar-20 19:31:18

Can I just say how great these threads are...I only joined in yesterday and although the situation is worse, I feel far calmer and prepared for it just from chatting with you ladies!

sideorderofchips Thu 12-Mar-20 19:33:18

Thank you for the new thread. I like our little community in here

MinesaPinotPlease Thu 12-Mar-20 19:33:27

All Luxembourg schools and daycare closed from Monday.

Parents to be given special paid leave.

Hospital visits banned.

Link below in French though.

Aessedaioftarvalon Thu 12-Mar-20 19:33:48

With this announcement I am isolating as I have a cough. Fortunately I don't have work this week, but I can't visit my Mum or daughters and grandchildren. I am also hoping I don't give it to my youngest as she is supposed to be doing auditions for universities in the next 2 weeks, or my husband as he has work.

At least I am prepped. I won't need to leave the house. I feel for those that didn't see this coming and now have to work out what they are going to do and how they will cope.

Oxyiz Thu 12-Mar-20 19:35:05 its Fox news so who knows how reliable this is, but I'm choosing to hold on to accounts like these and hope that everyone I know will be okay.

MinesaPinotPlease Thu 12-Mar-20 19:37:54

All schools closing in France to from Monday.

Come on Boris

IndecentFeminist Thu 12-Mar-20 19:38:38

Our school have cancelled trip to London next week, and have told teaching staff on the down low to prepare for potential closure next week or thereabouts onwards.

nannynick Thu 12-Mar-20 19:39:19

@Miaowse Oximeter quality is good (it was £11.89 plus postage. It is now £22.89 with free delivery on Amazon - AGPTEK Fingertip Pulse Oximeter). Accuracy not sure how to determine as nothing to compare it with. Did try it out on a 2 year old (who was quite reluctant) and it did not read correctly... my guess is that the fingernail was in the way of the light. So even though some say they are suitable for use by children, I guess they don't mean toddlers.

MoonlightMistletoe Thu 12-Mar-20 19:42:09

Thankyou @FuckThisWind that thread opening was emotional and comforting at the same time.

IndecentFeminist Thu 12-Mar-20 19:43:16

In terms of the illness itself, it's a puzzle to me. About a month ago I woke up with a terrible sore throat, temperature, glands up etc and got antibiotics for a throat infection. The day after I finished the course I started coughing, 10 days later cough was so bad I was really out of breath, high temp, feeling like crap. More antibiotics for a chest infection, which I finished taking over a week ago. I still have a cough, and a slightly noisy chest. Now, I by no means think this is CV19 as we have one confirmed case on whole island, and I haven't been in touch with anyone who has traveled recently etc. But my symptoms do sound a lot like it, yet at no stage in seeing docs has anyone asked anything bar "been anywhere exotic on holiday recently?" How on earth can they track something with such common symptoms?

Orchidflower1 Thu 12-Mar-20 19:44:36

How do the figures in France compare to ours?

I think macron has made the right moves but dh says france have much more than us.

Gammeldragz Thu 12-Mar-20 19:44:55

Evening all, thanks for the new thread. I've not posted much but been here since the very beginning, slowly watching people around me begin to take notice.
Back to work tomorrow after a week of training/days off and it will be interesting to see what's been happening (nurse in GP surgery), hopefully we will have our PPE and up to date guidance. Not sure how many of my patients are going to turn up, unlike the GPs, very few of my consultations can be done by phone!

Wondering when/if I will be asked to join the front line. Expect our workload in general practice will decline steeply, especially if they drop QOF requirements as I don't really want to bring our COPD and asthma patients in to the surgery just for annual checks and risk them being exposed. If PHE are on the ball, they will email all the practice nurses to ask for volunteers to help out in the Covid fight. I'd happily volunteer to do community testing but would be little use in an acute care setting as I only qualified last year and haven't worked in one. The talk of sending third year nursing students into practice is terrifying, there's no way we were ready for that!
I could do care home work though, so that's an option as I'm sure they will struggle for staff. I'm lucky as DH WFH anyway so childcare isn't an issue and I want to help the cause.

Feeling very glad I prepared for this well over a month ago, not just with physical stocks but also mentally. It's not such a dramatic adjustment if you saw it coming, I feel for the people having their Oh Fuck moments.

Posharmchairs Thu 12-Mar-20 19:45:12

Checking in.

Welcome to anyone joining. I delurked a few threads ago and am a keen cook and overly enthusiastic about dehydrated vegetables and freezing eggs.

The news is just sinking in slowly, I managed to get my parents to listen to it with us and gave them as much of a talking to as I could to take it bloody seriously. Underlying issues and old age to boot the pair of them.

Please protect your elderly loved ones, even our illustrious leader has said so many will now die before their time.

Put a “bug in” hamper together for them, tell them how much you love them.

AlohaMolly Thu 12-Mar-20 19:45:51

Thank you for the new thread - I second how fab these threads have been.

Germany doesn’t seem to be suffering as much, what have they done that’s different?

Effieray Thu 12-Mar-20 19:46:51

Thank you for new thread. Have had parents evening at secondary school this week. Felt really sorry for a lot of the teachers who had to explain why they weren't shaking hands. Antibacterial hand gel was available at entrance and exit which was good to see. Going to supermarket tomorrow at 6am to gather bits and bobs (although I am fully prepped, I am still racking my brains to think what I am missing and trying to anticipate our future needs.)

It's all the unknowns that are hard. We know how bad it can get, but we also know we will get penalised if we take our DC out of school. 🤬

sideorderofchips Thu 12-Mar-20 19:48:23

@IndecentFeminist are you a fellow channel islander?

Posharmchairs Thu 12-Mar-20 19:49:21

@AlohaMolly I feel like AM is more transparent than Borris, and the German system much more efficient.

HJWT Thu 12-Mar-20 19:53:11

Ah still kicking myself for not ordering face masks all those weeks ago! 🤦🏻‍♀️ we are lucky and can stay home but still need to go out sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️

MoonlightMistletoe Thu 12-Mar-20 19:53:48

The map tracker (gov) hasn't been updated today has it ?

Moodykat Thu 12-Mar-20 19:53:56

@Effieray secondary schools near us have cancelled parents evenings tonight. I don't blame them.

pemberlyshades Thu 12-Mar-20 19:54:28

Just checking in

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