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LucindaE Tue 23-Jul-19 15:09:55

I hope everyone suffering from the Horrors of Hyperemesis will find this thread useful as a source of support and information.
There's no TMI on here - can't be by definition - and nobody should feel ashamed of moaning as much as they feel the need to.
MOH's wonderful website is full of useful information on this illness:
Another invaluable website is:
If you need help in obtaining medication, phone them on:
024 7638 2020
Lastly, the NICE guidelines on treatment are useful:
I would like to thank everyone who has given such invaluable support and advice on this and on previous threads.
It has been suggested that I add some practical tooth cleaning advice: a lot of sufferers find using a child's small toothbrush and strawberry toothpaste far less nauseating.
On my image of a pink castle: that is an image I use because when I was little, my family had a Snakes and Ladders board with an image on the last square of a pink castle in the clouds. As Hyperemesis is so like a grotesque version of Snakes and Ladders - eat a meal, go up a ladder, first thing in the morning bile run, down a snake - I have used the image of that pink castle on the last square of that Snakes and Ladders board as a metaphor for the happy end of Hyperemesis.
Remember when you are at your worst, 'This Too Shall Pass'. It really will.
So many women on this thread have thought they couldn't get through this, but they did.

LucindaE Tue 23-Jul-19 15:11:47

Here we are. Welcome, everyone. Draw up a pile of cyber cushions and turn on the virtual fans.

Abi58 Tue 23-Jul-19 15:59:21

Thank you for creating the new thread ☺️

Em6826 Tue 23-Jul-19 16:32:08

Hello again, thanks for the new thread.

@DeadDoorpost @beforeIhit30 @LucindaELucindaE thanks so much for the advice. I can see why people put it off because I'm still at the stage where it might pass, but so far has just been getting steadily worse.

I will def. push for something when I see the dr on Thursday, given I'm still early.

I commute most days 1hr 15 and I can't handle the idea of throwing up on the train every day - it's a packed train, I'm often standing and there's nowhere to go - not nice, and then no way to rest up afterwards either.

@beforeIhit30 this is good reality check, so thank you. I'm the power through it kind of ill person, and I love my job. I think if this remains / gets worse I'm going to have to tell them early, as my team isn't big and it will become a problem fast. But also need to mentally prepare and force myself to step back from doing things.

and @Abi58 I don't know whether it's hg, but throwing up 3 times a day is certainly something I would like to avoid! and for me it's not just the throwing up - it's all day nausea and exhaustion making it very difficult to function.

I went out to my local shop this lunchtime to buy baked potatoes (so far so good by the way) and yes, that was a bad idea. Way too hot. Going to dispatch the OH for more safe food and drink.

Abi58 Tue 23-Jul-19 17:36:30

@Em6826 definitely ask the dr especially with that commute! Are you able to work closer to or from home occasionally?

Same here the throwing up is actually a relief as I feel human for about 15 mins afterwards, it's the dizziness spinning and constant nausea that are making it difficult to function.

I couldn't handle jacket potato last night which made me very sad I love jacket potato 😭 I've been nibbling on bread and watermelon lol

Blii Tue 23-Jul-19 19:01:26

Welcome newbies. Just checking in on the new thread.
Definitely push for meds, the earlier the better Em6826. I hope they work for you.
Relentless nausea for me was always way more debilitating than actually being sick, we all know how you feel Abi58, it’s nice that you get some relief after being sick, albeit for a short time.

My hospital called me today, they got my blood results back and my iron levels are still dropping so they have now prescribed me some iron tablets. The doctor actually discussed the side effects and constipation is a side effect apparently. That’s going to take me back to my ondansetron days, plus I’ve already got piles so I’m really hoping I don’t get constipated. Urgh. But it’ll be nice to (hopefully) start to feel a little less tired and fatigued constantly. They said I need another blood test in 4 weeks, whether or not baby has arrived as I may need to carry on taking the tablets after the birth.

Hope everyone is doing ok in the heat! flowers

Marshmallow1992 Tue 23-Jul-19 19:15:46

Hi everyone, I’m currently 13 weeks and have been sick several times a day since week 5. I am absolutely drained and don’t know how I’ve managed to get through it to be honest. Everyone keeps telling me that it’ll pass but it doesn’t seem to. I can barely keep anything down and have constant nausea everyday.
I’ve tried three different types of medication - none of them worked.
Is there anything out there that has worked wonders? I’m clutching at straws here but I’m literally at my wits end. I’m miserable.
Sorry for the rant, I’m delighted to be expecting my first child but the nausea and vomiting is too much to handle.

McHelenz Tue 23-Jul-19 19:18:18

Hi, I haven't commented in this group but feel I probably should join.

Im 15 + 4 weeks and been suffering with vomitting since the beginning. Prescribed PRN cyclizine with little effect but have plodded on, because sickness reduced a bit.

I've had to give in and go to the GP today because I was vomitting water and not just food. I was really shocked because they've signed me off for a week to rest and testing my thyroid function thinking that's the cause and I've got to take the cyclizine all the time. I've been lucky because im not dehydrated surprisingly.

I'm so bloody tired. This is my first and I want to enjoy this but it's so hard right now. Everyone at work says how lucky I should feel and I'm not disabled and just pregnant. Which is hard when I can barley move 😔😔

Sorry for the essay! Just nice that others understand.

DeadDoorpost Tue 23-Jul-19 19:28:46


To the newcomers... one of you mentioned the hereditary side of things... seems to be in my case. Nan and mum both suffered as am I.

Also, don't worry about taking the meds. Of they weren't safe theu wouldn't be describing them now.

It's too hot here. Really struggling

ElkieMacjibe Tue 23-Jul-19 19:56:16

Hi ladies just checking in on the new thread. 28 weeks now and managing on one ondansetron a day. Can't do that much physically but am managing to work from home on reduced hours and generally coping if I can get some extra sleep in the day. Had some sort of stomach bug/food poisoning last week for a few days and ended up being sent to MAU with 4+ ketones but managed to get them down without iv/being admitted. Anyway it reminded me how dark the early days were. Hang in there ladies there is light on the horizon. Mind you I am still counting the days til this pregnancy is done!!
Hope everyone is ok in the heat. I had a power cut today at home and was panicking about fans for me and toddler but thankfully it is back now after a few hours.

LucindaE Tue 23-Jul-19 20:19:29

Welcome to Marshmallow1992 and McHelenz.
Marshmallow I am sorry that none of the meds have helped. Was one of them Ondansetron? Many on this thread find Ondansetron and Cyzlizine, plus a laxative for the Ondansetron and an anti acid and Vitamiin B6 to be a very good combination.
McHelenz I suppose it is a good thing that they investigate all possible causes but if the thyroid tests prove negative I hope they give you stronger meds. Here is my usual welcoming spiel for both.
Do invest in kesotsitx as while they are not the best test for dehydration A and E departments in hospitals do take those measuremets seriously (I hope you won't get to the stage whre you need IV fluids but just in case). Some drinks and solids that have helped others: flat full sugar coke, ice lolllies, the juice of tinned fruit, Lucoazade, fizzy orange, lemonade, Robinson's fruit drinks, Dr Pepper, orange squash, tonic water, Elderflower water, Elderflower coridal and tonic water (eallison's tipple), soda water, Iron Bru, sips of chocolate milkshake (maybe soya), orange juice (if not too acid) and 7Up. Also, someone recommended piles of ice in drinks. For foods of a sort, nibbles of chips and crisps, cheap ice cream, tinned fruit, slices of melon and mango, baked potato, biscuits and cuppa soup.
EM6826 That commute - particlarly in this weather - sounds horrific. To avoid having to go in for puking into a plastic bag or whatever, can you get signed off for a bit besides exploring effective meds?
Tale heart, new people. A lot of people get much better somewhere between 14 and 20 weeks and even the unlucky ones who suffer throughout very rarely feel as bad as in the dreadful early weeks.
Bili Can you stomach iron tablets? They made me vomit, but I believe you can get them in drop form if they don't agree with you.
I hope everyone is coping in this heat.

LucindaE Tue 23-Jul-19 20:23:21

ElkieMacjibe Lovely to hear from you. I am so glad things are a bit better, and thank goodness your fans were on again.
DeadDoorPost [waves]. You are so right in your reassurance; I stupidly forgot to say that to whoever was worried.
There is no way that the Thalidomide horror could ever happen today. They are super careful about drugs. Cyclizine, for instance, has been used safely in pregnancy since te 1980's at least.

Marshmallow1992 Tue 23-Jul-19 20:24:27

@LucindaE I haven’t tried that medication. I’ve had stemetil and meclopromaide (sorry if the spelling isn’t correct). The stemetil did nothing and the other one gave me horrendous side effects.
I’m going to phone GP tomorrow and will mention what you said, I’m totally at my wits end as nothing has given me any sort of relief for two months.
Thank you.

Blii Tue 23-Jul-19 20:32:56

LucindaE I’ve not taken them before. I took one about half an hour ago. I don’t feel any different so far, I hope they don’t make me feel sick. How soon after taking a tablet did you vomit?
I shall let you know how I get on with them and I’ll speak to the gp again if they don’t agree with me.

DeadDoorpost Tue 23-Jul-19 20:34:42

@Marshmallow1992 take the NICE guidelines along with you just in case. If youve been recribed some already then that's a good sign. If you really struggle don't worry about going into the maternity area of your hospital. Mine has been amazing but accept that not everywhere are as good.

beforeIhit30 Tue 23-Jul-19 20:50:56

Thanks for the new thread Lucinda.

@Em6826 I was exactly the same, my commute is 1 hour both ways (but sometimes longer if there are delays on the lines), I enjoy my job and get on with the people I work with and I’m the type to soldier on when sick too. It took a really long time for me to fully adjust and accept I just couldn’t do that, but thankfully DH is really supportive and would give me short shrift when I tried to do too much! Several times I thought, “Maybe I should return to work now, it seems okay, right?” then I would do something minor like a load of laundry and get set back. “Were you thinking about going back to work?” became a sort of catchphrase of DH’s whenever stuff like that happened! I’ve actually been off my whole pregnancy and will be on mat leave soon. Some people get well enough to return, I haven’t but it’s not awful - as in, the first 20 weeks were the worst, but especially up to around 14-16 weeks. Since then I am significantly better, it’s completely different, I just can’t do my daily commute or reliably work because doing stuff takes it out of me. So for instance I can do laundry, cook, the school run, go to the shops, all things I couldn’t do before; but I might not do them all in the same day, or one day I can do a number of things but the next I’ll do next to nothing to rest and recuperate. So I feel significantly better, I don’t feel like I’m suffering like I was, but I’m just not able to work for several hours in a row let along a whole day, or work every day, or part time etc, I just don’t have the consistency to do that and maintain it so it’s better to just be off sick and take things at my own pace.

@Blii I get that with iron tablets, but it actually swings between mild constipation (only mild for me, usually don’t even need lactulose or movicol) and actually a slightly upset tummy/looser stools. The other thing is it can make stools a sort of black/green colour (sorry!) and that’s totally normal. I find that on starting the course I get the most impact, then over a week or two my digestion gets a bit more used to it - I’ve been put on them a few different times and this sort of pattern has emerged.

@Marshmallow1992 sorry to hear it’s so bad, if it’s any reassurance you’re in the thick of it now, most people start to see some gradual improvements somewhere between 14 weeks and 20 weeks - not necessarily gone but eg less vomiting, nausea episodes breaking up more or less nausea overall. Key is to just rest and take each day at a time. I believe there are other meds and also combinations of meds and vitamins that can be helpful - I think it’s B6 they give sometimes which seems to help? As well as combining multiple meds. Hopefully someone here will be able to share their experience of that.

@McHelenz sorry it’s so rough for you too. I have hypothyroidism and there are actually a few people on this thread with thyroid problems. There is a link between thyroid issues and HG, it’s not 100% clear why or what the link is but a current theory is that the connection may be due to thyroid hormones and pregnancy hormones being chemically similar. Have you been working all throughout? If so you really have soldiered through! But that may also contribute to your sickness, even basic exertion can make it much worse so definitely follow your GP’s lead there, rest up (properly, not whizzing around your home or doing tasks etc, just rest) and see how you feel, it may make a world of difference and it may help to reduce hours or take a longer period of sick leave, depending on how things go. Also with all respect, your colleagues haven’t got a clue what they’re on about. This is my third child, and it’s not normal to be vomiting water at 15 weeks. You are actually ill, this is a proper illness which affects 1-2% of pregnant women - it is not just a side effect of pregnancy, and no one can work being horrendously nauseous or vomiting! Just think - would I just carry on as normal if I wasn’t pregnant? If the answer is no, or even just maybe not, then listen to that and think about how expectations may need to be adjusted. Being pregnant doesn’t suddenly mean we should have to work through vomit, pain, dizziness etc confused (you may have noticed now that this is a rant topic for me grin)

@DeadDoorpost the heat is horrendous and due to increase, I’m just glad I’m not in other parts of Europe where it’s even hotter.

@ElkieMacjibe oh how rotten to get food poisoning/bug, glad it’s better now but not nice at all. And then a power cut! At least you can have fans again now, I’ve been sitting directly in the stream of the fan all day!

McHelenz Tue 23-Jul-19 21:28:47

@beforeihit30 this is my first signed off period of sickness. I had 3 days off at 7 weeks when I started cyclizine, then I've pretty much just been sick at work and carried on. I guess to add to it, I'm a nurse and do one 13.5 hour shift a week so I guess I really do just need a good chill out!! It's also nice for others to know I'm not putting this on to get out of work!

@LucindaE thanks for the tips! Doc did say do the regular cyclizine for a week then she'd change it if it didn't get better so that's good. I'll look at the foods! Some on that list do set me off but I'm willing to try anything x

DeadDoorpost Tue 23-Jul-19 22:28:26

before my Dbro is in France where it's been contntly 38 or above for the last few weeks. Mil keep reminding me not to go out in this weather which I won't do except tomorrow for the GP appt for PND

Marshmallow1992 Wed 24-Jul-19 09:14:22

So I phoned the GP surgery this morning and got a receptionist who wasn’t very pleasant! She told me as I’ve already had two types of medication they won’t give me anymore. I was quite angry and told her how much I was struggling so she said she would ask the doctor what else they can do.

TwoShades1 Wed 24-Jul-19 12:29:22

Just checking in on the new thread. I’m nearly 28 weeks now and sickness is still staying away. Sometimes feel a touch queasy in the mornings so slightly worried that it could be creeping back in. But fingers crossed it stays away!

Teddyreddy Wed 24-Jul-19 19:23:47

@beforeIhit30 thanks for the comments on the the low call, high fat diet - very reassuring.

@Marshmallow1992 if you don't get anywhere trying to get ondensatron, you can combine the medications youve already got which I found much more effective. With horrible side effects on the metaclopramide, how long did you try it for - it really upset my tummy for about 4/5 days but then did settle down.

I have now got an induction date for next week, hoping it cools down a bit as the antenatal / postnatal ward is apparently grimly hot even on a normal summer day and I could be there for quite a few days.

LucindaE Wed 24-Jul-19 19:39:58

Bili I found that taking the tablet lead to vomiting within half an hour or so - so if you haven't had that, hopefull all will be well. I wanted to advise you about the availablility of iron drops, which I'd never heard of.
DeadDoorPost A good idea about those guidelines. I hope all is reasonably OK.
McHelenz I used to find doing twelve hour shifts n the library exhuasting without Hyperemesis. That sounds really stressful doing a thirteen and a half hour a shift as a nurse with Hyperemesis. I only hope the loos are to hand. I do hope you find some drinks or foods to help on the list.
TwoShades1 I am so glad that things are so much better and I do hope the mild morning sickness never relapses into anything worse. At 28 weeks the big day suddenly seems quite near.

LucindaE Wed 24-Jul-19 19:40:36

Teddyreddy Ah, and I meant to say, congratulations on having your induction date.

beforeIhit30 Thu 25-Jul-19 09:55:28

@McHelenz a nurse and a really long shift! Yes, a good chill out is probably definitely in order grin see how it goes and take it from there, most people don’t want to stop or reduce working, the reality is even though most of us likely work because we have to (as in, we’re not independently wealthy!) most people enjoy going to work in some way, getting out, being busy, having an impact, seeing other people, so reducing or pausing that can feel really weird and a hard adjustment at first. But, it can make a huge difference to the sickness. I do what I think is a relatively non-taxing job - as in physically, I suppose it is mentally taxing (and sometimes frustrating) but the main physical impact is I often find myself eating my lunch in record time or late in the day and there’s a bit of dashing from one meeting to another, so it’s not really a physical job at all! But, I did some work for a couple of hours when I was around 20-something weeks - maybe 26-ish weeks? - fairly low stress, just mentally engaging, at home, on the laptop, for a couple of hours. I progressively began to feel worse and it ended in me spending 45 minutes that evening lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs, as I couldn’t go any further and the nausea had struck me with a vengeance! It’s surprising just what can take it out of you.

@DeadDoorpost I hope they’re coping! It’s supposed to get to 38C today here, I’ve told DH we are attempting absolutely nothing bar surviving the day grin let the DC splash in the bath or paddling pool (we have a very shaded part to our garden which sees no sun until late afternoon, so we’ll see how it feels), and just minimise all effort!

@Teddyreddy great that you have your induction date, I think you said you didn’t have the best experience with it before but hopefully this means you can plan and hopefully avoid some of past experience or at least make it as easy as possible. Have you got one of those travel fans? The battery powered ones, they’re usually handheld or you can fold the handle so it stands on a flat surface, they’re only a few inches across but quite effective for some extra breeze. Also maybe something like a Chillow (those big gel pad things that you can put in a pillow case or on the bed), they can be surprisingly good at cooling down at least for a bit. I find all hospital wards seem to be terribly warm, even in the middle of winter confused

composed Thu 25-Jul-19 13:53:12

Hi all its been a while confused. Sorry to hear so many are suffering esp in this heat its horrible!

To the person who said the receptionist refused any further meds, that’s not her job! Ask for a telephone consultation with one of the dr’s.

Sorry to not name check I’m 21 weeks and haven’t been able to keep up with the thread much lately, have really bad depression and anxiety.

I hope everyone is trying to stay as cool as possible atm, oh an dairy is a defo no no for me tried a yogurt after months and promptly threw up after having a good few weeks of no vomit.

LucindaE hope you’re well x

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