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Day 1 of potty training.

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MrsAukerman Thu 08-Jun-17 10:53:35

Nothing in the potty or toilet yet.
He's had 4 accidents.
DH insisting we carry on. I'm not sure he's ready.
Opinions please!
Do we just need to persist a little more?

MrsAukerman Thu 08-Jun-17 11:35:28

Update : big wee on the potty!!!

MrsAukerman Sun 11-Jun-17 08:39:16

Day 1
4 accidents, then afternoon fine.
Day 2
3 accidents then afternoon fine.
Day 3
1 accident then fine.
Evening of day 3 enormous poo on the toilet.

Today is day 4.
Great progress. Glad I didn't give up.
So proud!

HSMMaCM Sun 11-Jun-17 09:21:00

How old is he?

Justanothersingledoutnumber Sun 11-Jun-17 13:30:05

congratulations, sounds like he's getting it.

MrsAukerman Sun 11-Jun-17 13:30:07


Day 4 today. Complete success so far.

hayli Sun 11-Jun-17 13:32:03

oh wow wonderful and well done on not giving upsmile
I want to ask how did you know ur child was ready?

MrsAukerman Sun 11-Jun-17 14:48:02

We started putting him on the toilet before bath a couple of months ago as we noticed he often did a wee as soon as he got in. Then we noticed if we asked before we went up there he sometimes said he didn't need one. So I guess we knew he knew when he did and didn't need a wee.
Also read pirate Pete with him most days for about a month beforehand.

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