January 2008 Shiny New Year Toddlers - I want it nooooooooooooooow!!!

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madmouse Thu 24-Sep-09 12:35:12

Here's new thread - enjoy smile

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simpson Thu 24-Sep-09 12:49:36

Just getting onto new thread smile

LaTrucha Thu 24-Sep-09 13:05:56

(LaTrucha steps through the doo of the new thread looking please as punch and says)

those are evry cool cutters! grin

Gingeme Thu 24-Sep-09 13:23:54

smile x

JustKeepSwimming Thu 24-Sep-09 13:28:43

new thread yey

I know LaT - they are fab!!
(might have to get some.....)
<imagines DH's face when i buy yet more crap stuff for the kitchen...>

AngeChica Thu 24-Sep-09 19:59:00

found you

LaTrucha Thu 24-Sep-09 22:06:45


Gingeme Fri 25-Sep-09 12:49:02

Afternoon ladies. How are we all?
Just got back from a McMillan coffee morning. It was the same hall as Friday playgroup which was handy. Thoroughly enjoyed the home made cakes as did George grin
Got a brilliant weekend lined up. My Mum is coming today. It is her birthday tomorrow and we have got tickets for Hairspray. DH is taking the boys out for the day so Mum and I have got the day to ourselves.
Sunday we are going out for a family meal. Even my sister is coming with her kids which is a very rare occasion hmm so if I'm not here over the weekend thats why.
I hope you all have good ones whatever your doing and enjoy the sunshine grin

Lilyloo Fri 25-Sep-09 20:20:28

Gingeme i am all caked out grin too!!!

Love the new thread title , MM sorry you not too good !

Have been shopping today and blown my meagre clothes budget in Primark grin got lot's of sleep clothes , underwear and socks and spent quite a bit blush
sad lost M blanket though , she will have any celular blanket but this one was H and passed on to M and was all threadbare but i feel very sad emotional at loosing it.
Think it's in that jumble of clothes on the floor at Primark grin
Does anyone get involved with the mn xmas santa on here ?
Off to Leeds to visit Il's this weekend.
Have a good one all!

JustKeepSwimming Sat 26-Sep-09 08:55:41

Gingeme - have a fab day

Lily - that's so sad about the blanket worth going back to see if it was handed in?
Have never done the santa thing, wouldn't mind giving it a try but have no idea how it works blush
Have a good weekend with ILs.

madmouse - hope you have a better few days ahead x

T up at 5.55 today. 8am yesterday. inconsistent?!

Meant to be going to PC World with my dad this morning to use the card we got for the break-in months ago to buy him some printer cartridges. But only DH's name on the card, not sure if he has to go - hoping to ring and speak to someone first.

Then parents off to see Cliff in London tonight. We've got a quiet few days coming up (hopefully anyway!) as we were meant to be going away next week so have nothing in diaries.
H ok, slept last night so hopefully teeth are calming down.

Sun shining, more laundry to hang out, must get washed and dressed...

simpson Sat 26-Sep-09 11:06:45

Hi all

Got a busy day today smile

J got a last minute invitation to a birthday party which is today. Had better check my toyshop attic I think!!

I cannot beleive that J has only just turned 4 and is at school with someone who is 5 today shock

M made me crack up laughing this morning. Was having a conversation with her about all the things she can have when she is a big girl ie bike and skooter which is she very into and can actually ride J's skooter in the house.

Anyway was not 100% sure what she understood but once I had finished talking about the things she could have she said "bed" so I guess she wants that added to list!!
grin grin

LaTrucha Sat 26-Sep-09 13:20:03

Hi all,

Hello Kitty PJ's arrived today but I seem to have ordered them in an age 2-3 so they are too small for me. Oh well! Will have to give them to Sabela.... grin

Simpson - shock what else was on the list!?

JKS - have a lovely time!

Lilyloo- sad about the blanket. I haven't done the secret santa. do you?

Gingeme - hope you're having a happy busy time.

Am bidding on knitted cakes and a toy hob on ebay. Very excited about the knitted cakes. They look fab! Those might be for Sabela too, but sometimes I'm not sure!

JustKeepSwimming Sat 26-Sep-09 20:21:14

Simpson - grin for M, so how long til she's in a bed then?!

LaT - Pmsl at the pjs!!!
Knitted cakes sound cool.
<hugs fellow eBay-buyer of kids toysgrin>

Well H had a bad day today

Think he was up: 2hrs
asleep: 3hrs
up with big cluster of nods & absences: 45mins shock
asleep: 3.5hrs
up with another big cluster: 1.5hrs

Not great. Cold not bothering him anymore, teeth didn't seem to be either. So no excuses. Drugs just not working.
Ho hum.

And parents left & both DH & I agree they are useless

So thinking about paid help post-op (have started a thread in childminders).

Am drinking wine & watching Strictly - saving X-Factor for later as Dh announced he kind of enjoys it...shock grin

simpson Sat 26-Sep-09 21:38:40

JKS - sorry to hear H had a bad day sad I thought the drugs were working?

Is he on AB's or anything from his chest infection which may affect them?

Was not planning to put M in a bed for another yr or so but she may have other ideas grin

Went to a birthday party today and M had a great time trying to join in with musical statues/bumps etc grin

Gingeme Sun 27-Sep-09 12:07:08

Afternoon ladies.
Had a terrible afternoon yesterday. DH went to his sisters with the boys at 11.30 so Mum and I had a bit of lunch and slowly got ready. Left at 1.30 to get to theatre for 3. Just got the end of my road and Mum tripped and fell. Took quite a while for her to get up even with 3 people offering help. I rang my Dad who lives about 10 mins away. He picked us up and took us to hospital. Wasn't there too long after x rays etc. She hasn't broken anything but has her left hand in a brace and sling and 2 black eyes and a fat nose sad We have put an accident claim in. They will ring tomorrow.
Not sure if the box office will re schedule the tickets for another show. I will also ring them tomorrow.
She looks pretty rough today but slept quite well. We are still going for a meal later but someone will have to cut her food up for her smile
Apart from that all is well here. smile

madmouse Sun 27-Sep-09 16:18:04

Ginge so sorry to hear of your mum's fall - that is so scary sad

can I (professionally) offer some caution on the accident claim thing? Most of these companies are cons and if there is a case a good reputable local solicitor will do a proper insure no win no fee agreement.

Sorry - had to get that off my chest x

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Lilyloo Sun 27-Sep-09 20:03:43

Ginge so sorry to hear of your mum sad

Jks and to hear H drugs not working , is it your parents who came over ? My sympathy for lack of support , my dad is the same and since my mum died i feel like he cannot give me any help. Was lovely to spend weekend with il's who were actually pleased to spend some time with dc's!! Hope you get some answers in your childcare ad. Were there not any good nursery nurses you could poach from boys nursery ?

Simps hope J enjoyed party! Phew for the attic grin

LaT and hope S enjoyed her pj's! L loves Hello Kitty , lot's of it in H&M

Yeah i do get involved with secret santa. I was lucky enough to to get nominated two years ago so now try and return the kindness. You only email your nominations to santa ,and can offer a pressie if you want where you will get matched with recipient, sticky at top of page explains it all!

JustKeepSwimming Sun 27-Sep-09 20:35:33

Gingeme - shock hope your mum is ok? not just the injury, more the shock of falling over i think.
Hope you get a refund on your tickets too

Lilyloo - yes it was my parents who came up and were crap. my dad was actually better than i would have expected but my mum is really useless

For e.g.: after a meal (cooked by DH), they will get up and leave table, wander into living room and sit down.
PIL wouldn't dream of it, in fact FIL insists that the dishwasher is his job when he's here.

(and anyway MIL would have cooked....)

<and breathe>

Will look at secret santa thingie, maybe if i get time, always mean to do it.

Simps - no H's abs have finished, he doesn't need the inhaler anymore, his teeth have calmed down (the buggers won't fully come out still!). there is nothing interfering. he has just had 2 days of hardly any awake time + lots of spasms/nods.

The nurse/contact at GOSH doesn't work mondays, but will leave a message for her to pick up tues morning. We need to try the steroids asap - a 2 week course - and see if they will do something positive.

We also are noticing some lack of co-ordination in his eyes & a lack of strength in his left hand
were these things always there, or are we just noticing them...?

T is fab though, cheers us up no end

And we were meant to be going away this week, from tomorrow, but we aren't, but means DH is around with no appointments, yey.

Gingeme Sun 27-Sep-09 20:52:38

Thankyou ladies.
MM I got the number from the hospital for the claim smile I left an email for the ticket office. Just have to wait and see now.
We managed to go for a lovely meal today at an Italian resteraunt a rl friend recomended. My sis and niece and nephew came too which was lovely. My boys were on pretty good behaviour and ate loads smile
Mums got to go to the ear nose and throat dept of the hospital tomorrow at 2. My Dad is taking her. Don't think I could stand watching her being poked and prodded again sad
Well going to watch Doc Martin at 9 then probably off to bed. x

simpson Mon 28-Sep-09 11:22:06

Hi all

sad to hear about your mum's fall gingeme

JKS - how is H in himserlf? is he still a bit more alert or sleeping lots again?

Have you got date for surgery yet?

All ok here. J seems to be settling in well at school and TBH M is much easier to deal with on her own smile

Less temper tantrums and she seems happy to potter about etc smile

Have gone totally dairy/soya free again as her bum is red raw sad but think do think she is not reacting as badly as she was to dairy but soya is a definate no no ATM sad

Rather horrid pong coming from M so best go and change her grin

LaTrucha Mon 28-Sep-09 15:12:43

Hello all,

JKS - sorry to hear of unsupportive parents. I know what it's like top feel let down and it must feel particularly pants just now. Sounds like it's something worth splashing out on TBH if you can find someone you like.

Gingeme -how's your mum today?

Simpson - sounds like a good plan re dairy. Poor wee bum!

Lily - thinking about secret santa now.

Just bumbling along here. I got very excited as I've been trying to persuade DH that Sabela would love a wee cooker. He saw her playing with one on Sunday and was a total convert - until he saw the prices! Am now bidding on a table top hob as a makeshift. Any opinions?

I finally have time off now. DH is taking Sabela on Saturdays. They go out in the morning and afternoon (or I do) and I do lunch and bath so she doesn't get miffed. It's bliss. Now I need to get motivated to walk to the swimming pool. Have slipped backwards on diet. I want to lose 10k for Sabela's 2nd birthday - the last of the baby weight blush

Gingeme Mon 28-Sep-09 16:05:20

Good luck with the diet LaT smile We got a little toy cooker from Freecycle last year for Edward because he played with one every Friday at playgroup. He played with it and all the plastic food and pots and pans we bought for it Christmas Day then it was stuck in the corner of the bedroom never to be played with againsad
Everythings a bit pants as far as Mum is concerned sadShe says her right wrist hurts today and is swolen and both her eyes are black ! She said she felt useless this morning sad The claims company rang and said they need to do a site test , the pavement needs to be an inch high, but they havn't rand back yet. She had an appt at the ENT dept for 2 pm . Dad took her to be told its not open today and have made an appt for tomorrow angry they are currently in the x ray dept waiting for an x ray on her wrist and chest.
Doesn't help George woke at 4 am with a high temp and runny nose. Bought him onto our bed after Calpol and a drink where he fell asleep at about 5. DH decided to put him back in his cot where he woke and cried again for about another hour hmm
He's been okish today. Had an early nap and hasn't eaten much sad
On a brighter note he now says 'mummy' Nanny' Diddid' (David) and 'bickit' I think we all know what that one is smile
Well I just hope Mums not too long waiting for x rays.
Better get the kettle on. A cuppa is definately called for. x

simpson Mon 28-Sep-09 16:46:47

Gingeme - sad for your mum sad

Hope George feels better soon. M says bibbit grin Funny how they learn that word pretty quick hmm

LaT - good luck with diet.

I have got M a toy kitchen from the Entertainer which was reduced. She will get it for Christmas.

madmouse Tue 29-Sep-09 15:28:42

Hi all

I have a lot of very sad teenage friends - you may have heard about the girl who died after her cervical cancer jab - it happened at our local Church of England secondary. So two upset goddaughters and their equally upset brother, an upset 11 year old who held open the door for the stretcher on the way to the ambulance, a worried mum-friend whose daugther was one of those who also fell ill from the jab and who knew on her way to the doctors that Natalie was extremely poorly.

Need to find out how 12 year old daughter of close friends is doing too - my facebook home page is a bit of a sad place! sad

Gingeme how's your mum
JKS hope to find out how things are with you today - prob out tonight to N&S as things at home quite stressed.

LaT to me you didn't look like you had to lose that much - but you need to find a weight you are happy with!

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simpson Tue 29-Sep-09 15:35:23

Madmouse - that is so sad sad sad

Is a terrible tragedy sad

Do they think it is definately linked to the injection?

Lilyloo - how is L coping with school? J is very tired and ratty in the afternoon/eves which is tough going ATM <sigh>

JKS - good luck with today smile

Gingeme - how is your mum today?

LaT - did you manage to get a cheap oven/cooker for Sabela?

Ange - did you watch all of match? I gave up after 4th goal blush

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