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December 2006 - Stairgates and cupboard locks at the ready!

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MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Fri 16-May-08 20:18:26

Couldn't think of anything contraversial!

Indith Fri 16-May-08 20:28:47

Works for me Margo!

Hope all the bugs and beasties are improving, pox is behaving and backs unsticking.

Gardens sound lovely, wish mine was a little more than a (badly) concreted yard!

Ds has been up the past 3 nights, he is also starting to not go to sleep when put down He has always gone to sleep when put down! Probably just the light, we have blackouts but it still gets in. As for the nights, who knows, teeth, excema itching.....meh.

Not heard back from tests so either they are being slow or it is just pg tiredness with exams on top. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, at least if there was something they could wave a magic wand and fix it! Have been a bit better today though, have lots of ready made foods in the fridge, cooked chicken, pasta salad etc and 5 or 6 mouse sized portions through the day seems to help. Booked in with the MW today so I'm all officially pg

Indith Fri 16-May-08 20:29:55

Doh! Knew I'd miss something, good luck moving Jabber!

If I've missed anyone else then (hugs) good luck*

*delete as appropriate

Indith Fri 16-May-08 20:30:20

Margo you are Margo!

FunkyGlassSlipper Fri 16-May-08 20:33:12

Title works for me too. Very appropriate for DD2 who has an obsession with opening the fridge, an closing the living room doors atm.

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Fri 16-May-08 20:42:17

Yes - I am Margo once more! (I'll still be the one with the big boobies though wink)

Olihan Fri 16-May-08 20:57:08

I think we should have a 2 posts a day limit each. I keep having to change my homepage every time we start a new thread grin.

Hope the move goes okay, Jabber.

Indith, ds2 is still all over the shop with his sleep, I go through your list every night but am still no closer to the holy grail of consistent all night sleep. We had the 3 whole weeks at the beginning of april but since then..........meh (very good expression, btw, am going to have that one!)

Eli, sympathies on the back. I twanged mine once and it was so painful. The thought of having to look after dcs at the same time is awful. Is DH about this weekend?

BP, forgot to say hooray for the walking yesterday smile.

FGS, hope dd2's pox isn't too bad, I think littlies cope with it better than older ones.

We never had cupboard locks for ds1 or dd but ds2 is obsessed with dishwasher tablets (apparently our dishwasher needs 16 tablets per cycle hmm) and today he managed to open one so they are going on tomorrow. So very apt for us too!

We don't have a stairgate though, as ds1 tried to swing on it and pulled the door frame it was attached to down. We figured it was safer to do without after that.

GodzillasBumcheek Fri 16-May-08 21:14:41

Did any of you eyes just blur when i go on these long-running threads -
I just panic and think...i can't remember who i need to congratulate/hug/commiserate/wish good luck. sad

And if i use Olihan's post as a guide that's just plainly cheating!
Might as well just say 'Hi' and be done with it!

LenniEd Fri 16-May-08 21:51:03

Hi grin grin

Calmriver Fri 16-May-08 21:51:45

Come on guys, the weather is getting better...who is up for a meet in Kingston soon.???

Calmriver Fri 16-May-08 21:53:59

Oh, and please can someone help me with ideas for DH's birthday!!!Please!Something special and fun,x

babypowder Fri 16-May-08 22:26:03

Calm, I hate trying to think of interesting things to do for DHs birthday. So I just focus on the big ones now. He's 50 next year, so we're going to have a bit of a bash in Vancouver. I just gave him clothes and stuff this year, and bought some fab food for a picnic.
(And made Nigella's sour cream cake, but really that was more for me wink)

I am sooo envious of those who have children that sleep through the night.

I'm a bit lost with everyone at the moment (a bit like Indith and Godzilla. Nice that we've got a shiny new thread, though!

Eli, mind that back. I hadn't realised how much I took it for granted until it stopped working!

jabberwocky Fri 16-May-08 23:12:29

Sleeping thru? Who's sleeping thru? envy Evidently my children don't consider it a priority until well over 2 years old hmm

accessorizequeen Fri 16-May-08 23:45:03

I should be able to keep up for about two days, I guess!

envy meeting up, that would be grand!

jabber, fingers crossed move goes well and you're going to be happy in your new home! I have moved a LOT but not quite as much as Lennied.

friends with 9 mo twins have just left and it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. Gorgeous kids but they never nap for longer than 10 minutes and not at the same time argggh. Mine WILL NOT be doing that, of course! I could see that already having two and dealing with logistics of that will make it easier for me to cope, which was good. They were boy /girl twins so nice to see the interaction AND ds2 was not remotely jealous when I held them. I had girl twin in my sling this arvo and she was darling.

[sending sleep vibes to just about everyone!]

[sending anti-bad chicken pox vibes to fgs's house]

[waves at other pg dec 96'ers]

accessorizequeen Fri 16-May-08 23:45:41

dec 06'ers!

LenniEd Sat 17-May-08 14:30:33

No, not sleeping through here grin - we were OK for a couple of weeks and then she seems to have forgotten what that is again. Oh well, wouldn't want to break the trend. smile

Calmriver Sat 17-May-08 16:05:02

Huh! DD1 is 4 in August and has slept through in her own bed 2 or 3 times EVER! and DD2 once or twice, BUT put them in my bed and we all have peaceful sleeps!

They go down in theirs at night, but sod it...when they come through,they just come through and sleep in ours!......

'4 in the bed and the LITTLE one said ROLL OVER ROLL OVER!!!'

But we love it..!

Calmriver Sat 17-May-08 16:06:19

Think we all need to see some up dated pics! Anyone remember how to do it!?

babypowder Sat 17-May-08 18:13:47

Calm, we are exactly the same! (Of course, DD1 will be 6 in July, so we're maybe starting to push it). I just so want either a full night's sleep or a much bigger bed grin

Will try to put some pics on later.

GodzillasBumcheek Sat 17-May-08 21:27:03

Hi again! Glad i'm not the only one struggling to keep up grin
Only problem with me at the moment is getting DD to drink enough milk...other than that i could boast (sleeping and talking-wise) but you'd probably tell me to fark orf blush

GodzillasBumcheek Sat 17-May-08 21:30:28

Oh..apart from the bedroom sharing thing. That's just annoying in our house. DD3 does not share our bed - just the bedroom. She is still brought downstairs at 11pm (no dream-feed now though, she just stays asleep) and goes in her cot downstairs...meaning we can't go and get things from our room, or have, er, marital relations, between 7 and 11pm, and we can't get anything from downstairs, or use the laptop between 11 and 7am angry

Elibean Sat 17-May-08 21:32:00

God no, not only one finding it hard to keep up - me too, always!

Well, since its the first time since she was born, I shall boast: dd2 has slept through about 6/7 nights this past week - if you do'nt count me shushing her when she coughs and cries at least once. I have a talk button on the intercom, works a treat wink

FGS, how is dd2? My dd1 fell asleep on the floor watching dvd after supper (unheard of) and has a sore throat, dd2 has been the Grump from Hell all spots as yet...

Elibean Sat 17-May-08 21:35:50

Have to get thsi off my chest, sorry - saw the surgeon who did my hysteroscopy, this morning: he shuffled papers, then said 'we bring people in like this to tell them bad news' at which point I went cold and then hot. He saw my face and said 'oh no, but in this instance we don't have any bad news to tell you, so sorry, I put that badly'

That'll be ten new white hairs, then angry

Elibean Sat 17-May-08 21:36:40

Also, well done Margo for starting new thread smile

GodzillasBumcheek Sat 17-May-08 21:40:05

Lol...sorry, but you just made me snigger over the horror film DH and BIL are watching!

Congrats on the sleeping, btw. A hysteroscopy? I think i was booked in for that at one it the checking one (to see if there are obstructions/etc?). Sorry i am so bad remembering stuff.

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