April 07 - where has our thread gone?

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SharpMolarBear Sun 14-Oct-07 09:48:50


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SharpMolarBear Sun 14-Oct-07 09:49:52

Oh I thought you'd all been naughty and it had been deleted

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geordiemacmummy Sun 14-Oct-07 09:52:53

eh whats going?

SharpMolarBear Sun 14-Oct-07 09:53:51

yesterday's thread has vanished - I thought people had been naughty last night. It looks as though MN had some problems yesterday and the thread was one of the victims!

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geordiemacmummy Sun 14-Oct-07 09:55:19

there were a few word exchanged etween a couple of peopl, then MN crashed then i went to bed...

SharpMolarBear Sun 14-Oct-07 10:03:57

a few words? what? who?
(was worried my cat faux pas had kicked off for a sec)

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oooggs Sun 14-Oct-07 10:05:49

thats good - no evidence of my drunken Friday night [grin

oooggs Sun 14-Oct-07 10:06:02


oooggs Sun 14-Oct-07 10:20:25

it is worrying that mn goes down for hours and when it is back our thread has gone hmm

oooggs Sun 14-Oct-07 10:25:07

this is Eddas' thread to tech to where our thread has gone so we can all keep tabs on a reply

oooggs Sun 14-Oct-07 10:25:51

I hope you are all having a good Sunday cos I am here talking to myself hmm

elkiedee Sun 14-Oct-07 10:41:39

Well, glad to see that Mumsnet at least is back! Wondering what I was going to do without it!

dp is not being very darling this morning. Apparently asking if the washing is still in the machine is a criticism and so is throwing away an empty plastic bag but constantly snapping and yelling at me is perfectly normal reasonable behaviour.

Eddas Sun 14-Oct-07 11:30:21

they've not taken much notice of my threadhmm

Was in a foul mood this morningangry dh failed to get up with dc's and even when I sadi 'i'll do it' 'again' he still stayed putangry But then I went off to get changedwink and accidently go into bed and went back to sleepgrin

Not sure where they all are now as there's no one in the house and dh's keys have gonehmm I reckon the park down the roadhmm Nice of him to leave a notehmm

nappynuttynormabutty Sun 14-Oct-07 11:36:07

The thread got deleted because I reported a few posts and asked for those posts to be deleted. I guess MNHQ decided it would be easier to delete the whole thread.

Eddas Sun 14-Oct-07 11:37:22

Ah! that explains it!

nappynuttynormabutty Sun 14-Oct-07 11:44:00

I got an email from MN admin saying they were going to delete the posts but they were having trouble with their deleting system so it could also mean they accidentally deleted the thread rather than just the posts hmm

elkiedee Sun 14-Oct-07 11:44:02

D feels as though he has a slight temperature although he's not showing other symptoms. I'm getting really anxious.

After previous experiences, D's health is the area where I feel least confident.

nappynuttynormabutty Sun 14-Oct-07 11:47:49

Oh Elkie, hope D's ok. I know what you mean tho, I don't feel confident about the health stuff. Is he maybe just a bit hot? Could you open a window or remove a layer of clothing perhaps? If you think his temp is too high try giving some Calpol (think it's meant to bring temps down). If you get really worried call nhs direct.

Eddas Sun 14-Oct-07 11:48:20

elkie, is it just a slight temp or more than that? Don't wnat to ask silly Q's but he's not got too many clothes on?

Eddas Sun 14-Oct-07 11:49:28

x-posts nutty, yes calpol is what I would give if there's no other symptoms. Would try stripping him to his vest first though.

Eddas Sun 14-Oct-07 11:51:00

just checked and car seat's gone, so where has he gone with themhmm A note would be niceangry

Eddas Sun 14-Oct-07 11:51:11

or a text

nappynuttynormabutty Sun 14-Oct-07 11:53:57

angry @ your dh Eddas, tho I think it's a man thing - they don't seem to think that we might wonder where they are or when they'll be back. Dh did it to me one weekend when he took Erin swimming, I had no idea if I had to stay in and wait for them or what.

Eddas Sun 14-Oct-07 12:03:23

ah well, i think i'll carry on regardlessgrin going to wash my hair and enjoy the peace. No crying/whinging/'mama ing'/or fighting.

i could text but TBH can't really be arsed. I know they're fine. I'm pretty sure they've gone to the park. I'm not sure dh has taken ds any foodhmm so they'll be backgrin

weepotion Sun 14-Oct-07 12:38:48

morning folks. MN seemeed to be down for ages last night - ended up going to bed early!
had a lovely time yesterday with LW (+S) and GM (-C).
C seems a bit sleepy today so not surewhat we wil do. the flat is a tip but not going to waste a sunday on that!

i hope the elusive eddas family return soon!

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