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Your top PFB (precious first born) moments!

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Gemmitygem Wed 27-Jun-07 16:51:51

I've been blushing recently thinking how I've been with DS, 9 months... I've:

- insisted on him having TWO towels beneath him when coming out of the bath so he doesn't risk his main drying towel being wet and unpleasant..

-crying with rage when MIL picked him up out of his cot when he was asleep (OK he was a week old)

- stick his day's menu to the fridge and make two separate dishes for him every day

- always turned him so he can't see a TV if we're out in a cafe (needless to say he's not seen any TV at home apart from the opening sequence of Sound of Music

- get very stressed if his bedsheet isn't the way up so he can see the animals properly

- become aggressive when justifying why he can't crawl yet by saying that my friend whose a doctor said his emotional reactions are highly developed

I could go on.... come on, I'm sure someone has worse ones!

whomovedmychocolate Wed 27-Jun-07 16:52:58

I do the TV bit. We don't have a TV. That's not too bad IMHO - TVs are not good.

MaloryTowers Wed 27-Jun-07 16:54:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

theUrbanDryad Wed 27-Jun-07 16:56:48

i got slightly obsessive about the temperature of ds' bathwater. now i dunk a toe in, and if he doesn't yell, it's ok. i also used to fence him in on the sofa so he wouldn't roll off. after 5 months of not rolling off, i didn't do it. turned by back for 5 seconds. <<thunk>> waaaaaaaaail!!

LiliAnjelika Wed 27-Jun-07 18:32:32

My history as a parents reads as follows:

Sterilising the steriliser

Sterilising plastic toys

Checking on room temperature three times a night

Buying cat nets for cot, moses basket, pram, playpen. Basically going nuts over cats who never go near dd anyway.

Refusing to microwave anything for fear of hot spots.

Pulling pram backwards for two miles to avoid a little bit of mild afternoon sun cos I had no Factor 40 sunblock on me

Gave up on no TV though after about nine months. Now it is my dark secret. I could go on and on but dd is now clamouring for CBeebies. How things change....

MadamePlatypus Wed 27-Jun-07 18:43:21

obsessively keeping the bit of cardboard from John Lewis pack of sheets advising what combo of sleep suit and vest and no. of blankets DS should have at what temperature.

Weegle Wed 27-Jun-07 19:01:05

I wrote down what time DS fed, how much, sleep etc for the first few weeks to try and figure out his routine (AKA Baby Whisperer), what a waste of time!

Now I realise that I'm too lazy to really succumb to PFB syndrome. But we have the most enormous photo collection.

daisyboo Wed 27-Jun-07 19:11:23

whipping DS clothes off and changing him as soon as he got even the tiniest bit of spit on him. (he was a very pukey that lasted all of four weeks then I just used a muslin square as a giant bib)

Buying lots of little soft baby shoes so he was always colour co-ordinated.

theUrbanDryad Wed 27-Jun-07 19:11:25

ah yes Weegle, i am the baby paparazzi (see my profile for a small fraction of the thousands of photos i've taken)

smoggie Wed 27-Jun-07 19:30:25

Ahem...I kept a record of how much milk ds1 took at each feed when weaning onto formula - not too bad you think...well, I entered it onto an excel spreadsheet with row total, sdaily totals and weekly totals...i then took it to the health visitor to see if he was getting enough .
Only just managed to stop myself from plotting it on a graph at the last moment.
Ohh the shame
What else - had a webcam baby monitor over ds1's cot whcih then connected to our TV in our bedroom so that we could watch him all night.

sar123 Wed 27-Jun-07 19:33:08

asking dp to leave the room because he was "eating too loudly" and disturbing dd who i was just starting to wean at the time.

theUrbanDryad Thu 28-Jun-07 10:56:57

smoggie that's hilarious!

ColdComfort Thu 28-Jun-07 11:00:51

Rubbing neat baby shampoo in my eyes. To see if it stung.

Actually, it didn't, but I still didn't use it.

Route planning my walks into town to avoid crossing any roads that didn't have proper crossings.

Kicking my then partner when he was 'pretending' to let the pushchair go on a hill.(still)

scrubbing my hands with milton sterilising fluid before I made bottles.

I wept the first time he woke up while I was out of the room - because he was alone and I wasn't there for him.

MuminBrum Thu 28-Jun-07 11:18:42

Finding myself worrying that I hadn't given him enough intellectual stimulation that day. When he was about three months old.

wishingfourgotone Thu 28-Jun-07 11:31:10

PMSL but you wil get over it!

choosyfloosy Thu 28-Jun-07 11:35:48


Maria Callas had nothing on me at the HV clinic when he'd lost a little bit of weight. Hands to face, 'The Scream' look, broken sobs.

Diplidophus Thu 28-Jun-07 11:38:04

DP and I thought that he really was the most beautiful baby we'd ever seen. He was far more lovely than any other newborns and didn't have that crinkly look.

We were laughing looking back at photos the other day - he was just a wrinkly and 'newborn' as every other baby!

MamaD Thu 28-Jun-07 15:58:20

I also sterilised the sterilier...... what were we thinking?!

dd also had morning clothes, afternoon clothes and bed clothes. I don't beat myself up too much about this tho. She came home from hospital in a 'Baby Annabel' all in one because she was too small for even prem baby clothes - so as soon as she fitted into all her 'nice' stuff I couldn't get enough of it

(did stop after about 4 months because the washing and ironing was killing me!)

To this day mind (and dd is now 2yrs) I still pick her toys/dolls up the right way before I go to bed at night - can't bear to think of them upside down all night...... slightly OCD maybe????

Anchovy Thu 28-Jun-07 16:08:01

I've posted this before but I seriously had a conversation with DH about how maybe I should stop taking DS round to see a friend with a very slightly older baby as it wasn't fair on her when DS was so much more alert and better looking than her baby.

Looking back on the photos DS looked like a cheerful potato!

preggerspoppet Thu 28-Jun-07 16:18:02

I remmber crying because my newborn ds1's cord was a bit smelly and I was worried someone would notice and think he less than perfect!

lol at anchovy!

preggerspoppet Thu 28-Jun-07 16:21:51

with ds2 I told sil that he looked JUST LIKE her brand new pfb girl, she couldn't hide how offended she felt, although I didnt think anything more of it until now when I look back at photos of ds2 and he was going through his blotchy-fat-cradlecap-squashedface-less-than-pretty phase!

of course they are both VERY beautiful now!

Flame Thu 28-Jun-07 16:25:29

"got slightly obsessive about the temperature of ds' bathwater. now i dunk a toe in, and if he doesn't yell, it's ok." Good method

I am very ashamed to admit to not having any PFB type things ... my PFB was neglected as much as her brother!!

ejt1764 Thu 28-Jun-07 16:26:28

Being convinced that ds would overheat and have a febrile seizure if I didn't take his coat off the very second we walked in through the door ... one spectacular time, it had been throwing it down, and I was absolutely soaked, but still insisted on taking ds's coat and hat off first and putting him under bouncy gym before even attampting to take off my drenched clothes ...

don't think this one (pg with #2) will get quite the same treatment!

kbaby Fri 29-Jun-07 11:01:55

I kept a record of every feed time and length until DD was weaned and Ikept a record of how many times they woke at night, how long for and what I did until DD was 9 months old! The sad thing is ive kept it for her when shes older(why would she want to see that)

Shouting at DH when DD was 1 week old that he had to keep one hand on her at all times when she was on the changing table in case she rolled off.WTF.

Going in every 10 mins if she was unwell to take her temp.

Taking any toys off her that she put in her mouth in playgroup because other babies had touched them.

Ds by contrast is left to pretty much left to get on with anything as it keeps him quiet

tutu100 Fri 29-Jun-07 11:20:12

I've probably written this one before, but I can remeber crying when ds was 5 months old and I was starting to wean him because the saucepan wouldn't fit in the steriliser and I couldn't work out how to sterilise it.

Luckily on reading the back of the milton bottle it said not to sterilise metal so I figured (and thought I was quite clever for working this one out!) that saucepans don't need to be sterilised.

What a discovery!

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