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Swagger Inn 147 - Theresa may (see what I did there?) be a difficult woman, but we're all easy (ylt) in the Tav........

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FancyFancy Wed 31-May-17 23:11:16

<barricades self in the Tav with a parliamentary fixed term's worth of supplies in biscuit spread, vodka & hbf's>

All welcome - but bring your own supplies wink

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Wed 31-May-17 23:25:57

(I already wrote it and all, so I'm not bloody wasting it)

Mind you, it's about time we had another cock-up with new threads grin

Welcome to another thread of general wittering and appreciation of hot men. Preferably in leather. With suitable weapons<ylt>

Pull up a pew/bar-stool/chaise or just lean sullenly against a wall. It works for us. The bar is stocked, the floor is swept, the chaise cover has been re-upholstered (the old cover has been burnt responsibly disposed of following the relevant HSE guidelines for hazardous waste) the scenery is FAF, and the decorations are hot to trot grin

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Wed 31-May-17 23:29:04

PS - good title Fancy and well done on getting your priorities right - Athos as no.1 example of FAFness wink

FancyFancy Thu 01-Jun-17 00:14:18

Pffft, as if......

Badders123 Thu 01-Jun-17 01:32:59


SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 01-Jun-17 07:45:58

Athos has brought some supplies along with him. They should last an hour or so... which is longer than the melons will if Porthos insists on shooting them all. hmm

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Thu 01-Jun-17 08:21:04


LetUsPrey Thu 01-Jun-17 08:31:39

<brings in a lot more supplies>
<checks tunnels for smuggling purposes>

MadamedeChevreuse Thu 01-Jun-17 08:36:22

Nice thread title fancy! grin

MadamedeChevreuse Thu 01-Jun-17 08:53:41

Today the Easy Party (us) launch our manifesto!!!!!

10% reduction in HBF taxes!

No cap on perving time!

Access to hot men in leather will be free and fair at the point of, er, entry.


<runs out of manifesto ideas>

LetUsPrey Thu 01-Jun-17 11:27:46

<grabs placard>
What do we want?!
When do we want them?!
All the time!
What else do we want?!
That's it for now thanks, we're good

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 01-Jun-17 17:32:04

(we also want chocolate, please-and-thankyou)

ApricotCrush Thu 01-Jun-17 17:48:49

Hello all. Thanks for new thread Fancy, and <arf> at another cock-up. grin

It's gone sunny here, washing is dry. <scintillates>

Buffy update: Vet has decided to postpone tooth removal as she's recovered well, and watch and wait. As she's an 'old lady' she would have to have blood tests before an anaesthetic to see if her kidneys are up to it. If they're not, that would have to be sorted out first.

<waves to Comtess on other thread and in Tokyo> Glad you're having a good time.

LetUsPrey Thu 01-Jun-17 19:20:41

Evening wenches.

Ooo to Tokyo Comtess and hurrah for spending time with DS1

Also hurrah for Buffy's recovery!

You need to make the book be in stock Helen. Have similar with DS1 only with stuff like computer cables rather than books because, you know, DS1.

Have been giving blood for the first time in many many years. Needed to have three different people in increasing seniority/experience to decide whether they could find a suitable vein. Good to know that at least part of me hasn't increased in size over the years. Anyway gave my pint and helped myself to two packets of the biggest Lotus biscuits I've seen.

And now, as I'm under strict instruction not to exert myself with anything too strenuous, I shall recline in the hayloft. grin

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Thu 01-Jun-17 19:28:30

Evening smile

How fab to be in Tokyo Comtesssmile

Glad Buffy is feeling better. Fräsan and Sigrid says meow ❤

<snirf> at thread mishap, it's just like the good old days.

Collected my coffee machine today and expectantly made myself a cappuccino which tasted like shite, turns out you have to use a milk thingy as well, I didn't see it in the box grin

FancyFancy Thu 01-Jun-17 19:38:05

Evening wenches

<waves to comtess>

Yay for Buffy feeling better smile

That's it for now thanks, we're good <snorts>
<bounces up & down excitedly at mention of large Lotus biscuits> - it makes it soooo worthwhile, doesn't it letus? grin

MadamedeChevreuse Thu 01-Jun-17 20:41:35

Awwww comtesse tokyo with ds1 sounds amazeballs. grin

wicked <snort> at "shite" coffee. Your command of the English slang lingo really is impressive! star

Extra biscuit to letus for donating blood and <snort> at "only bit of me that hasnt got bigger." grin

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Thu 01-Jun-17 21:05:15

Madame 😘😘😘

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 01-Jun-17 21:12:03

Which particular HBF are you bouncing up and down on Fancy?

How exactly did you give blood LetUs - was this chap assisting? grin
I shall be joining in you in the hayloft shortly I think. The 5am wake-up is catching up with me <matchsticks crumble under weight of eyelids>

<waves to all other wenches, blows kisses etc.>

LetUsPrey Thu 01-Jun-17 21:20:49

grin at your coffee Wicked

I did look for a third packet Fancy but there were none left. Thanks for the extra Madame

Jeez can you imagine the queues if he'd been there to assist in a non-fatal, non-turning you into a vampire way <thud>

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Thu 01-Jun-17 21:24:04

Well done Letus star

FancyFancy Thu 01-Jun-17 21:27:49

It would certainly get my blood flowing faster......

LetUsPrey Thu 01-Jun-17 21:39:12

<pins star to cardigan> sexy

The chair beds were interesting. I did look at them and think "well, these could be used for purposes"

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 01-Jun-17 22:05:47

<arf> at purposes I bet they're many and varied....

Right, on that note, I am off to the hayloft.
<dunks Athos in the trough>
Oh dear - I'd better get him out of those wet clothes, don't want him catching a chill... grin

Night all

FancyFancy Fri 02-Jun-17 08:15:41


Yay, it's Friday smile

Those chair beds are interesting letus - a little unforgiviing though, maybe add some padding? grin

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