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Can anyone recommend a kitchen fitter in Surrey/South London area?

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sandyballs Thu 18-Mar-04 12:33:10

Very dull, I know, but we are waiting for our kitchen units/oven etc to be delivered. My DH insists that he can fit them and intends taking a week off work in the foreseeable future to do so.
However, knowing what he is like, I am sure these units will still be sitting in our garage in a five years time if left to him so I am anxious to get quotes from reputable people - reluctant to just pick them out of yellow pages. Does anyone know of a good one? Would prefer one that could also plaster and tile, ie. do the lot, but not essential.

Thanks in advance


fisil Thu 18-Mar-04 12:59:41

I know of someone in SW London/Surrey. He is a SAHD who used to do kitchen fitting, and so any job he takes on now he does on Friday, Saturday Sunday. As he is so part time, he specialises in helping people out who thought they could do DIY but ... so sounds like he might be perfect for your situation. However, I am just about to go away for the weekend so I won't be able to give you his details until Sunday (don't know where dp has hidden them!). Let me know if you are still looking on Sunday.

geogteach Thu 18-Mar-04 14:46:33

Where are you? We're having a bathroom fitted at the moment and the chap does kitchens too.

sandyballs Thu 18-Mar-04 16:17:25

Geogteach - we're in Coulsdon, just south of Purley in Surrey.

Fisil - thanks, sounds interesting.

geogteach Fri 19-Mar-04 16:31:32

Drive through it often? We're in Redhill, the fitter comes from Horley he is called Colin Baldwin and is on 01293 771556

LIZS Fri 19-Mar-04 16:41:42

geogteach - is that the name of your bathroom fitter ? We're trying in vain to get quotes for one in Horley. Does he do tiles etc too or just plumbing ?

geogteach Fri 19-Mar-04 22:10:05

Yes he has removed old suite, fitted new and now just waiting for tiles to be available he's done the lot.

LIZS Sat 20-Mar-04 09:07:15

Thanks for that - we'll wait to see if anything comes of the latest bloke who is already briefed (at least 2 companies have already visited but not bothered to quote, another quote is exhorbitant) and if not get in touch.

oxocube Sat 20-Mar-04 10:24:06

Can I be a bit cheeky here and ask how much the labour costs will be for your new bathroom, geogteach? I have looked through countless magazines and showrooms and have an idea of the syle of fittings etc for our new bathroom but have absolutely NO IDEA of what it might cost for the fitting, new plumbing, tiling and electrics. Hope you don't think I'm being rude, its just I don't to look stupid when I get the estimate for installation!

geogteach Sat 20-Mar-04 19:31:16

£2,000 - yikes I know! I did get an idea from a friends husband who set up fitting bathrooms but has now gone back to being an engineer and this was in line with what he told me to expect and he was working in this area too. This chap had done 2 bathrooms and a kitchen for another friend (in different houses) and I trusted their judgement

sandyballs Mon 22-Mar-04 12:02:58

Thanks Geogtech - I'll give him a ring and get a quote - £2,000 labour sounds about right to me for a bathroom (although it is a hell of a lot of money!). We had ours done last summer and it was just over that for everything (we provided the suite). Reluctant to have him back to do the kitchen as the paint is now peeling. Apparently he painted it before the new plaster had "gone off", and I'm finding it impossible to get him back to sort it out. I suppose now he has his money he is not interested.

Fisil - have you got the details of the guy you mentioned? It would be nice to get more than one quote.


Wilson1M Tue 30-Aug-16 06:20:46

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