help giving a letter of notice to the nursery

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formychildren Wed 02-Dec-09 15:12:47

Hi all,
I've decided to take my child off the current nursery from the new year. And I'd like to give them written notice. Could anyone pls suggest me some ideas b'se I'm all out of ideas. I'm getting a few words like termination(somehow I don't like this word)which I think are a bit too much for the nursery. Could some1 give me suggestions pls if i can use this word or any other alternatives.

PS:I know I'm sounding a bit daft now!

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PrivetDancer Wed 02-Dec-09 15:20:25

Dear Nursery,

DD / DS will not be attending nursery from January 1st. December ?st will be their last session.



formychildren Wed 02-Dec-09 15:27:56

Oh! thanQ. I need not use many sentences at all then.

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rubyslippers Wed 02-Dec-09 15:29:04

check your contract about notice periods etc

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Wed 02-Dec-09 15:58:22

Dear Nursery,

I am writing to give you notice that X will be leaving the nursery. His/her last day will be [date]. Can you please confirm the arrangements for settling up final invoices and return of deposit?

[If you are generally happy with the nursery] I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the care and attention X has received over the last [however long it's been].

[If you are unhappy and want to leave them in no doubt about it] Your nursery is an unhygienic joyless explotative hole and I do not want X to remain there a moment longer than necessary.

Love and cuddles,


atworknotworking Wed 02-Dec-09 19:13:04

LOL @ ProffLayton grin

Keep it short and sweet,

Dear Nursery

Please accept this letter as notification that X will be attending his last session on X.

I would be grateful if you could let me know how much the final bill will be, and arrange for my deposit payment to be refunded, please make the cheque payable to XYZ.

Thank you


I'm presuming it has to do with your other post, so may well be a good idea to ask for your DS's EYFS info as well, this may be useful for you to look through and to give to any new carer.

Hope it goes well for you all.

bSer751 Mon 04-Nov-13 08:00:38

I was suppose to take a place at the nursery, I pay deposit of £100, which the nursery say I will get my money back with a notice of one month. But circumstance change, care to learn are not longer going to pay for me to study and my child is 3 years old. But now the nursery refuse to refund my full deposit.the send me £50 instead £100. Pls what can I do?


tweetytwat Mon 04-Nov-13 08:03:42

bSer I would start a new thread this one is antiquesmile
did you give a month's notice?

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