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To tell you about my first night with my son?

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BangPippleGo Thu 11-Jan-18 07:22:50

Ok awful use of AIBU so I apologise but just wanted to share grin

Bought home my long awaited, much loved adopted 12 month old baby boy yesterday!

He fell asleep in his cot at 7pm - usually sleeps all the way through to 7am but woke up at 3am. Could hear him on the baby monitor chatting away happily to himself (so no waking up confused or scared!). Eventually started to fuss so I went in and changed his nappy as it was soaks through, changed his pyjamas and bed sheets, but he wouldn't settle back in his cot so bought him back in with me and DH where he fell asleep curled up with me. At about 5am he was obviously dreaming of something funny as he was chuckling away in his sleep. We then got up about an hour ago and he is happily playing around with me and giving me cuddles after having his breakfast smile

I know it's early days and it's likely to get harder the next few days as he starts to realise he is missing his foster carer, but omg I am so happy and in love with my little chap.

TanteRose Thu 11-Jan-18 07:24:14

how lovely!
congratulations on your beautiful new family flowers

Ratinthehat Thu 11-Jan-18 07:24:38

Aw congratulations.

BubblesPip Thu 11-Jan-18 07:24:41

Aww that’s so lovely. You must feel so proud. He’s a very lucky little boy

Someaddedsugar Thu 11-Jan-18 07:24:51

Such a lovely post to read this morning! Congratulations to you and your DH!

Kraggle Thu 11-Jan-18 07:25:05

That’s fantastic! He’s such a lucky boy to have found you.

Tinseltower Thu 11-Jan-18 07:25:20

Oh wow, congratulations! I’m so happy for you! Hope today goes well, keep us updated!

Bossbaby12 Thu 11-Jan-18 07:25:23

This is so lovely!

MyPreciousWaja Thu 11-Jan-18 07:25:25

You lucky, lucky thing! Congratulations on your precious new son!

NaturWilde Thu 11-Jan-18 07:25:27

Congratulations! That’s beautiful!

underthebluemoon Thu 11-Jan-18 07:25:40

This is lovely. Congratulations!

QueenArnica Thu 11-Jan-18 07:25:55

That’s beautiful, congratulations!

Accountant222 Thu 11-Jan-18 07:26:25

Congratulations he's a lucky little boy x

JennyOnAPlate Thu 11-Jan-18 07:26:33

This has brought a tear to my eye. Huge congratulations op. What a precious gift flowers

Ceebs85 Thu 11-Jan-18 07:27:11

How bloody lovely!

Long may it continue!

Smashpumpkin Thu 11-Jan-18 07:27:23

That has cheered me right up on a cold and miserable morning! Massive congratulations to you all smile

TetleysSurpassesYorkshireTea Thu 11-Jan-18 07:27:34

That's wonderful. Congratulations flowers

Thehairthebod Thu 11-Jan-18 07:28:20

Threads like this is why I love Mumsnet. Congratulations!

ShouldHaveListenedInBiology Thu 11-Jan-18 07:28:39

That is lovely! Enjoy him.

Monkeypuzzle32 Thu 11-Jan-18 07:28:40

What a beautiful start, enjoy!

JaneEyre70 Thu 11-Jan-18 07:28:47

Enjoy every moment.

ItsAllABitStrangeReally Thu 11-Jan-18 07:28:55

Sobbing here and remembering my children's warm, little hands in mine. 😭😭😭

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 11-Jan-18 07:29:03

OMG that is so gorgeous. Congratulations on your lovely boy! Sounds dreamy.

HellToupee Thu 11-Jan-18 07:29:36


BangPippleGo Thu 11-Jan-18 07:30:14

He is just such a little treasure! I know I've probably made a rod for my own back by bringing him in with us because he's only ever slept in his own crib or cot, but it was just so lovely. He kept trying to pull my pyjamas top so I just took it off and had lots of skin to skin with him, he fell asleep with one on my face and the other on my chest for my heartbeat. I was awake tje whole time just thinking "wow". I've got what I always wanted!!!!

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