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To ask for a round up of all the little MN in-jokes?

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faithinthesound Wed 19-Jul-17 11:01:20

Mods, feel free to delete this if it's not okay!

I've been here some months now, and I've noticed a lot of little in-jokes around that come from old threads, some of which are in Classics, etc. Usually when I come across a reference that I don't recognize, someone is kind enough to explain it to me (and sometimes even link the original thread!) but I thought it might be nice, and kind of fun, to gather together as many as we can in one thread!

I'll start. The one that always sticks out to me is the one about the Mexican house thief. That's from this thread.

The other one that had me in absolute stitches was the saga of Sharon, the wasp, and the wine that never reached the carpet, which starts here, and apparently continues here with someone "t-rexing in the Asda"... Hysterical, I tell you.

I'm really hoping some long-time MNers will be along to link to such joys as "cancel the check"; "pom bears"; "Maui"; and the one where everyone MumsNetted as their toddlers :D

(I'm sorry if this is against some unwritten rule. It's not REALLY a thread about a thread, it's a thread about a lot of threads...)

faithinthesound Wed 19-Jul-17 11:02:29

AND THE ELDERLY KOREAN WOMAN. I cried and I can't find it again sad

HicDraconis Wed 19-Jul-17 11:07:19

Cutted up pear

FruBayerischOla Wed 19-Jul-17 11:08:12

Here is the elderly Korean woman

HicDraconis Wed 19-Jul-17 11:11:16

Mexican holiday house

ringle Wed 19-Jul-17 11:12:33

I really want to help with darkedon washing but I really need to work.

The point, however, is that darkedon doesn't mean anything except that it got darkedon.

So the joke is a bit like Mornington Crescent IYSWIM

HicDraconis Wed 19-Jul-17 11:14:58

Cancel the cheque

faithinthesound Wed 19-Jul-17 11:19:15

There are other things I wanted to round up, too. Like LTB, which doesn't have a specific origin story, but which has passed into the annals of the MN vernacular.

EdmundCleverClogs Wed 19-Jul-17 11:22:04

I wish the Maui threads were still around. I wasted a lot of hours on that and subsequent threads!

faithinthesound Wed 19-Jul-17 11:23:47

Oh, are they not? Darn! Would you be able to summarize, just for posterity?

FruBayerischOla Wed 19-Jul-17 11:27:18

LTB is on the acronyms list - but I don't know how/when it first started!

HicDraconis Wed 19-Jul-17 11:29:26

Most of the really funny stuff I can't find - like Honeydragon (I think!) immac'ing her baby's head, the poo pouffe thread (seems to have vanished so was probably in Chat and not shifted to Classics). Pom bears is still in Classics I think.

Naice ham was from a trend a while back to post random shopping lists that were found and speculating over writers and meals. One list had "naice ham" presumably in place of "nice ham".

EdmundCleverClogs Wed 19-Jul-17 11:30:31

Oh my apologies! Basically, a young lady was apparently getting married in Maui, and proceeds to repeat this fact several times in every post. She was annoyed that others couldn't attend her wedding, in Maui, because it's Maui and how could you not come? Anyway, she was also annoyed her bridesmaid wouldn't come on her cruise trip hen-do and was especially braggy about her apparently tastefully decorated 5 bed house. To be honest, it sounded like some poor soul was living a fantasy lifestyle, but it was incredibly hilarious and self-involved. Plus it meant I couldn't watch Moana without having a childish giggle throughout.

drspouse Wed 19-Jul-17 11:31:20

Toilet brushes? Zoflora?

HicDraconis Wed 19-Jul-17 11:35:34

Brian from Hull and his yoni massage anyone?

SpottedGingham Wed 19-Jul-17 11:36:18

Penis beaker. 🤣

TuttiFruttiCutie Wed 19-Jul-17 11:39:41

Yes, Sara Crewe and her penis beaker! Boak grin

DressedCrab Wed 19-Jul-17 11:43:01

Penguin bollards.

easterholidays Wed 19-Jul-17 11:43:08

Pom bears

Leeds2 Wed 19-Jul-17 11:43:35

I have enjoyed reading/re reading some of these!

ginnystonic Wed 19-Jul-17 11:43:54

I was about to say 'yoni massage'

Those resides had me howling grin

SapphireStrange Wed 19-Jul-17 11:43:55

I'm too lazy to look for it, but the Mumsnet Museum of Toddler Art thread was a tour de force.

ginnystonic Wed 19-Jul-17 11:44:09


MusicToMyEars800 Wed 19-Jul-17 11:46:47

I love the pom bears one, it has me in tears of laughter grin

YetAnotherSpartacus Wed 19-Jul-17 11:46:58

What gave birth to the Mumsnet chicken (metaphorically speaking)?

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