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the tiger who came to tea

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codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 21:52:08

evry time I read htat i wonder
1. has ht emother tripped out and gone mad?
2. is she too idle to cook?
3. is she an old alcy who dramnk all the beer herself?
4. Is it a total fabrication to justify going out for tea?

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mrsflowerpot Mon 12-Jul-04 21:54:38

she does have a suspiciously serene smile on her face the whole time. drugs, I say.

And if it is all true, what kind of nutcase lets a tiger in anyway?

codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 21:55:20

and one who plays a trumpet?
I like th picture when she cuddles him

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tamum Mon 12-Jul-04 21:56:24

And she takes her dd out to a cafe wearing a nightie <tsk>

She can't have drunk the beer, it was *daddy's* you silly, ladies don't drink beer

codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 21:57:10

also orange juice.. then?

wht a nouveau lot hey were

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tamum Mon 12-Jul-04 21:59:06

Ahem. Even in my childhood (pre-TTWCTT) we had orange juice, I'll thank you not to be so cheeky young coddy.

mrsflowerpot Mon 12-Jul-04 21:59:44

ds has no concept who 'the boy from the grocers' is or could be. They should update it to be the man from Tescos online.

katierocket Mon 12-Jul-04 22:00:37

OH I LOVE this book. But I know what you mean, "daddy" seems nonplussed doesn't he. Definitely a case of magic mushrooms in the tea buns methinks.

codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 22:00:43

did you? ,y mum must have been tight then

I remmber it becoming a staple food itn eh early 80s

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katierocket Mon 12-Jul-04 22:01:11

LOL Mrs Flowerpot - it's like something out of a hovis ad isn't it.

codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 22:01:12

yes elll we only have her word for it httas hes daddy

glad they eat crap food at the cafe though!

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beetroot Mon 12-Jul-04 22:01:57

Message withdrawn

codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 22:02:16

do youthink he coughs up for the meal

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katierocket Mon 12-Jul-04 22:02:57

wish we had a cafe like that near us. It's all lattes and sun blush tomatoes these days.

tamum Mon 12-Jul-04 22:03:04

Actually it was frozen orange juice in little tubs that had to be diluted with water. I loved it anyway.

Actually I always love reading the bit when they go to the cafe "and all the cars had their lights on" or whatever; it sounds so cosy.

codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 22:03:27

ooh yes - ot sounds all wintery - or like July att he mo!

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tamum Mon 12-Jul-04 22:03:36

Actually actually actually

codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 22:04:34


THE "tiger" is actually her paramour and she lblames a tiger for the fact that they have gorges themselves on food

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katierocket Mon 12-Jul-04 22:04:49

tamum I remember those my mum used to get them. And i remember when yogurt was a very posh thing to get (my mum was obviously WAY ahead of her time). But there was only one kind - Ski yog in strawberry flavour.

codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 22:05:13

ooh my granny had those

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katierocket Mon 12-Jul-04 22:05:35

I think DS is always dissapointed that the tiger never comes back.

I think you might be on to something there cod

tamum Mon 12-Jul-04 22:06:49

Ooh yes, we only got Ski yogurts when we visited my granny, they were much too avant-garde for my mum.

Excellent theory about the mum having an affair with the tiger, would explain a lot

codswallop Mon 12-Jul-04 22:07:17

he is a rather posh tiger

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katierocket Mon 12-Jul-04 22:07:22

beastiality?! now you've gone and ruined it for me

tamum Mon 12-Jul-04 22:08:57

He is posh isn't he, he's got lovely manners.

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