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Terrible wedding behaviour.

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WayHarshTai Wed 21-Aug-13 11:44:53

In light of the recent rash of threads about it, I thought we could have a compilation thread to keep them all in one place.

I'll start with my wedding, and my SIL.

We wanted her DS (who was about two and a half) to be a sort of page boy and wear the same style suit as his dad (best man) and the rest of the 'wedding party' including my DS. SIL said no as he woudn't want to wear a suit. And then promptly went out and bought him, that's right, a suit to wear.

She then asked if we could arrange a vegetarian meal for her despite the fact she is not a vegetarian. Which of course we did, although it smacked of 'making life difficult'. And she then managed to take both veggie meals on the day leaving my actual veggie cousin without a meal (still not sure how this happened).

At the ceremony she brought her DS in eating the World's Biggest Icecream™ which he then sat and slurped in his non matching suit all through the vows.

When we got to the venue she moved all the place settings around because she didn't like where she was sitting.

She then got very drunk very quickly, became very loud, heckled the speeches, announced her recent (six months ago) miscarriage to the room and then coralled me for nearly an on the balcony while she cried and told me how awful her life was.

I just found the whole thing quite funny (well, not the crying) and it makes for an interesting story, so if she was trying to ruin things it didn't work.

Anyway, that's my Terrible Wedding Behaviour story, I know you lot have some corkers, so spill.

Pawprint Wed 21-Aug-13 11:50:48

She sounds manipulative. Not good about the ice cream or the changing of table settings. I can understand her crying, though, if she'd just had a miscarriage sad

Dh's cousins came to the wedding with their baby and the baby screamed all through the vows. The baby's parents then started arguing over who should take the baby out.

The other nightmare on an otherwise lovely day concerned an old school friend who bought two extra and uninvited guests with her. They got very drunk and then took some unopened bottles of wine home with them. In general, they behaved very rudely and apparently told someone that I looked fat in my wedding dress.

QueenofallIsee Wed 21-Aug-13 11:51:06

I posted this before but I went to a wedding as a +1 of an ExP...Invitation said 'guests to wear Black & White'. We duely arrived at the church in said colours - a few folks had not adhered to dress code but it was mostly older ladies and clearly family. Bride arrives in dramatic scarlet gown, looks around at guests and all but screams 'but I said BLACK AND WHITE, no one listens to me, I am THE BRIDE and now i look like everyone else! Noone even GASPED when they saw me'

This was accompanied but what can only be described as foot stamping and tears. It was AWESOME.

dufflefluffle Wed 21-Aug-13 11:55:54

Oh Queen I'd have loved to have been to that wedding!

WayHarshTai Wed 21-Aug-13 11:57:43

I lovethat foot stamping bride one. Brilliant.

This may make me sound like a massive bitch, but the 'miscarriage' was a heavy bleed a week after her mirena was fitted, and the GP said quite airily that it 'could be an early MC', which she took as gospel and became another thing on her long list of reasons her life is awful.

She is much better now and not half as mental.

megsmouse Wed 21-Aug-13 12:00:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SybilRamkin Wed 21-Aug-13 12:02:06

Definitely wish I'd been at that wedding Queen, it sounds awesome!

At my wedding a couple of the guests pinched the wine at the end, but only a few bottles. And another guest raided the baskets of toiletries and emergency supplies in the loos and nicked half the stuff halfway through the evening. But I put both down to them being pissed and laughed about it afterwards.

I know a girl who wore a white strapless minidress to a mutual friend's very Catholic wedding, which was pretty odd, but she looked dreadful in it so no damage done grin

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Wed 21-Aug-13 12:04:35

Close friend's of DH's dropped out of wedding as the husband had been having affair with the best man's wife. All would have been awkward if both couples had been there. In the end only the best man came (affair wife stayed away). Best man then got off (very publicly) with affair man's sister (who happened to be a family friend of ours). No one ever speaks of this, it's like it was wiped from everyone's memory except mine. Very odd.

DuchessFanny Wed 21-Aug-13 12:11:49

ahhh the wedding i attended with an exbf, his sister and mate. The bride was an ex of his and friends of them all, but i'd never met her, or her family.
We arrived at the evening do to what is best described as a bit of an atmosphere, apparently some of the grooms friends had had a massive fight just before we arrived and as we sat down the brides father went on to the mic to ask everyone to 'stop being total arseholes and ruining my daughters day'
The evening progresses, we have a few drinks, the bride comes over to say hello .. next thing we know the brides father is arguing with grooms sister, grooms sister kicks him hard and then goes and picks up a glass and slams in down on the dancefloor, glass flies everywhere, young kids are screaming, the rest of us guests are sat in stunned silence.
A scuffle breaks out and the bride goes up to the mic and says ' can everyone just fuck off please ?' but everyone was too shocked to move/didn't think she meant it. 'no really, everyone leave NOW' we all walked out awkwardly, some people were in tears.
I have never felt more sorry for a bride before, her and groom crying, family still arguing as we left - grim !

WilsonFrickett Wed 21-Aug-13 12:13:32

Drunk bride. Very, very drunk bride. But I can't say more because I would immediately out myself. Darn. It was EPIC though!

(The drunk bride was not me, btw)

Pawprint Wed 21-Aug-13 12:14:31

Actually, I've behaved badly at a wedding. Back in 1997, I went to a wedding with my best friend. It was her cousin's wedding and it was a fab day.

Unfortunately, I proceeded to get very drunk indeed and spent the latter part of the evening sitting on the knee of my best friend's brother and snogging his face off. This was in front of everybody. I'd only met him once before, very briefly.

Luckily, a year or so later the brother and I got married so that went some way to cover up the embarrassment smile We still like snogging smile

Pawprint Wed 21-Aug-13 12:15:46

OMG Duchess! That tops them all! Bloody hell lol!

LtEveDallas Wed 21-Aug-13 12:17:06

Not that I was bothered about it at the time, but at my wedding we had about 10 bottles of champagne gifted to us (mostly tax free from Germany, but one bought at the hotel for about £75 shock). By the end of the night there was only one bottle left because guests had helped themselves. Didn't bother me then (and doesn't really now as we don't like wine/champagne) but I do feel a bit hmm about it. I mean, they were gifts, so it was pretty rude (and actually theft when I think about it).

The only other thing was the guy (who I love) that rushed up to us just as DH was going to do his speech to tell us, very excitedly, that his ex girlfriend had agreed that very minute (by text) to give them a second try grin. He announced it to the room and the room cheered! (They are still together 9 years on).

3ismylot Wed 21-Aug-13 12:18:57

Have told this before but will add it again as so much went wrong its laughable!
(MIL and FIL are seperated and both remarried which I need to state for it to make sense)

At my wedding (only a small registry office with 13 people) My Mum managed to take up all of the hairdressers time so mine didnt get done properly, then she was "too busy" to help lace my dress and I had to rely on the kindness of my make up lady!

Then my Dad drove at 40mph all the way even though it was a 60 limit and when we couldnt park directly outside he drove round round the block and I had to run in my dress nearly half a mile!

Then while DH and I were filling in the legal bits before the ceremony SFIL decided that even though he has a blue badge and was parked in a disabled bay that he couldnt leave the car without paying so refused to leave the car until everyone had scraped together the spare change! Then he just sauntered in while I was waiting to make my entrance (great pic of me scowling at him grin )

Then just after the ceremony the photographer was trying to get shots but MIL was stood in the way taking pics on her crappy mobile phone and wouldnt move!

Then at the reception (meal in a private dining room) MIL and SFIL got drunk and MIL spent the whole time trying to wind up FIL and SMIL (right in earshot of poor DH!) with the crowning comment being "I have only been truely in love once and that is with SFIL" luckily FIL has a sense of humour and just replied "yeah I was just the practice run to have a kid with"

MIL also spent the whole reception taking DTD (4 months old) off anyone else who held her (this being only the 2nd time she had met the twins as she refused to see them when they were born as her dog had to be put to sleep a week before they were born and she was too distressed! The only way we got them down was to book and pay for a hotel and take them out for dinner where they again got drunk!) so she just cried at her everytime!

Then afterwards DH and I were staying overnight in a hotel as we couldnt have a honeymoon and my Mum and Dad were supposed to babysit the kids but when we turned up at 12pm the next day to collect them we were made to feel bad for not being there earlier sad

Luckily DH and I look back and laugh about how badly it went smile

And best of all we now have nothing to do with MIL or my Mum and Dad as our wedding was just a sample of their narc behaviours!

Doubtfuldaphne Wed 21-Aug-13 12:19:23

At my wedding, one of the guests brought his new girlfriend as his guest. she attempted to steal hundreds of pounds worth of alcohol from behind the bar. They obviously didnt think there would be CCTV and my husband was left to confront the lady in question over breakfast the next morning with the manager.
She also pinched my bouquet!

CiderBomb Wed 21-Aug-13 12:20:42

I went to a wedding where one of the guests at the night do got hammered and proceeded to punch the chief bridesmaid in the face because she'd apparently looked her funny.

Pascha Wed 21-Aug-13 12:24:14

Happened after DH and I had left our wedding reception in PIL's back garden.

After we left at around 11pm the guests slowly started filtering away, most were gone by midnight but a few stragglers hung on, notably a couple who lived in a nearby close so no travelling to do. They were evening guests, not close friends, more working aquaintances of DH and FIL invited out of courtesy.

They were very very drunk, much more so than anyone else. The man wandered off to the loo (portable at the bottom of the garden) and did not return, after about 15 minutes FIL found him passed out by the arbour with a big cut on his head where he had walked into it hmm.

Anyway, he got him up with the help of BIL and decided to walk him home, leaving her with MIL - the last ones left at that point. Halfway home he turned aggressive, attacked FIL, was pulled off by BIL and they all fell into a bramble hedge. Cue mass swearing, shouting, nastiness etc. They picked him up and dragged him home, left him on the doorstep and ran back to escort Mrs home to find she had been verbally aggressive to poor MIL (she called her a fucking cunt for owning a nice car! shock)

They escorted her home PDQ and encountered him on his way back for another go, turned them both around, dumped them at their front door and left.

We popped round late the next morning and found out about this from DH's sister who was making a start on the cleanup. FIL had scratches all over his face from the hedge, BIL had a strained shoulder, MIL was still in bed (overindulgence more than anything) and there was a giant bloodstain on the grass where the twat had knocked himself out.

They got a call from the wife a couple of days later to apologise. They were very embarrassed.

CrazyCatLady13 Wed 21-Aug-13 12:26:00

Not as bad as some:

My BIL (DH's brother) tried to get the singer of the band drunk despite being told he was a recovering alcoholic several times.

My PIL wanted us to go to their hotel room after all the other guests had gone as they wanted to talk about the things they didn't like about the day. Luckily new DH told them where to go!

DorisShutt Wed 21-Aug-13 12:27:48

Went to one where the bride's mother got absolutely paralytic and threw up ALL over the toilets (floor, walls, stalls etc)... but didn't tell anyone!

Luckily it was near the end of the night, but there were still a few guests who had to be shipping into other guests rooms to use their facilities before leaving as the hotel toilets were unusable!

MaxPepsi Wed 21-Aug-13 12:30:45

Brides brother having a drunken argument with a guest.

Boyfriend of said guest then tried to start a fight with the brother.

He got the wrong brother and pushed another female guest to the floor.

'Wrong' Brother decks the boyfriend and Groom has to sort it all out.

Meanwhile, SIL, wife of first brother, than starts screaming at the bride that it was her fault and after encouragement from first brother attacks the bride.

SIL loses. Big Time!!

Andro Wed 21-Aug-13 12:31:21

My late SIL ended up with ribena down her wedding dress after one child was given a carton of it in church - she hadn't even made it down the aisle and the stain is obvious in the wedding photographs. Another child shrieked all the way through the service and when asked by another guest to remove the child, the mother refused on the grounds that she shouldn't have to miss the service. A food fight broke out at the reception (unchecked by parents) and the wedding cake was destroyed. I was the maid of honour so had the near impossible task of consoling the bride, whilst the best man (now my DH) tried to calm the groom down. When DH and I were married, these very same parents wondered why their children were not invited...

MidniteScribbler Wed 21-Aug-13 12:33:17

Not my wedding, but one I went to. Bridezilla and groom decided not to provide alcohol, and there was no provision to buy any. But they had an esky behind their table of moet that only they were allowed to drink. The rest of us could have water or orange juice (which was so watered down that it might as well be water). Then the meal was served, and my entree with a sliced tomato, with some olive oil and pepper on it (I'm not vegetarian, this was what was served to all of the guests). Then the main course came out and it was the most pathetic looking salad I've ever seen absolutely drowned in oily dressing. It didn't help that I can't stand raw tomato, salad or dressing, but anyways, where was the real food? Oh, it was up there on the bride and groom's table where the groom was tucking in to a giant steak and bridezilla had lobster in front of us. She's eating lobster and I'm glaring at a fucking salad.

Speeches time. Bridezilla stands up and starts opening all the envelopes in the wishing well (of course she had a wishing well!) and reading out the amounts that were given. Those that she didn't felt had given enough were chastised and told that the wishing well would be put back at the door for those who "needed to top up their contribution".

Groom's uncle goes down the road to the bottle-o and brings back a carton of beer which he distributes among a few members of the family that he deemed worthy.

Wedding dance was to "can't touch this". Classy.

There was a really long queue of people at McDonald's in formal gear on the way home from that wedding!

Fakebook Wed 21-Aug-13 12:34:07

On my wedding (and this is disgusting) someone, well some woman, left a massive period blood stain on a chair. I didn't see it myself, but my sister did and said it was pretty yucky. The chair was ruined but luckily we didn't have to pay extra to have it cleaned.

axure Wed 21-Aug-13 12:43:06

Fakebook that "disgusting" woman may have been suffering from peri-menopausal flooding, it's happened to me.

DumSpiroSpero Wed 21-Aug-13 12:44:34

Pretty tame in the scheme of things but I was less than impressed when DH's uncle (who I'd only met twice and can't stand anyway) started letting off rocket balloons as we sat down for the meal hmm.

I don't know if DH refusing to do a groom's speech counts as terrible behaviour. He did warn me several times beforehand but I thought he was winding me up and would pull it out of the bag on the actual day - I stood in for him and winged it!

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