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Memorable poos in inappropriate places..

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TinyGang Tue 13-Jun-06 15:40:24

Children have no decorum have they?

Poet John Betjeman is a great favourite of mine and I once had the opportunity to visit his house on holiday once. Dd was very young and christened the whole visit - or perhaps expressed her opinion of it - by doing an almighty great pooey nappy and we had to leave smartish as other visitors were surreptitiously sniffing and looking sideways at each other.

I never thought I'd be mentioning the great JB in the same breath as this

We also had a rather unfortunate episode in Osborne House under the austere gaze of Queen Victoria's portrait

You and your kids? Where have they brought you down to earth with a bump in their time honoured way?

Cappucino Tue 13-Jun-06 15:45:37

first lunch for many many years with estranged natural father, his girlfriend, and assorted half-brothers and sisters

dd sat in her high chair and went red. and red again. and red. and made 'ooof' noises

JanH Tue 13-Jun-06 15:48:59

DD1 aged 2½, on floor in corner of room at friends' wedding reception sit-down dinner...

TinyGang Tue 13-Jun-06 15:49:46


Marina Tue 13-Jun-06 15:50:59

Dd regularly and highly audibly filled her nappy whenever we visited our local public library. Didn't matter what time of day.
Dh and I are both librarians and took issue with our daughter effectively crapping on our profession
The library staff thought it was pretty funny!

meowmix Tue 13-Jun-06 15:51:15

We took DS to a wedding when he was about 8 months and shortly after his first taste of pureed brocoli. The bride held DS for one of the photos (she likes the idea of herself as a gentle soul). DS filled his nappy with the most repellent substance ever and although he didn't get any on her she had a faint pooey whiff all day after that.

Marina Tue 13-Jun-06 15:51:46

Godson went megavoid during a hushed and dare I say po-faced guided tour of Angers Cathedral...

KommandantColditz Tue 13-Jun-06 15:52:42

What is it abut libraries? They have always been turd-triggers to ds!

Gingerbear Tue 13-Jun-06 15:52:56

naked 13 month old on balcony of rented apartment in spain. It rolled off towards the drainage hole and almost landed on an unsuspecting sunbather on balcony below.

meowmix Tue 13-Jun-06 15:54:22

Gingerbear! classic!

Marina Tue 13-Jun-06 15:54:24

I wonder if it is the lighting...
I can report that most people seem to have grown out of this tendency once they reach adulthood

Marina Tue 13-Jun-06 15:55:05

gingerbear - fabulous, although if I was the mother in question I might not have laughed quite so long and loud

TinyGang Tue 13-Jun-06 15:55:18

Extra points for style to Gingerbear junior

Love these, keep 'em coming all long suffering red faced mums.

meowmix Tue 13-Jun-06 15:57:06

not that inappropriate a place but following on from the poo on people.... DS got badly constipated and a friend did some reflexology nonsense on him to no discernible effect - till 3 days later I was stood changing his nappy and he just let fly (think muck spreader). when it stopped I shouted for DH who then had to clean the outline of his wife in poo off the wall.

he likes to tell people that at dinner parties

Cappucino Tue 13-Jun-06 15:58:53

lol at outline of wife

Furball Tue 13-Jun-06 15:59:51

DS was 12 months just about to be christened and did the smelliest poop ever! We did feel sorry for the vicar!

Whizzz Tue 13-Jun-06 16:00:17

We have a great photo of DS having a poo on his potty in a forest somewhere around Barcelona. We flung the contents into the woods (as the ground was too hard to bury it) - hope no one was camping nearby!

nursetigger6 Tue 13-Jun-06 18:02:05

crying and lol so bad my ribs are hurting at meowmix! (sorry for you though)

FrannyandZooey Tue 13-Jun-06 18:08:46

We do the library thing too - a friend says it is because it's quite warm in there.

Whizzz Tue 13-Jun-06 18:12:46

This is one of my favourite thread titles by the way!

niceglasses Tue 13-Jun-06 18:14:20

In that awful in between phase when you have to make decision as to whether to put a nappy on to go out for the day or take 4095039475 changes of clothes, my ds2, minus nappy did a maginificent poo in a stuffy National Trust property. Talk about sniffy looks and tutting.......

Blu Tue 13-Jun-06 18:22:20

I absolutely refuse to take DS (4) on the London Eye because I know that no sooner had the capsule door locked shut and we were heading for 45 mins in the sky, DS would say 'I need a poo'.

We have been guilty of some awful crimes against public rubbish bins, with a tesco carrier bag of poo.

TinyGang Tue 13-Jun-06 22:36:58

Bumping for more

onlyjoking Tue 13-Jun-06 22:58:08

my fav was when the health vistor called round, we were trying to get a referal for DS as we had some concerns about him(he has autism) one of the concerns being that he he used to empty the poo from his nappy, anyway health vistor took little notice of our concerns commented on how good he was as he had managed to undo her briefcase, as she was stood on the doorstep about to leave i noticed a huge poo placed very neatly on the top of her shoe, i did the only thing possible and said nothing, i then noticed the poo smears on her briefcase, i waved her off and funnily enough we didn't ever see her again she did do the referal thou!

poppiesinaline Wed 14-Jun-06 09:56:04

PMSL at these. Especially Gingerbears and Meowmix! Fab.

We flew for the first time with DS2 last summer. He was 3 months at the time. On both outward and inward flights during takeoff he did the biggest, smelliest poo ever. Stank the plane out and of course we couldnt go to change him until the seatbelts lights had gone off. And have you ever tried changing a baby in one of those plane loos!? I made DH do it. On the flight home DS2 did TWO poos. The second time DH went to change him the poo had gone down DS2s legs, up his back... you get the picture. While changing him DH dropped the clean nappy, put his hand on DS2 to bend down to pick nappy up (remember in very small aeroplane loo) and DS2 prompty weed, all over DH, all over the walls and floor. DH came out looking very disheveled and very wet.

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