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there has been two people sat in a car outside my house for 83hrs

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StateofConfusion Wed 14-Mar-12 16:44:56

Possibly longer <unobservant>

Its really starting to bother myself and dp.

Should I do something?

Sposh Wed 14-Mar-12 16:45:19

Men in black?

Lulumama Wed 14-Mar-12 16:45:21

are they dead ?

ChippyMinton Wed 14-Mar-12 16:45:28

83 hours? Really?

RitaMorgan Wed 14-Mar-12 16:45:36

Go an ask them what they're doing?

MIssMarplesSideKick Wed 14-Mar-12 16:46:17

Have you got many neighbours?

StrandedBear Wed 14-Mar-12 16:46:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iCANdothisiCAN Wed 14-Mar-12 16:46:45

Marking my place, off out but need more info!

habbibu Wed 14-Mar-12 16:46:45

We had post office spies outside our house once. It was fairly obvious how they failed to make the MI6 cut.

nameuschangeus Wed 14-Mar-12 16:46:55

Do you mean 83 hours? Where are they going for a wee?

PleaseChooseAnotherNN Wed 14-Mar-12 16:47:07

Have you broken any laws recently, they could be staking you out... or one of your neighbours...

AnyFucker Wed 14-Mar-12 16:47:10


ScruffyTerrier Wed 14-Mar-12 16:47:22

Go and bang on the window. Perhaps they are private detectives or maybe they are doing a traffic survey. Why don't you take them out a tray of refreshments?

AFuckingKnackeredWoman Wed 14-Mar-12 16:47:37

83 hours go offer them a sandwich

justalittleinsane Wed 14-Mar-12 16:47:59

SSeriously - that's odd - call the police - I wouldn't ask them yourselves - even if they are no threat to you someone else could be terrified.

StateofConfusion Wed 14-Mar-12 16:48:04

According to dp yes! He noticed them first thing monday morning.

The windows are all shut and covered in condensation, every now and again the lady oposite goes out and speaks to them.

They aren't dead, there's been lots of fornicating visisble from my nosing about.

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 14-Mar-12 16:48:11

Change your WiFi name to WeAreWatchingYouWatchingUsYouAreRubbishAtThis.

Then see what happens.

ObviouslyOblivious Wed 14-Mar-12 16:49:10

Visible fornicating!!!

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Wed 14-Mar-12 16:49:19

It's the grammar police keeping tabs

Honeydragon Wed 14-Mar-12 16:49:28

Surely you know the only possible outcome of starting a thread like this will be the persistent whining pressure of 52'000 Mnetters instructing you to get the hell out there with tea and cake to find out what's happening and then report back IMMEDIATELY.

Now go.

ifeelloved Wed 14-Mar-12 16:49:33

Why don't you ask your neighbour?!

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 14-Mar-12 16:49:45

Sandwiches, AFKW?

Take them some empty Oasis bottles to wee in.

habbibu Wed 14-Mar-12 16:49:46

Really! Fornicating? Has nobody left to even piss?

It'll be someone who's refused to have their child & gf/bf sleep together under their roof. There'll be a thread soon.

DressDownFriday Wed 14-Mar-12 16:49:56

Police or dss doing surveillance?

You could ring police on 101 with the reg plate number and they will check it out.

Lulumama Wed 14-Mar-12 16:50:08

they've been shagging in a car outside your house and it's taken you 83 hours to wonder if you ought to do something??

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