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where to live addiscombe shirley east croydon

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olguis Sat 20-Feb-16 13:23:32

Had a viewing today in Lower Addiscombe. It was a rainy day and an expensive house in a bad condition, so it all looked quite dire. I couldn't find a place to have a coffee, - but I know nothing about the area, I might be wrong!

East Croydon looks attractive if you look at house prices and quick trains (I need Clapham Junction), - but when you start looking at actual streets and houses, it is just so disheartening. I drive there from far away and maybe am looking into wrong places?

Any advice or ideas or any information really would be greatly appreciated. I have a budget of up to 400 for 2-3 bed house; but I am now thinking whether I shall be looking more in Shirley or even Beckenham to get a community feel and some niceness - or South Croydon? It adds to the commute significantly, unless tram link to Beckenham is super reliable and not overcrowded in the mornings... Just feel lost and any hints would be greatly appreciated. Maybe streets, areas, info on morning traffic (for buses) etc

ChorusLine69 Sat 20-Feb-16 13:47:25

Hi there, we moved to Shirley a couple of years ago ( close to elmers end)
There is a good community feel here, and nice neighbours and it's quite family area. There isn't much in immediate area as its very suburban , and between addiscombe and elmers end but transport links are good. I don't spend much time in addiscombe myself as there's not lots there, though there is one nice coffee shop called the tram stop ( you guessed it, next to addiscombe tram!) Bingham road in addiscombe has a few toddler groups in the churches if you have children. I like that I can get to beckenham quickly on the bus or 25 mins walking and there are lots of nice coffee shops, parks and activities for toddlers there so I spend most time there . We didn't buy in beckenham as it was too expensive and we got more for our money buying in croydon postcode. Elmers end tram and arena tram stop are both 10 mins walk from us and trams run to east croydon from both of those stops , it only takes 10 mins or so into east croydon. Good luck with the search and hope this helps!

ChorusLine69 Sat 20-Feb-16 13:49:06

Oh and forgot to say that elmers end trains run into Waterloo, Charing Cross and Cannon Street so easy to get into central London also

olguis Sat 20-Feb-16 13:53:13

Hi ChorusLine69, this is super helpful, thanks so much! I have one child, but he is now 11, so not so much need for toddler groups, but parks and green is still in much use, as well as swimming pools and different clubs.

I'll be looking into Elmers End and Arena then - are there any particularly nice parts of Shirley or streets you want to avoid, or it's quite uniform? Many many thanks, it's very useful.

ChorusLine69 Sat 20-Feb-16 14:15:16

We're on ashtree way which is nice and quiet - the surrounding streets round here all seem to be nice, stoneleigh park ave, fairford ave, green view etc and then going up the hill further into Shirley I think is fine, nice houses etc ( but we didn't look there as wanted to be close to transport links for commuting) I didn't like it as much around bywood avenue and going towards addiscombe ( which is closer to arena than elmers end) as it just seems a bit run down but I'm sure it's perfectly OK, I just prefer to be closer to elmers end - also a big 24 hour tesco there which is v handy! Parks wise, we go to Kelsey park a lot which is lovely and has nice picnic areas Beckenham spa leisure centre is close by and is very good and west wickham also has leisure centre with a pool. I'm sure others will be able to help more with areas to avoid etc as I'm fairly new to area myself but if I can help with anything else or you have any specific questions you can PM me anytime. I know it can be very hard to look in a new area as we knew nothing about this area when we moved too but it's worked out really well smile

fuzzycatspaws Tue 25-Dec-18 15:44:13

We moved to Addiscombe a couple of years ago and really love it here. In that time I've seen more and more professionals moving to the area and the offerings on the high street are (slowly) starting to reflect that! There is a new cafe in Ashburton Halls, in addition to the Tram Stop. A new grocery selling organic foods is set to open in the next few weeks. Neighbors are really friendly, and there are even more new things coming to South Norwood which is just the next area over (though the area itself has crime and quality of life issues so I wouldn't choose to live there really.) Prime streets are Sherwood Road, Kingscote Road, Baring Road - all really lovely with tree lined streets and larger than average period properties.

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