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What do the different dishwasher symbols mean?

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Mamatastic Fri 18-Jul-08 23:44:54

Hi, we inherited a dishwasher with our new house last year and it seems to work on and off, sometimes it doesn't drain etc. We were going to get a new one but I tried it again tonight after not using it for ages and it's working again (!).

Anyway, I just guess what the programmes are as we don't have a manual but I am thinking maybe it's just some or one of the programmes that keeps breaking it? So just wondering if anyone can enlighten me to what the symbols mean so I can try to figure it all out?

We have symbols like this:

1) looks like a pot with 3 horizontal lines inside it

2) empty pot

3) a wine glass

4) a shower

5) 'R'

What do they mean??????????????????

nannynick Sat 19-Jul-08 01:01:09

It can vary between dishwashers I think.
Have you tried searching for the manual - what make, model?

1) looks like a pot with 3 horizontal lines inside it

Heavy Duty / Intensive
Typically includes a Hot Pre-Wash, Extended Wash, Cold Rinse, Hot Rinse, Drying
Use for pots/pans, very dirty dishes

2) empty pot

Normal / Standard Daily
Typically includes a Cold Pre-Wash, Extended Wash, Cold Rinse, Hot Rinse, Drying

3) a wine glass
Glassware wash
Wash, Warm Rinse, Hot Rinse, Drying

4) a shower
Soak - pre-wash
Short cold wash

5) 'R'
Rapid - Fast Cycle
Typically a short wash, cold rinse, no drying.

For each programme each wash may have different temperatures.
My dishwasher has various wash temperatures between 40 degrees C and 65 degrees C.

nannyL Sat 19-Jul-08 13:08:58

on our dishwasher R meant RINSE

i not washing at all but just rinisng the stuff of while waiitng for a full load

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