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Seeing stars/dizziness

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RoastieToastieReastie Mon 01-Aug-16 11:56:35

I seem to find myself increasingly over the past 2-3 years seeing stars or experiencing dizziness when doing exercise or getting up suddenly. Sometimes I won't notice it for several weeks but then I might find I feel it a few times in a week.

To put it in his time I've been increasingly exercising and have lost in the past five years significant weight (7 stone). My resting heart rate in the past few years has decreased from a relatively right resting heart rate to when I use my heart rate monitor and relax its not uncommon to have a heart rate in the late 40s/early 50s. When I workout it often gets 160 or so.

I've been putting this down to my lower resting heart rate caused by exercise but I've tried googling if this is a known cause but I can't really find much which is making me a little concerned.

It is unpleasant and I have to be careful, for example I just got up from sitting down and ran up and then down the stairs and then had to stop and I was seeing stars. Some exercises eg burpee based can be difficult because of this too.

I suppose I'm just wondering if other people experience this and if this is normal.

RoastieToastieReastie Mon 01-Aug-16 12:13:39

To add, it's not related to low blood sugar.

toadgirl Mon 01-Aug-16 12:15:13

Low blood pressure?

notamummy10 Mon 01-Aug-16 12:17:51

Iron levels could be low?

RoastieToastieReastie Mon 01-Aug-16 12:41:33

Hmm, could be iron, I've had iron issues in the past but I take floradix every day which I would have thought would help this. I had a copper coil taken out a year ago because of heavy periods so if anything my iron levels must've improved in the past year because of this.

Low blood pressure was what I was thinking. Can exercise cause low blood pressure?

somewheresomehow Mon 01-Aug-16 12:43:58

I think your resting heart rate is a bit low, a visit to your gp would be an idea
from nhs site -
What's a normal heart rate?
Most adults have a resting heart rate of 60-100 beats per minute (bpm).
The fitter you are, the lower your resting heart rate is likely to be. For example, athletes may have a resting heart rate of 40-60 bpm or lower.
You should contact your GP if you think your heart rate is continuously above 120 bpm or below 40 bpm, although this could just be normal for you.

murphys Mon 01-Aug-16 12:49:39

I have low blood pressure and I feel just like you describe when it is low. Mine drops if I haven't eaten properly, get up too fast, get out the bath if its a bit on the hot side, and if I am coming down with a cold etc, then its a tell tale sign too.

The doctors don't treat lbp anymore, but if I am having a period of it being low, I always have something salty (crisps) or sugary (jelly tots) with me to nibble on.

toadgirl Mon 01-Aug-16 12:51:09

Interestingly, the French treat low blood pressure as a problem. Less so in the UK.

RoastieToastieReastie Mon 01-Aug-16 13:22:49

Problem is when I have my heart rate taken at the doctors it immediately increases as I panic for no known reason so it would show as normal, but I could use my hr monitor and take an average and then bring the monitor along to the GP, I'm just not good as visiting the GP, especially if it seems they don't do anything for lbp. Murphys good advice re salty or sweet foods.

Some I'm chortling to myself that I could have an athletes heart rate, I'm really not athlete fit but I do workout most days.

BeyondBeyondBeyondBeyondBeyond Mon 01-Aug-16 13:34:51


PurpleWithRed Mon 01-Aug-16 13:38:30

I also have low resting heart rate and low blood pressure (50s/100/70ish) and I get this when I'm a bit dehydrated. Congratulations on the weight loss by the way!

RoastieToastieReastie Mon 01-Aug-16 19:05:06

Interesting link beyond. I don't tick all the boxes for it but I do to a few so if I go the GP route it might be worth mentioning.

I've just realised I'm hormonal ATM, and given the symptoms are worse at some times I'm now wondering if it's a hormone induced thing. I might keep a note for a few months to see if it correlates.

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