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stupid question about fan oven/grills

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bagpussmice Sun 19-Mar-06 17:24:12

on your fan assisted oven if you have a top oven/grill when you are using the grill do you keep the door open or closed?

I've always left it slightly open, but stayed at a friends last night and when she was grilling veggie sausages and waffles - I know!!! - she kept the grill closed and they cooked much quicker.

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edodgy Sun 19-Mar-06 17:25:50

I always keep mine open when grilling I thought they went on fire if you didn't.

iota Sun 19-Mar-06 17:27:28

The instruction book for our AEG one says keep open in bold letters, however we always close ours.

BettySpaghetti Sun 19-Mar-06 17:27:38

With ours you're supposed to keep it open which is a pain if you have something in the oven as well because you have to part shut/shut the grill to access the oven and then I tend to forget to open it again.

cod Sun 19-Mar-06 17:31:04

Message withdrawn

cod Sun 19-Mar-06 17:31:04

Message withdrawn

cod Sun 19-Mar-06 17:31:07

Message withdrawn

brimfull Sun 19-Mar-06 17:33:46

either way with ours,we keep it closed,haven't had an explosion yet!

cod Mon 20-Mar-06 09:35:56

Message withdrawn

brimfull Mon 20-Mar-06 22:29:47

I know !

Coolmama Tue 21-Mar-06 19:37:49

I guess the only way forward is to try it with the door closed - should it all explode then you'll know better for the next one!

Chandra Tue 21-Mar-06 19:51:44

I have never left the door open, the heat damages the surface of adjacent doors. I would turn the fan off though (not because of fire risk but because the grill on the model I have just works if the oven is off. Can't operate both at the same time.

Wallace Tue 21-Mar-06 20:08:25

My top oven/grill grills if the door is open, but fundtions as an oven if the door is closed

melc78 Sat 27-Oct-18 10:07:55

You should leave the door slightly open, as if you close it, it means the heat inside rises too much, and it damages the seals to your oven. This in turn means that in the future your oven will not obtain the temperature required.

Bloomcounty Mon 29-Oct-18 12:28:44

My oven instructions tell me I must close the door when using the grills.

It's new, I don't want to break it, so I do what I'm told.

What do your instructions say?

BrokenWing Fri 02-Nov-18 17:04:59

Can't remember what my instruction said but they did say not to leave door slighty open as it can damage hinges.

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